THE STORY OF T – Chapter 4 – I Am Taken To My Cell

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THE STORY OF T – Chapter 4 – I Am Taken To My CellChapter 4 – I Am Taken To My CellMs Grange spoke to Ms Mindy ‘Put Mr Crowne in cell number 6 and bring me the key to his collar. Then escort Mrs. Crowne down so she can inspect him before she leaves. Make sure she is completely satisfied’. ‘Oh my God’ I thought. ‘I wish my wife would come back!’ I looked at the library door. It was closed.’Oh, and Mindy, please also tell my husband that I will be coming to see him directly after lunch’. ‘Yes Ms Grange’ said Mindy.Ms Mindy stooped and unlocked the padlock fastening my shackles to the ringbolt. She stood, and I felt her gloved hands on my wrists. She pressed my cuffs tightly closed on my wrists, really tight ….so tight that they hurt.’Yes, I know that hurts, Mr Crowne. It’s to give you an incentive not to dawdle….I’ve got the keys, and I’ll unlock your handcuffs just as soon as you get to your cell’.I felt a leather strap pressed against my bottom. ‘And this is Mr. Strap….he’s my favorite toy! Go to the door! No speaking! Keep ahead of me. Keep your eyes down and to your front, or Mr. Strap will be angry! Don’t look at me! I told you to keep your eyes down and to your front! Next time you look at me, you’ll get the strap, prisoner! ‘. ‘Fuck you, Mighty Mindy’ I thought. ‘But I’ll play along for a while, since you seem to have the upper hand at the moment’.I shuffled towards the door as fast as my shackles would let me, and down the corridor, my shackles clattering loudly, back towards the room where my clothes had been cut off. I kept my eyes down and forward. I could hear Ms Mindy’s high heeled boots clicking close behind me. Ms Mindy certainly sounded bilecik escort a little crazy, she and her ‘Mr Strap’, but I was shackled and she had the keys and the strap. I had no option except to do what I was told. I just wanted to get the painfully tight cuffs unlocked as soon as possible.’Stop’ Madame Mindy called as we entered the room where my clothes had been taken away.She came up behind me. I heard a buzzing noise, and felt an electric hair trimmer slicing through my hair. I hadn’t expected that!… could I possibly explain my new haircut when I got back to the USA?! But I didn’t protest or resist, I knew it would have been useless. I twisted my wrists, the tight cuffs really hurt. I really had to get out of the cuffs as soon as I could. In less than a minute my hair was reduced to a short stubble. She then walked around in front of me, and in 10 seconds she also reduced my pubic hair to a stubble.’You’ll be shaved in your cell once a week, prisoner’ said Madame Mindy, putting the trimmer back on the table.’No I won’t, young Lady….I’ll be out of here in two days. I’m not staying the whole week now’ I thought to myself. But I dared not speak. I kept my eyes on the floor.’Now go on down the corridor, please’.I jangled off down the corridor again, as fast as I could in the ankle shackles. Madame Mindy’s high heels clicked behind me on the stone floor. My cuffs were hurting more and more. I came to a locked steel door on the right. A sign stenciled on the door read ‘Cells 1 – 10′ and ‘this door must remain locked at all times’.‘Stop’. She unlocked the door with a large, complex brass key, and swung the escort bilecik door back to reveal a short stone room, with a flight of spiral stone steps in the center, leading downwards.’Go inside, prisoner. Then wait for me to help you down the steps, please’ she said. I shuffled inside. Ms Mindy followed and re-locked the door behind us. We descended the stairs together, Ms Mindy holding onto my waist chain with one hand and the iron rail with her other hand. The Institute was housed in a medieval fortified house, almost a small castle, restored to good condition. We were going down to what must have been the old dungeon area, I guessed. The building restoration must have cost millions, I now realized. At the bottom of the steps was a wide stone corridor with an arched stone ceiling. The corridor was lined with steel cell doors, each painted white with a black stenciled number. Each cell door was secured with three heavy bolts: top, center and lower. The center bolt of each door was locked in place by a heavy padlock on a short chain. At eye level, each door had a small glass peephole, and a small steel hatch, about 6″ wide and 2″ high. The hatch doors were all closed and bolted. Madame Mindy looked into the peephole in the third cell door, and laughed. She unbolted and swung opened the small hatch in the cell door…. I heard the rattle of a chain from inside the cell. ‘Prisoner!’ Ms Mindy called through the hatch ‘Madame Grange will be down this afternoon!’ I heard a scream of fear from inside the cell, cut off as Ms Mindy slammed the hatch closed and re-bolted it.’He’s got another caning coming this afternoon.’ Mindy bilecik escort bayan said, laughing as she re-bolted the hatch. ‘Ms Grange canes him on the first of every other month. He’s been here almost s*******n years now….I’m told she talked him into a Contract about a year after they were married. That’s how she got control of all his money. After I get married, I plan to sweet-talk my fiancé into a Contract too! We have plenty of empty cells here.’ ‘You are all mad, I see that now. Either that or you are really great actresses’ ‘ I thought to myself. ‘I’m getting out of here just as soon as you unlock these fucking handcuffs!’The sixth cell door stood ajar. Ms Mindy stepped past me and pushed it open with her strap. I saw that her strap was dark, supple leather, stitched to about ½” thick, about 3” wide and 12” long, with an ornately embossed leather grip, and a wrist thong. She handled it with practiced ease.Ms Mindy gestured to the cell with her strap . ‘Mr. Strap would like you to go inside, Mr. Crowne’.I shuffled inside, my shackles clinking on the concrete floor. My wrists were hurting badly in the tight cuffs. ‘Thank God’ I thought ‘now she’ll unlock these handcuffs’.I was in a cell about 15 feet wide and 15 feet deep, with whitewashed walls of massive stone blocks. Light came from a barred grille in the arched stone ceiling. I saw a bright yellow line painted across the white concrete floor, about half way into the cell. The cell was completely bare except for a mound of straw at the far wall.’Go to your straw, prisoner’ I heard her order.I jangled across the yellow line to the straw. Behind the mound of straw, I saw a steel ringbolt bolted to the end wall of the cell, a few inches from the floor. A short thick-linked chain ran from the ringbolt to a heavy steel collar lying in the straw. A high-security padlock lay in the straw beside the collar.’Face the wall, prisoner…kneel on your straw….put your head right down….. hurry up!’