The Sultan and His Concubine

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I love to please my wife. Her happiness is my happiness. Whatever she wants I try to give her because I’m always the one who reaps the rewards. To see her writhing in her own orgasm is the greatest pleasure I know. So when she wants to play, we play.

She is the center of my world during the day and at night, she is my goddess fuck doll. And so it goes.

Nothing could be more of a turn on for her than to be ritually bathed by me for a night of over the top sex play. I run a hot bath and carefully wash her beautiful body with sweet smelling soaps. I clean her inside and out. I shave her, paint her toenails, wash and brush her hair. She willingly lets me do it, all of it.

I wrap her long hair in a tight braid that hangs down past her lovely shoulders. It makes an excellent handle when I’m fucking her. I massage her entire body with exotic oils and aromatic lotions. I lube her sweet little puckered asshole and take special care applying lotion to every fold of her beautiful pussy.

All the while, she is mewing like a newborn kitten from the extra special attention. She is ready to receive any and all the things I want to do to her tonight. Her persona has been transformed from my lovely wife into my very own concubine. My personal sex slave and I have become her sultan. Master of her body, heart and soul. She belongs to me.

I will show her in every way how much I treasure her before I release her into the peace that only my domination can give my beloved wife.

Floor pillows and soft blankets are spread across the floor of our bedroom. She has prepared a tray of fruits, cheeses and wine. She obediently kneels in front of me, ass up over a large floor pillow while I sit with my back against the foot of the bed. Placing the tray on her upturned ass with her parted legs over my lap, I play with her pussy in between bites of food. We watch an erotic porn on the widescreen. She points out all the things she wants me to do with her. I’m only happy to oblige.

She knows how much she is loved. She knows how much I cherish her and all the things she so willingly gives to me. All her life she has waited for a man who could love her the way that only I can do and in turn, she creates my every dream into a reality. Her trust in me is unfaltering and I would never do anything that would jeopardize what took me so long to build up in her heart.

After the meal, I remove the tray and push her body forward over the top of the pillow. Her ass high, her back gracefully arched and her long legs straddling the floor pillow with her head on the blanket. My hand gently caresses the silky smooth skin along her lovely ass, massaging and kneading her voluptuous oiled rump. When she is relaxed and moaning I administer the first loud slap, leaving a perfect pink handprint on her buttock. She gasps and bears down waiting for the next one. I hesitate, making her wait and want it even more. When she least expects it, I land another slap on her other buttock leaving a matching set of clearly defined pink handprints on her beautiful round ass.

After spending a considerable amount of time admiring her from this position. Playing with her pussy, slapping her bubble butt, teasing her clit and fingering her sweet little puckered asshole, I finally move out from behind her prone position and help her to her feet. Her gorgeous face is flushed and glowing from all the attention I have bestowed below her waist.

I kiss her mouth deeply and passionately, letting her know how much she and this night mean to me. She is my angel, my love and my life. She looks up at me with those big round eyes and nods, knowing how deeply in love I am with her. She has no doubt whatsoever about it. I have her complete trust and approval and tonight, she belongs entirely güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri to me.

I cup her full breasts in my hands and squeeze them. The oil makes them slippery enough that the pliable flesh glides through my fingers. I lean down and take each one of her gorgeous pink nipples into my mouth, sucking on them deeply until they are both ripe, hard buds that I can easily roll and pinch between my thumb and index finger. She moans as I pinch and twist them tighter until they are standing up high and erect. I reach for the nipple clamps and her breath staggers slightly as I clip both of them inside the cushioned spring jaws, screwing them down until they are tightly in place. She lets out a slight whimper as I tug on the chains to make sure they are secure.

With one hand wrapped around her braid I order her to her knees in front of me. My erection is standing straight up against my belly. “Suck me, little cocksucker.” She doesn’t hesitate. She has been trained to place her hands behind her back and I guide my cock into her open mouth. “Take me, all of me.” She knows how.

I help her to her feet, take her by the hand and lead her to the padded sawhorse she purchased for our anniversary. Its camel leather upholstery with polished oak legs is the perfectly tailored height for me to fuck her, all of her. Have I mentioned what a considerate genius of a woman she is?

I help her climb on as she straddles the leather padding. The bench has straps and cuffs attached so I can secure her snugly to the top. She’s not going anywhere once I buckle her in. Wrists, ankles, knees, thighs and waist straps are secured in place. Her ass and pussy are in full view and her head rests primly on the padded chin rest. Her entire body, bound and accessible to my every desire. I stand back to admire her. She is my slave. She is my beautiful fuck toy. She is the love of my life. I cherish her and every moment of this.

I cup her face in my hands and ask in a hushed tone if she’s ready to submit herself to me in every way. She humbly nods that she is. My hands are shaking with desire as I reach for the red calfskin flogger, her very favorite. I whip her bottom with the knotted tails, first gently then with more force. Her body stiffens and jerks slightly under her restraints. She moans softly. A soft moan of initial pain followed by sublime pleasure from the slight sting of the pliable leather.

I recall our conversations on how this all began when she would tell me what her desires were. Nobody understood what those desires meant until I came into her life. The very things I always dreamed of were also her dreams. All the while I am recalling this, I’m leaving little pink marks of pure love across the soft perfumed skin of her back, buttocks and thighs. The sensation of being stung and caressed by the kid leather is leaving her breathless and me hard.

I stop whipping her long enough to pull on her braid and whisper gruffly in her ear. “You belong to me. I take what’s mine. You are mine, understood?” She whimpers a soft reply of “Yes, master.” Which pleases me very much. She is the perfect little slave.

I kiss the back of her neck and run my tongue along the fine hairs on the nape of her lovely neck. I whisper to her how excited she makes me. The way she reacts to my touch, to my words, to my whip. I love to take her to these dark chambers in her mind. The places no one else has ever dared to take her. I love how I make her whole body tremble in want. I use the flogger on her harder and faster now. Her body jerking against her restraints as tears spring from her beautiful eyes. “Tell me how much you want this my beautiful little slut.”

She cries out. “Please sir, please own me. Please let me give you everything güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri I have!” She sobs. “I’m ready to accept whatever you’re willing to give me! I belong to you and only you!”

I am so overwhelmed with her femininity and submissiveness that I’m compelled to kiss her, swirling my tongue inside her mouth tasting her sweet saliva mixed with mine. She tastes like heaven. Her lips soft and delicious. I reach between her legs and shove my fingers inside her wet, dripping pussy and fingerfuck her deep and hard. She moans in my mouth as I kiss her, while I push deeper inside her tight little cunt. My fingers are dripping with her aromatic juice as I shove them in her mouth and order her to suck them clean. She does so eagerly and thoroughly until they are completely licked clean of her sweet taste. Her soft doe-like eyes look up at me as I smile with pleasure at her willingness to seek my approval.

I whisper in her ear as I run my hands across the smooth hills and valleys of her luscious body. “You are part of my soul, only your heart knows what I need from you. My mind burns for you. Desire for you blocks out everything.” I grasp her face between my fingers and thumb and kiss her mouth once more. “When I take you I feel like a god taking his goddess.”

I lube an anal plug and liberally lube her ass. She sighs deeply and sucks her breath in as I slowly work it into her sweet puckered anus. She winces slightly with pain as I slowly push it into her tight little asshole until it pops into place and her muscles clamp around it. I tap on the plug to make sure it’s secure, she squirms and moans. I glide my mouth from her ample bottom all the way up her spine to her neck. My hungry lips on her soft fragrant skin. She smells like heaven. She tastes like ambrosia. Her sounds reminiscent of a contented kitten.

“That’s my pretty, dirty little fuck toy.” I coo to her as I stand back to admire her well stuffed bottom.

I walk slowly around her until I am standing in front of her. I roughly grab her braid in my hand and gruffly order her. “Suck my cock you little cunt.” She obediently opens her mouth and I smear my cockhead dripping with precum across her lovely full lips. She eagerly licks at them, savoring the taste of the glistening viscous brine.

“Taste me princess. Taste my desire for you.” I hiss. I pull her braid tighter and growl. “Open wide and take me in your mouth. All of me.” Through years of practice I’m proud to say that she is an expert at taking the entire length of me to my balls into her lovely throat with barely a gag as long as I feed it to her slowly.

Her mouth is warm and wet. She feels like heaven. My wife knows how to suck a cock. When I fuck her face she is trained to keep her eyes on my eyes. That gorgeous face glows with love for me and my love for her swells inside my chest as I fuck her mouth. She is lovely in every single way. The sounds of her slurping, licking and moaning as she sucks my cock are almost more than I can take. Her eyes focused on me as I push myself deep in her throat watching her face flush. Her eyes widen as a trail of saliva puddles on the leather bench beneath her. My balls resting on her chin as she waits for me to pull out again so she can catch her breath.

Mirrors surrounding the bench make it possible for me to see her at every angle. At this moment I am looking at her open and displayed stuffed ass, her dripping pussy while I experience the sensation of her lips wrapped around the head of my cock. There is no comparison to how the sights, sounds and sensations make me feel. Everything I see and feel is all mine, she’s all mine. My beloved concubine is now gently suckling on the tip of my cock to keep me from exploding in her mouth. The güvenilir bahis şirketleri sound is exhilarating. I abruptly pull out. Leaving her breathless. I stroke her face and tell her what a good little cocksucker she is, the best. “The pleasure is mine Sir.” She smiles demurely.

My cock is standing straight up, rock hard against my belly as I move over to our little chest of toys. I pull out a small set of suction cups and take them over to show her what I have for her. She’s never seen them before and I can tell she’s curious but she’s not allowed to ask me questions so she watches me carefully as I remove the nipple clamps from her breasts which are hanging down on either side of the bench. She winces slightly and sucks in her breath as I remove them and replace the clamps with the suction cups. I screw them down until they are sucking her nipples deep inside the see-through clear chambers. Her delicate pink nipples are now nearly an inch long. Her panting breaths tell me that the sensation is overwhelming. My cock aches to watch her reaction, her whimper as the nipples grow under the pressure of the suction cups.

Her hips are rocking against her restraints and the edge of the bench, trying to get some relief for her hungry little pussy. I walk behind her and hold up one last suction cup as she watches helplessly. I spread her labia, press against her vulva as I place the suction cup over the top of her pretty little clitoris. I twist it down pulling her pale pink clit up and away from its protective hood. She squeals as the sensation of having her clit sucked overtakes every nerve ending in her body. She is gasping for breath, grimacing. Juice is pouring from her pussy as I crank the suction cup a little tighter. Her contractions are making the little cup move magically by itself. I watch in an almost hypnotic state.

I insert a small powerful curved vibrator into her throbbing vagina, turn it on high and fuck her. She’s a squirter, so at this point she has drenched me with her cum. She has forgotten all about being demure as she screams and wails in a crashing, ear shattering orgasm.

“Yeah, that’s it baby!” I encourage her. “Let it all out for me! Give me everything!” She is jerking, gnashing, grinding her body beneath her restraints. She’s has commenced to speaking in tongues. Tears rolling down her face, saliva drooling down her chin. Her eyes rolled back in her head. My baby knows how to cum.

She suddenly screams “Fuck me! Spank me! Make me keep cumming like this! Please sir!” How can I turn down an orgasming goddess with an urge to keep cumming? I quickly pull out the vibrator shove my cock into her contracting pussy and start spanking her beautiful round ass with the palm of my hand. She is bucking, her ass bouncing, her vagina is nearly squeezing my cock to death. I’m not just fucking her, I am frenzy fucking her.

She sputters in between convulsions to cum in her ass. She doesn’t need to tell me again. I ease that butt plug out of her sweet little butthole and slide my cock inside of her before her little bung hole has a chance to close up completely. She tightens around my throbbing cock and I begin to fuck her so hard that the sawhorse is bouncing and jumping. Between the feelings, sights and sounds of what’s swirling around us, I am becoming overwhelmed. My balls are boiling over as I empty what seems like a gallon of sperm inside her lovely butt.

My sweaty, cum soaked body collapses in a heap over her sweaty, cum soaked body. We stay that way for a few long cherished moments until I muster enough strength in my legs to stand up and release her from the restraints. She is practically semi-conscience as I pick her up. Cradling her spent body in my arms, I carry her over to our warm soft bed and gently lay her down.

She mews and reaches her arms out to hold me. I hurriedly turn out the lights and climb wearily in between the covers beside her. Holding her close, I whisper. “Sweet blissful dreams my princess.” She wraps her arms around my neck and gushes. “I love you so much, my hero.”

Fade to black.