The Take Down

7 Haziran 2022 0 Yazar: sexhikayeleri


The Take DownA few years back I was invited to a low key adult party in “The Trey Fo – 3-4”. A cool laid back couple (W & M) opened their home to a few select couples and very few select single males of which I happened to be one of. I had only met these people online so I was a little nervous.The party started with a game where each person wrote down a low level sexual act on a small piece of paper and put it in a hat. When all slips were in, the hat was passed around for everyone to take a slip. Whatever the slip said, you had to choose 1xbet yeni giriş a person to perform it with.My slip said to nibble on someones ear. That was corny and there was one woman I had my eye on, she had me in 5th gear the moment she came in the door. I had been there an hour and no action jumped off yet so I turned up. I put my slip in my pocket, bent her over, and buried my face in her ass. Let’s just say that got the party started, the game ended and we sneaked off to a bedroom that was unoccupied.We stayed in there 1xbet giriş 4 hours straight I went three rounds back to back, when it was over we were both spent and ready to go to sleep. But here’s where things got interesting.To my surprise, my stamina coupled with the noises coming out of the room, generated some interest and I had a surprise waiting for me. I took a shower and got my things together. I was on my way to thank my hosts for a good time when one of the worlds sexiest ebony BBW grabbed my by my pants and threw 1xbet güvenilirmi me on the floor. She attacked my belt and zipper like a lion on a wildab**st! Then she snapped her fingers and a fine latina BBW came over and sat on my face while they both serviced my tired dick. The one on my face was talking so much shit forcing me to eat her pussy and ass. She popped a Halls cough drop in her mouth and that just put things in a whole other realm. The both of them went hard on me until I bust off. When I got up to return the love, they just both got up and walked away promising that next time, I’ll get a chance to get even.These two women plotted on me, then attacked me, pulled a nut out of me, and left me laying on the floor tired and out of breath with a wet face. Best night of my life!