The Tax Man

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She was desperate to get her taxes done. It was Sunday, April 15, 2007 and she was not going to make it.

She’d called H he remembered that this beautiful little creature was desperate, and she would do anything. He couldn’t escape this thought.

He invited her in and gave her the quick tour. He showed her to his home-office and fired-up his computer for the task at hand. He invited her to make herself at home and took a beer, thanking her. He really didn’t think this was a big deal but she insisted on making some lunch while he dropped in numbers and asked questions about details on this and that.

His “home office” was really just a section of his living room where he had a computer and a desk. From there he could see into the kitchen where his new “client” was busily making food. It didn’t take him long to start to watch her while she worked. He watched her shapely figure bend and stretch; reaching for a pan and some spices. He was slowly making progress on the taxes when he looked over and saw a sight that somewhat stopped him in his tracks.

She was in the kitchen and she had bent over to get a pan from under the counter. There, not fifteen feet away, was an almost naked ass peeking out from under a very short jean-skirt. Oblivious to his gaze, she moved subtly, shifting pans until she found the one she wanted. After only a few seconds she stood up and resumed her cooking. He, on the other hand, had completely forgotten how to do taxes. He could only stare at her shapely legs and think about the vision he’d just seen; his arousal growing.

She had reverted to her motherly-mode. Her man was doing his thing and she was doing hers. Subconsciously she saw this man hers. She was going to take care of him in any way she could. This was her knight in shining armor and she loved the idea.

After a while, she walked over to the computer to see how Steve was doing. He was busily reading the instructions and navigating the tax wizard. She stood slightly to his left and behind him; looking over his shoulder to watch what he was doing.

His fixation on the task at hand was broken by the fragrance of flowers and spices. He noticed she was standing right by his side and he informed her that her Federal taxes were almost done and they were heading into the home stretch. His words floating in the air as his mind, again, shifted to this beautiful little woman. She was rather short (maybe 5’2″) and this meant her breasts were now at his eye-level as he sat in the chair.

Her shirt was low-cut with a half-jean-jacket framing her figure nicely. He stared at the exposed patch of flesh between her breasts. She had very nice breasts and her outfit showed them off quite well. He became transfixed on the vision in front of him.

Her man was checking her out, and she was starting illegal bahis to enjoy it. She watched him, watching her, and she gently put her hand on his shoulder. This broke his gaze as he looked back at the screen to point out some trivial tax thing. She started to not care as her mind shifted from her earlier panic to a completely different urge. She wanted to show this man how much she appreciated him coming to her rescue.

“How does this work? Will you show me what you’re doing?” She asked.

“Sure, if you want, I mean its not really exciting. But pull up a chair and I’ll…” he was cutoff as she stepped around and sat on his knee. She put her arm around his neck and feigned interest at the screen as she asked, “so do I owe or do I get money back?”

His body reacted almost instantly. His pulse increased, his mouth got dry, and he was starting to get hard. His mind was torn from the boring numbers on the screen to the little girl on his lap. He was completely loosing control.

“Well… we’re not done yet… still have to do state taxes, but its looking good so far.” He said as he timidly put his arm around her waist. He looked down at her breasts. He breathed in her scent.

“Oh, you’re so good.” She said as she moved her leg around so she was now straddling his leg. “I really owe you for this. Do you know what you want? Is there anything I can do to repay you?” She cooed, moving her hand so she could rub the base of his neck; so she could run her fingers through his hair.

He was putty in her hands now.

“Do you know what you want?” She asked again. “Yes…” was all he could say.

“Do you want me?” She put her cards on the table.

“Oh, God, yes. I do. I want you so much.” He could barely speak; a flood of emotions filling him.

She pulled his hand onto her breast, encouraging him to do what she knew he wanted. He hesitated, then slowly felt it. He moved his other hand around and played with them both through her shirt. He moaned softly as he inhaled her scent and explored her body.

A few minutes later and she stood up. She turned and faced him as she sensually ran her hands over her own body. She touched her breasts and her legs and then slowly lifted her skirt; teasing him; teasing herself. She was getting excited and then noticed he was too. She then slid a finger up the front of her now exposed panties; almost killing him ritght there and then. She then knelt down in front of him, between his legs, and gently placed her small hand on the growing bulge in his pants.

She unbuttoned his pants as he quickly shifted to help. In seconds they were around his ankles as he sat in the chair. His fully erect cock stood almost straight up; the vision unleashing her animal instinct. This man, her hero, was excited for her; he wanted her; he was hard for illegal bahis siteleri her. A drop of precum was glistening on the tip of his cock.

“Oh, God yes! You’re wet. You’re wet for me.” She seemed possessed as she admired him. Slowly she leaned in and took it in her hands. Looking up at him she saw pure lust and slowly opened her mouth and positioned it over his cock. He moaned loudly as she tasted him; just licking at first; then taking him fully in her mouth.

“Oh, God I want you” he said after several minutes of the most glorious blowjob he’d ever received. “I want you now! Please, I need you.” He stood up, pulling her along with him. She held onto his cock as if she were going to take it home; as if it were hers. Uncontrollably full of lust he led her to the sofa and pushed her roughly down onto it. He knelt down; in front of her; staring between her legs; looking for what he had seen earlier in the kitchen. Inching closer he took her knees and spread them apart. Then he forcefully pulled her closer to the edge; pulling her legs wide apart at the same time. There, inches from his face, were her pretty little panties covering what would turn out to be the most beautiful pussy he’d remember.

He looked into her eyes and slowly moved his face under her skirt. He inhaled deeply, smelling the pungent aroma of her sex. He zeroed in on the growing wet spot on her panties and tasted her. Gently, slowly licking the exposed skin; touching her hidden prize; smelling this wonderful creature. He was in absolute heaven.

His slow, passionate movements were having their affect. She was growing increasingly wetter by the moment. Her panties still on they were quickly getting soaked with her juices. She wanted him to taste her directly; to lick her body without interference. As if he read her mind he found the sides of her panties and slowly began to pull them off. Raising her legs straight up, she allowed this man to remove the last barrier to her sex.

Seeing the naked vision in front of him, he lost all control. He pulled her panties up to her ankles; just enough to give him access; almost binding her legs at the same time. Spreading her knees, with her ankles bound together, he again buried his face between her legs.

Her passion was heightened by the fact she still had on all of her clothes (although her panties were almost off). This man was going to town on her; under her skirt; hidden from her view. His tongue was driving her crazy; now working her clit like there was no tomorrow. Her moans and breathing guiding him; giving him direction; helping him bring her to orgasm.

Minutes later, he brought her to the edge; then over. Her legs wrapped around his head like a vice. Uncontrollably she writhed and convulsed; her orgasm shaking her entire body. His tongue slowed; canlı bahis siteleri simply providing pressure; she started to recover.

It was then she saw him standing up. Animal lust was in his eyes; and his cock was rock hard and pointing right at her. He was unrolling a condom along its length as looked for approval in her eyes. Glazed, they showed nothing but wanton approval.

He shifted in front of her, guiding his cock to her entrance. He pulled her panties off, finally, and placed her legs over his shoulders. She was in ecstasy as she watched him prepare to take her. His eyes closed tightly as the tip of his cock found her soaking pussy. Slowly, carefully, almost naively, he looked at her for signs as he slid into her. Only a few inches at first; then more; then his entire length.

He stopped upon entering fully; shifting his stance; adjusting for better range of motion and leverage. He watched her carefully as he pulled out and pushed back in. Her eyes were glazed over; half closed. A look of complete lust was on her face as they began to fuck. Her legs shifted to around his waist. She was pulling him in as he was pushing. Their bodies now one, they made love.

After several minutes of grinding and fucking; moaning and breathing like wild animals; they were both reaching climax. The intensity grew as both desired that feeling; that feeling of release; that feeling of freefall, of weightlessness; that feeling only an orgasm can give. Their noises and movements almost fully in sync, they fixed on the prize.

Inches from the line he communicated his intent; he was going to cum. Knowing she was about to be filled, her body committed herself and she said she was too. Like singing the same song they encouraged each other to do it; to cum. And they did.

With one final moan and a praise to the almighty, he buried himself as deeply as possible into this beautiful woman. He buried himself and collapsed over her; his back arching; his body stiffened as his orgasm washed over him. His contractions running the full length from his balls to the tip of his cock. His body stiff as a board, he came.

At the same time her body tensed up. Her legs pulling him in as much as possible. Frozen; she convulsed a few times; her orgasm ripping through her groin. She almost thought she saw stars as she came on her man’s cock. After-shocks setting off more spasms as she took him in completely.

After a minute of near motionless embrace, they both slowly began to come down to earth. He slowly, regrettingly, pulled out of her and stumbled to his feet. Without words he went around and joined her on the sofa. He kissed her passionately on the lips, then lay down, putting his head in her lap. Moments later they were both asleep.

Later on they actually DID complete her taxes. And they enjoyed the meal that almost burned as they were busy on the sofa. They drove to the post office and joined the line of last minute filers. Later, they went back to his place and spent the night together. Taking much more time to get to know each other.