the toilet brush. (part 3)

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the toilet brush. (part 3)I was lay on a dirty cold floor. I didnt know where i was. I remembered what had happened with masters wife, the coward he had been. It must have been her that did this to me.I tried to move but my hands were tied behind my back, and my feet were tied together. My breasts were still in their tight bondage, god they must have been atleast dark purple by now. And god they ached.The room was very dark and i couldnt see anything. I hated it, 1xbet yeni giriş not knowing where i was and what was happening. I could hear someone moving around, but i couldnt see them. They must have chucked a bucket of water on me, because the freezing water brought me bACK TO LIFE. “Didnt you like that slutty?” The bitch of a woman whispered.”Where am i? let me go, you cant do this. wheres master?”She laughed. “Aw, sweet. you call him master. Dont 1xbet giriş know why though, because he didnt put up much fight did he. And dont worry about him, i tied up to the front door. naked. He needs to learn his lesson” She mocked me.I hated her.I heard her moving around, and picking something up.The first crack of the whip on my bare skin shocked me senseless. It fucking hurt.”Did you like that, baby? i found some nice stuff in ‘masters’ draw.” 1xbet güvenilirmi she laughed.Too soon, she whipped me again. I hadnt recovered from the first blow. This time she hit my breasts. I squealed.She striked me another 3 times. It was going to leave a mark. I was in a lot of pain.The cruel woman pulled my hair, and brought my face close to hers.”Your mine now, okay? You ruined my marriage. Im pregnant. I thought it would bring use back together. You belong to my 2 sons too. Im going to make your life not worth living. From now on, you call me mommy. Your my whore. And i havent forgot your favourite toy.” She switched the lights on. I could clearly see her bump.Oh god, what had i gotten myself into?