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THE TRAIN JOURNEY IN INDIA – PART IHi allthis is a true incident happened to me recently.I had to go on a business trip to a small town in central India and there was no flights to the place so i booked a train ticket first class. I had to take the train from New Delhi and be fore boarding i bought my self a nice bra with D cups a matching lace panty and thong, a pair of panty hose, transparent full length nighty with just a string to tie it in the front. I bought a cpl of packs of smokes and a bottle of whisky and got on the train. It was around 6 pm and as luck would dhave it i was alone in my compartment of the train( meant for 4 passengers). Just so you all know the trains in India have a first class cabin with 4 beds( 2 each side ). The train started and i had a good 15 hours journey ahead of me. After about 20 mins the TC came checked my ticket and then the attendant came (first class privileges) and asked me what i wanted for dinner and if anything else i needed. I told him the order for food and asked him for some ice and water( for whiskey which is not allowed on Indian trains ) but he agreed to co operate for a nice tip.i started watcing a movie on my laptop and after abt an hour getting bored of the movie i switched to some tranny porn videos. It was dark around 8 pm and i went out for a smoke near the exit gate. The attendant was there a ( average guy around 25 but fit ) he smailed at me and I asked him if i can smoke here, he said OK. We started chit chat and i came to know his name as ‘Bhanu’. I asked him for the ice and water which he dashed to get and i finished my smoke and went to my cabin and got out my bottle of JW Black. HE came in about a cpl of mins and told me dinner would be served around 9pm. I started betsobet yeni giriş with a cpl of stiff pegs and was watching porn, ( as you all know porn and whiskey make a man hornier) so popped out my stuff and laid it all out neatly to start getting dressed. I decided to have a smoke before i changed to “Sheila”( my gurly name). I went to the exit agian and i saw Bhanu watching some video on his mobile. I lit up and asked wht he was watching and told me ‘some clips a friend gave him’ and i asked if I can watch too. He obliged after i offered him a smoke. They were some normal porn clis and i asked him f hewanted to see something different and he said ‘ what different’ and i put on a slide show of my CD pics on my phone. he said he hasnt seeen anything lke that before. Then i showd hima cpl of tranny videos on my phone and i could he was getting excited as he had a bulge n his pants and was nervous. I had already had 2 smokes and i though to try if i can have some fun( which i was sure he wud be ready too) I told him to watch the video and return the phone to my cabin( i put on a long vid so i could go back and change into ‘Sheila’) he said OK and asked for another smoke which i gave him.He returned the phone after watching and i could see he had a big bulge in his pants. I asked him if he liked it and he just smiled. I said’ you have a hard on?’ he replied ‘ yes it was a very sexy video ” I asked him if would shag off and he smiled. Then i said wanna see some pics of those gurls, he nodded and showed him my pics as Sheila. he was surprised and he said ‘ these look like yours’ i confirmed and said get my dinner and then i show you more. He rushed out and was back with the food in 15 mins. After betsobet güvenilirmi finishing my food i went for a smoke and he was there and i asked him” wanna see me dressed ‘ he said yes and i told him to come to my cabin after 10 mins. In my cabin i locked the door poured another stiff one and got naked. I put on my bra( and put in pads in the D cups with spare cloth i always carry) put on the lace panty and hose and on came the nighty. I finished my peg and was pouring my next one when Bhanu came knocked and said SIR can i clear the dishes. I opened the door a wee bit and asked him to come in. He came in and was dumb for a min. I had to go around him and lock the door again. I just told him to clear the dishes and come back.HE was back in 2 mins and he locked the door and asked me straightaway ‘ you want some thing ?’ and i could see the bulge. I asked him ‘ You want to have sex?’ he nodded and I asked him to check if the ticket checker or any one else was around he replied dont worry let do it now.i asked him to remove his pants and he was fast. He was HARD and i held his tool. You can imagine it was like a steel rod sooo hard. He caught my breasts and was fondling as if they were real his one hand went between my legs and i was also getting hard. “Open ur panty” he said and i did. he asked if i have a rubber which i got from my bag and put on his rod. He turned me around and made me bend over on the berth and he put his rod at my love hole and was soo excited he couldnt enter. I held his rod and told him to push and in his excitement he pushed sooo hard it went halfway in and it hurt me a bit. I told him to hold on for a sec as i got used to his steely rod after a few seconds i pushed myself betsobet giriş back to get all his manhood on me and then he started pumping slowly at first but after a minute he was like the train. i was losing balance coz he was really thrusting and i was pumping my own dick.He then turned me and asked me to lie on my back o nthe berth and then he put my legs on his shoulders and this time he entered fully in one stroke. His eyes were closed and he was pumping me making my tits bounce. after 4-5 mins of pumping with my legs on his shoulders he shot his load right in me ( in the rubber) and held me boobs soo hard ( if they were reall i would have screamed )then he just pulled out and wore his pants without saying a word. I asked him if he enjoyed and he ‘ i have never been so hard in my life and ass fucking is sooo much better than pussy’ i asked him if i can come out for a smoke dressed up. He said let me check — he came backa minute later and said there is onle passenger in the third cubicle and he is sleeping. So he took me along to the exit all dressed and we both had a smoke each. I said thanks and turned to go to my cabin and he asked’ mind if i come again late night?’ i said OKI went ot my cabin and lay down and went off to sleep. Late night i heard a knock on the door i checked it was around 1 AM. I thought it might Bhanu and dressed as I was i unlocked the door and called to come in. Only the night lamp was ON enough to see around and i just to play closed my eyes and lay on the berth waiting for hm to come in. The door closed and i heard the lock then i opened my eyes a wee bit to see my friend Bhanu but i was surprised and shocked it was the ticket checker( they have the privilege of sleeping in any vacant berth on the train) and he put his bag on the berth and switched on the light to change into his pyjamas i guess but he saw mw and was surprised i guess. well he was staring all over and i could see his bulge growing ——–That’s all fr PART 1- let me know if you want part two and three.