The Training of Lucy, part 2

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Sean was headed for the bedroom, Lucy following behind – her hands resolutely held behind her back. When they arrived, Sean turned around and told Lucy to take off the bedspread and turn down the sheets. Then he said, “Now come here, Lucy, and put your hands on your head. Let me just take you in.” She came over to him and laced her fingers together behind her head. He circled her once as she stood nervously. As he circled around her a second time, he stopped when he was behind her and stood close to her, wrapping his arms around her and cupping her breasts. He bent his head to the side so he could kiss her neck. She closed her eyes and cooed a bit with his attention. He started to work his fingertips on her nipples, flicking, rubbing and pinching them. She started to moan with his attention, and she felt her pussy melt from the heat building in it. He moved his right hand down to her crotch. As she felt him move his hand down, her legs parted almost of their own accord to give him access to her pussy. He cupped his hand over her pubic mound and she moved her hips in response. His left hand moved away from her breast, but she was so focused on his right hand’s ministrations that she lost track of it until he raked his fingernails across her burning ass cheeks. She half gasped, half moaned at this fresh assault on her well-spanked rear. “Undress me,” he ordered her. She opened her eyes and turned around her hands reached for the bottom of his shirt. As she lifted it, he raised up his arms so that she could pull it over his head. Sean didn’t have an overly muscular build. If one were to ask him, he’d admit that he probably needed to get a little more exercise. Not so much because he needed to lose fat, but because he wanted to be stronger. He had hair on his chest, but not too much. He had no piercings or tattoos – he liked to say almanbahis şikayet no holes that he didn’t leave the factory with. The hair on his head was brown, with just a few flecks of gray in it. Lucy thought they made him just looked more distinguished and worldly. She looked around for a place to put the shirt, but Sean saw her momentary confusion, took the shirt and tossed it into the corner. Lucy smiled a bit. She knelt down to work on his pants. Sean didn’t ask her to do so – Lucy did so almost as a matter of course. Besides, the angle allowed her to see better what she was doing. She unbuckled his belt and unsnapped and unzipped his pants and began to lower them down to his ankles. She could already see his cock bulging inside his briefs. She lowered those and his cock bobbed straight out and pointed at her. As she got his underwear down to his ankles, he lifted a foot so that she could take off the shoe and sock and take pants off. He then switched feet for her and she finished her work. She was naked, kneeling before him, his erect cock right in front of her face. She looked at it, then at Sean’s face. He just nodded. She smiled nervously and enveloped the head of his cock with her mouth. She ran her tongue around the head lovingly and wrapped her right hand around the shaft of his cock and stroked it while she sucked. As she did this, Sean moaned and put his hands on her head, running her hair through his fingers. Then, Sean started using his hands to push her head down over his cock, forcing her to take more of him in her mouth and into her throat. She did her best to accommodate him, and his moans became more regular as she sucked him. Suddenly, he grabbed her hair and pulled his cock out of her mouth. She looked up at him and he said, “Not yet, Lucy. You can’t have my cum just yet. Come here and lay down almanbahis canlı casino on the bed.” She stood up and lay down on the bed on her back. “Spread your legs,” he ordered, and she did so. Sean climbed on the bed and placed his head between her legs. He started rubbing her pubic mound with his right hand, making her writhe and moan under his touch. She closed her eyes and her mind lost focus on everything except the amazing feeling she was getting from her pussy as Sean played with it. Finally she could feel him moving between her legs and she felt his breath on her inner thigh and then his tongue as it ran all the way up the length of her pussy, from her sopping hole to her hard clit. The surprise made her throw her head back and arch her back and moan loudly. Her hands flew down and found his head and began to caress it, but he grabbed both wrists and firmly held them at her side while he tongued her slit. Finally, he pointed his tongue and ran tight circles with it around the base of her clit. Her thighs clamped around his head as she started to come harder than she had ever come before. She was completely lost in pleasure as his hands shoved her thighs back open again and he drew himself up astride her and thrust his cock into her sopping wet, hot hole. He pumped hard and fast, as she continued to come. As she regained her senses, she knew she was being fucked and opened her eyes and saw Sean staring at her face while he fucked her. He was panting and grunting. He threw a hand behind her head and grabbed at her hair and thrust deep inside her. As he did, he made an almost animalistic noise and he started to come inside her, his cock pulsing and thrusting in her. When she felt that, it threw her over the edge and she came again with him losing herself completely in pleasure. Sean collapsed on top of her, almanbahis casino his cock still inside her, his breathing still just short of panting, his weight pinning her down. When he came back to his senses, he kissed her deeply. She could taste herself in his mouth. Still, she kissed back. When he stopped to breathe, she spoke. “Oh, thank you, Sir. Thank you.” “The pleasure was mine, Lucy. And that is a lesson for you to learn. Everything I give you – be it pleasure, pain, gifts, instructions – everything I give you I give because it brings me pleasure to do so. Many of the things I give you will be pleasurable for you, and will bring you delight, but not all of them. But you must accept all of the things I give you with grace and appreciation. It was easy for you to accept pleasure just now graciously, but you must accept discipline and pain, when I dispense that, with equal grace.” She listened intently as he said this and tried her best to take it to heart. When he spoke of giving her pain and discipline, she felt herself shudder slightly. But when he was done speaking, she replied, “Yes, Sir. I will try.” “Good girl, Lucy. Now, let’s have a shower and figure out what else to do with this evening.” He climbed out of bed, and Lucy followed after him. He went into the master bathroom and turned on both showers, testing the water to wait for it to be suitably warm. Lucy was about to join him in the shower when he said, “Lucy, you’ll need to remove your collar before getting wet, I’m afraid. This is the one exception I’ll allow for removing it.” She remembered she had the collar on and unsnapped it and left it next to the sink before joining Sean in the shower. She suddenly realized that in her entire life, she had never been in the shower at the same time as man ever before. She had been in communal gym showers with other women and girls, and she had used the shower at a boyfriend’s house before, but never at the same time. She found a washcloth and squirted some body wash from the bottle that looked more flowery of the two into her washcloth and worked it into a lather.