The Trip part 2

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The Trip part 2I awoke suddenly feeling dazed and with my head pounding. “Kara, baby…you okay?” asked ChrisChris roused from his slumber and reached for me. I was sitting up, breathing hard.”It was nothing. Just a dream, I guess.”??”Okay. If you say so.” He rolled over to look at the clock. “It’s about time to get up anyway. Must have been more tired than I thought.”??As I gathered the covers around me, I noticed, I was wearing a Japanese schoolgirls uniform, there were red marks on my wrists that looked like rope burns and I could feel fresh cum leaking from my ass. Chris saw me squirm and said “I guess we must have gone another couple of rounds in our sleep.”I tried to gather my bearings, as the realization hit me“Did you slip me something?” I asked“Just a little something to help you relax, don’t worry though, you were fantastic”He winked at me and made his way to the shower. I made my way out of his bed and back towards my room.”Hey Kara” Joe called out from the living room. “You guys sounded like you were having a really good time last night.” He laughed. “Well, today, you’re with me. I laid out the outfit I want you to wear. I was going to wait for you, but it started getting so late that I figured you wouldn’t mind.”Slightly confused, I turned into my room and started to gather up what I needed for the bathroom. I saw the outfit Joe had laid out for me. It was a black minidress with a black ¾ length leather coat, black basque, thong panties, black fishnet stockings, and the knee high boots with a 4” stiletto heel, gold hoop earrings and a leather choker.”Master” I asked, “where exactly are we going today?”??”Well, you’re going to be my arm candy while I do some gambling. It always helps to have a sexy lady on your arm when you’re at the tables.”??”Okay.” I didn’t say anything else. I simply went into the bathroom and started getting cleaned up. After a few minutes, I heard Joe and Chris’s muffled voices through the door…??”Chris, whatever you did last night has really mellowed her out. What did you do?”??”Nothing big. Just a little something to loosen her up, I’ll show you the video’s later.”??”Cool. Hey, I got everything sorted, are you up for a show later?”I didn’t hear anything for a minute, finally Chris responded “Definitely. I’ll tell you what. You guys enjoy your day, then I’ll meet you at the casino around 5 this afternoon, a little before the show.”??I was curious as to what party they were talking about, but I didn’t have time to worry about it since I needed to get dressed. With that, I jumped in the shower and started my routine of showering, shaving, putting on some makeup and tying my hair back. After I finished up in the bathroom, I went back to my bedroom to finish getting dressed.Once I was done, I stepped out into the hallway, where Joe was waiting.“Do I look alright artemisbet yeni giriş master?”?? I enquired”Baby, you look fantastic.” Joe responded”Are you sure we’ll be warm enough? I mean, we’re surrounded by snow,” I asked”Don’t worry. Once you get into the car, you’ll be fine. The casinos will be warm enough and we’ll be there for the afternoon. Chris will meet us there for dinner and then onto a show later on this evening.” Joe then tossed me something. “Last thing Babe. Put this in.”??I caught it and looked at it. It was a large butt plug. “Umm. I don’t know if this is going to fit.” I said”Come here” commanded Joe. Slowly, I walked towards him. As I reached him, he put his coat on the chair then told me to bend over. I leaned over the table with my ass in the air as Joe started lubing up the plug. He pulled my thong to the side, then slowly and gently started filling my ass with the butt plug. I moaned as he pushed it in, it was large and uncomfortable.”You’ll get used to it.” Joe SaidAs I stood up, I felt incredibly full. And as I walked towards the door, I noticed my hips swaying a little bit more as I tried to accommodate the plug in my ass.Joe opened the door for me, and as I sat down in the car, I really felt the pressure from the plug. I squirmed. “You doing okay over there?” Joe asked as he slid in the driver’s side. “Yes Master” I repliedJoe laughed and pulled off. We engaged in small talk all the way to the casino. He asked what happened last night and I gave him a brief description of what I could remember.”How did you feel?”??”I guess I enjoyed it. I still feel a little funny; I can’t seem to remember much”??”Well, as long as you two had fun.”??Once we got to the casino, we parked in the underground garage. “I figure we’ll start with a little roulette and then see how things go from there. But first,” Joe said as he started to unzip his pants, “how about a little blowjob to take the edge off?”??”I can’t, somebody might see.” I started to panic and backed up against the door as my eyes darted from side to side.Joe slapped me hard across the face, as he grew visibly angry.”For the last time, your only purpose in life is to do whatever I ask of you, I could have asked you to follow me into a restroom and suck off every Tom, Dick and Harry that walks in. I could drag you out of this car right now and fuck you in this garage. Instead, all I ask is that you give me a simple blow job. So I’m only going to ask one more time: Kara, please give me a blowjob.” I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes as I lowered my mouth onto his waiting penis, he forcibly grabbed the back of my head and thrusted deep into my throat, I gagged a little, but thought better of protesting after a couple of minutes he blew his wad into my mouth. I swallowed down his salty artemisbet giriş load and sucked him clean.“Now was that so hard?” Joe Asked “Now fix your make up”I retouched my make-up as Joe zipped himself up and got out of the car, he walked around to open the door on my side, he offered his arm to me as he walked me through the garage and into the elevator. He didn’t say much to me as we walked but I tried to dismiss it and focus only on being as feminine as possible. I figured that the less I talked, the less likely I was to piss him off. I was so focused that I missed Joe’s comments.”Kara, listen to me. I was going to let you off the hook, but I think you should know that your attitude will have repercussions, so much so that I’m going to have to cancel today’s plans and make alternative arrangements” Joe said“I’m sorry master, I promise it won’t happen again, I’ll do anything you ask of me,” I protested“We’ll see” Joe saidJoe dragged me out of the parking garage, we walked around the corner in the snow and down into an alleyway.“Wait here” he told meJoe disappeared back towards the entrance of the alleyway, I stood shivering in the snow, after a few minutes Joe returned with two men, the first was fat and ugly, he looked like he was at least 22 stone, he had a straggly beard and long hair. His friend wasn’t much better but at least looked like he took some care of himself.“Here she is boys, this is her fantasy, she likes it rough so feel free to do your worst” Joe instructedThe guys approached me, they lifted my dress to get a better look, I glanced at Joe, who took out his camera and started snapping away, I was forced to my knees as the fat man undid his flies and pushed his flaccid cock towards my face. I had to fight the urge to vomit, the smell was vile, I don’t what this guys idea of hygiene was but it looked like his cock hadn’t been washed in years.The other guy pushed my forward onto my hands and knees the snow was cold and the dampness spread as it started melting around me knees, he hiked my dress up and pulled my thong to one side, with a pop he removed the plug that Joe at put there and my sphincter shivered as the cold air rushed into my gaping hole, he spat into his hand and started probing between my cheeks with his fingers.The fat man was now hard and gripping the back of my head he thrust himself between my lips, the taste of his cock was worse than the smell, I gagged, but managed to hold myself from being sick.The man behind me started to soundly fuck my asshole, his hips slapping against my bottom making it jiggle, causing my earrings to jingle softly. “That’s my girl” Joe saidHe moved in closer to take more pictures“I wish I’d bought the video camera with me”With every thrust my cock bounced, and my earrings made their delicate music. I wish artemisbet güvenilirmi I knew who these men were, and if they were safe to be around. I didn’t even know what would happen to me when they were done, but I had no choice in the matter, so instead resigned myself to my fate.”She’s little whore, Guess she likes the feeling of my hard cock pounding her little asshole,” the man behind me saidThe fat man in front of me grunted loudly sending a shiver down my spine. I felt a mix of my saliva and his pre-cum running down my chin as I worked my mouth on his hard dirty cock. He held the back of my head in his hands and was pushing my head up and down. I reached up with one hand and began to jerk off his cock into my mouth; the coldness of my hand after being in the snow took him a little by surprise. Joe continued taking pictures, moving around changing angles, I could only guess what I must have looked like on the cold, snowy floor of the alley, my black dress around my hips, garters stretched to reach the black thigh-highs, black lace panties pushed roughly aside, the black stiletto boots catching the glare of the sunlight. The fat man started to mumble nasty words to me, and all of a sudden stopped moving, his leg muscles tight and his hands firmly holding on to my head. I knew what to expect, and I readied myself as I felt the first spurt across my tongue. He pulled out quickly and splashed his cum across my face, I was just happy to get his disgusting cock out of my mouth. Heavy thick cum was running down my chin, drops hitting the snow and freezing where it landed. I licked around the head and tip of his cock; it was probably the closest it had come to being clean in at least a year.The other guy had not stopped his insistent pounding on my asshole. As the fat man pulled away and recomposed himself, I turned my thoughts back to what was going on behind me.“You’re a good little cunt aren’t you?” he said, “Your ass is so fucking good”In and out I felt him pump, growing faster with each thrust. He pushed me face down into the snow, it was freezing and I was soaked through. Suddenly I felt him tense up, his hips began shaking and I felt his warm fluid began to spurt into me, my ass tightened against his cock and he groaned loudly. After a few moments he was done. He gave my neck a kiss and withdrew his penis. He and his friend left the alley, shaking hands with Joe as they left. I lay in the snow for a few more seconds. Until instructed to get up and straiten myself out.Joe walked over and slapped me across the face.“Now I can hardly have you on my arm looking like that can I?” he asked“I’m sorry master” I repliedI wiped the cum off my face with my hand and straightened out my dress.“You’ve wasted my day, all because you couldn’t follow a simple request, were going to have to go back to the cabin, but believe me, you’re not being let off the hook so easily” Joe SaidWe walked back to the car; I was freezing, but thought better of complaining, I sat in silence for the journey back to the cabin. Joe instructed me to take a bath whilst himself and Chris would decide my fate.