The Weekend Meeting

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Lisa and Brad met online about a year ago. The two had immediately liked each other and soon discovered that they shared many of the same desires. Although Lisa was still a virgin, she had always been very interested in sex and knew exactly what she wanted to try and how she wanted to try it. She had just never found anyone that she trusted enough in which to share those thoughts and desires. Until now.

Brad had instantly been intrigued by Lisa and her sexual status. He was unsure how she had remained a virgin at the age of twenty-eight. She possessed a willingness to talk openly about her wants and desires and had indulged him with videos and pictures of herself in a variety of acts. He was amazed at her ability to make him cum with only her words as they chatted online. She had a willingness to try anything sexually and an enthusiasm for sex that made her virginal status that much more unbelievable.

The two online lovers finally met during one of Lisa’s summer trips to the beach. Although Lisa trusted Brad, she was still unsure of how he would view her. She was not the perfect girl with the perfect body. Being taller than the average girl, Lisa was well aware of her size and her curves. She was not a runway model and would never be. She had curves where she needed them and more than she wanted. However, Brad loved her body and told her so every chance he got. Perhaps this was one of the reasons she was willing to give him anything he wanted that night.

Brad picked up Lisa at her hotel and the two shared dinner at a quaint little restaurant overlooking the ocean. The two chatted throughout dinner about life in general. There was an ease that accompanies old friends, yet a nervousness that awaits new lovers. Both knew what would happen that night and neither was afraid to discuss it during dinner. By the time dinner was over, Brad was rock hard and Lisa was dripping kocaeli escort wet.

The car ride back to Lisa’s hotel was silent as the two thought about what was finally about to happen. It had taken a year to arrive at this juncture in time. Brad was jolted from his thoughts when he felt Lisa’s hand slide across the hardness in his pants. He looked over at her as he was driving and she simply gave him a devilish little grin and wink as the unzipping of his pants broke the silence in the car.

Using her right hand, Lisa slid her fingertips into Brad’s pants and boxers, letting her fingers lightly graze across the length of his hard cock. With her left hand, she circled her own breasts, causing her nipples to peak through the thin material of her blouse. Brad waited in intense anticipation as she bent her face toward his lap.

Lisa took Brad’s hard manhood in her hand and slowly rubbed it against her cheeks. Ever so slowly, she rubbed the head of his cock against her lips, causing him to moan in the darkness of the car. She opened her mouth to allow her tongue to slide out of her lips and circle the tip of his dick. Brad’s hips jerked in surprise as he finally felt the lips that he’d dreamed about on so many endless nights. Ever so slowly, Lisa closed her lips around the head of Brad’s cock…..slowly……sliding her lips down his length….inch by inch……swirling her tongue around his cock….sucking lightly.

Brad’s hands grasped the steering wheel tightly as he tried to concentrate on driving. The task was growing more and more difficult by the second as Lisa started bobbing her head up and down on his throbbing cock. After what seemed an eternity to Brad, they arrived at the hotel. Brad stopped the car and for the first time was able to totally focus on the feeling of Lisa’s lips and tongue devouring his massive cock. Just as he felt he might cum, Lisa darıca escort pulled back and giggled again. She was such a tease at times. That was one of the hottest qualitites about her in Brad’s eyes.

The two excited lovers walked to the hotel room and shut the door immediately behind them. They kissed and licked, groped and rubbed each other as they shed their clothes, leaving a trail behind them across the room. They slid out onto the balcony, under the light of the moon. It was by the moonlight that the two finally stopped to look at each other. Lisa felt a sudden sense of shyness at being totally exposed to Brad. Brad simply kissed her deeply, allaying all her fears. The kiss deepened as his hands roamed over her soft, curvy body.

Lisa knelt between Brad’s legs, her face mere inches from his cock. She looked up at his face, their eyes meeting, as she slowly licked the length of his cock….from base to tip. He groaned, grabbing her hair, and guiding her head where he wanted it. He began to slowly fuck her mouth. Her tongue and lips played with the length of his cock as he thrust his hips into her hot, moist mouth over and over. She slid her mouth down to his balls, stroking his cock with her hands. Her lips kissed and her tongue licked his balls as she stroked faster and faster. As he grew closer and closer to cumming, he moved his hips faster and faster. Again, Lisa pulled away.

Moaning in frustration, Brad pushed her to the lounge chair on the deck. He was immediately between her legs. His face kissing his way down her stomach. Moving lower and lower to the shaved, wet pussy waiting before him. Lisa called out his name as she felt his tongue slide along her slit. He flicked his tongue back and forth against her clit while his finger wasted no time in finding the tight pussy awaiting it. She gasped as she felt Brad’s finger enter her pussy gölcük escort for the first time. Even with only one finger, Brad could tell that she was ultra-tight.

Lisa had never felt the pleasure that Brad was giving her. She gasped at feeling her pussy being stretched when Brad slid a second finger inside her. His mouth continued its assault on her dripping cunt. His tongue replaced his fingers, fucking her wet pussy over and over. Lisa’s hips bucked in the air, her hands clenching the sides of the lounge chair as she came from a man’s touch for the first time. Brad groaned in delight and lapped up the juices that soaked his face.

He slowly moved up her body to kiss her deeply. She tasted her own juices on his tongue and lips. Brad practically blew his load when she looked in his eyes and told him that she wanted him inside her now. Lisa was nervous, yet anxious. She’d never had a cock inside her before and was sure that Brad’s wouldn’t fit. Although she had her doubts, she trusted him completely and wanted to share every aspect of her sexual fantasies with him before the weekend was over.

Brad settled underneath her, letting her take control of the situation. She had always said that their first time together, she wanted to be on top and in control. She wanted to watch his face as she guided his cock inside her virgin pussy. She wanted to know what it felt like to have him buried so deeply within her that she wouldn’t be able to tell where he ended and she began. Her fantasies were about to become reality.

The moonlight reflected off the smooth skin of her lower back as she crawled up the length of his body. The coolness of the night air, combined with his hot touch, caused her nipples to pucker in excitement and anticipation. She groaned in delight as his lips kissed her right nipple lightly. It would be the first of many pleasures that night. As she started to slide her tight pussy onto Brad’s rock-hard cock, Lisa braced herself. She had waited so long for this moment…

(To be continued)

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