The Workshop

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Big Tits

The WorkshopI am in a black mood that morning. You had dropped by for a few minutes to say hi.?I was sitting at my carving table looking at my newest failure, brooding. You are chipper and upbeat. This annoys me. I leave the shop and go in to my bedroom, when I return I have a pair of leather handcuffs. You say “no”, by pay no attention as I attach handcuffs and you to my work bench pulling your hips over my carving table. It is uncomfortable the way your thighs are pulled across the table pinbahis yeni giriş so I push a large pillow under you hips. I peel your clothing away as I slowly, firmly caress you. My hands are calloused rubbing across your breast, stomach, across your hips. My finger finds that little toy between your juicy lips. Your body shivers against my chest as I play with the little hot stone.I have a new paddle, it’s about two feet long and four inches wide and half of inch pinbahis giriş thick, that I haven’t used before and your beautiful butt is an enticing object as the sweet “smack” of the board makes you jolt back. Your butt reddens as I “smack “it once more, your protest excite me. I sit between your arms. My aroused sex is in your face. I kiss you and fondle your breast. You slide me inside of your warm mouth. Sliding up and down faster and faster as the board gentle smacks pinbahis güvenilirmi you. Soon I must have you. I hold your breast as your back pushes against me. My passion is rubbing between your legs as my fingers find your clit. I rub it gently as you rub my dick between your legs, you try desperately to make it enter your wanting lips. My body is in a fever as a plunge into you. You arch back straining against you restraint. You brace your self as I drive harder and harder, faster and faster. I hold your waist tightly as the driving force burst in to you as your hips move harder against me. It seems an eternity that we pound each other trying to get further and further inside of you as I explode. As I melt to my knees I kiss your red orbs and stroke you.