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Subject: Theo Chapter 3 HOLA PEEPS!! Hope everyone is safe and feeling healthy. God knows when this terrible time will ever end. MASSIVE THANKS to every single feedback I got!! You guys are awesome!! If you wanna have a chat here’s my mail: liciousryan@ Enjoy and stay safe, Ryan THEO PREVIOUS CHAPTER… “Oh fuck …oooh oooh…holy fucking SHIT!” I hissed through shattered teeth as my cum was hurled from my cock onto my chest. The sheer amount of sperm that came flying out of my quivering piss hole scared the living shit outta me. Never, ever before had I drenched my body with cum like I did just then … “Theo…Theo…oh Theo…” The front door opened…I had forgotten to lock it when I came in… CHAPTER THREE “Yo dude? Ryan? Are you here?” NO MY GOD! IT WAS ZACH! The same little shit who had gotten me in such a state the previous day when, at the communal swimming pool, he seemed to suggest that me walking home with Theo was dangerous and that I was some kind of poofter. “Dodgy as” was his charming choice of words. What the hell was the little fucker doing here in my house? Sure it was my own stupid fault not to have locked the front door after I came back from spending the wonderful afternoon with Theo…and to be brutally honest it couldn’t possibly be his fault that I had decided to have a good ole jack off in our living room thinking about that sweet little boy… …but still WHAT THE HELL WAS HE DOING HERE?? Luckily for me and my sperm covered chest, the living room was out of sight from the front door so there was no reason for me to panic…just yet. All I had to do was get dressed and hide…or go to the door and asked what he wanted. First option was the most viable. I didn’t see the need for Zach to see me naked. He’d be at Theo’s in a heartbeat telling him how right he was about me being a perve. I stood up and pulled on my clothes in record time. My shirt immediately stuck to my chest thanks to my dried up cum. Thank God I never completely removed my shorts before I decided to have a wank. Over Theo. Ryan, focus. My penis was still a little damp and wet from the sheer orgasm I had literally minutes ago but thank goodness my shorts were black. My shirt, well there was nothing I could do about it now. Zach most probably wouldn’t be bale to see any possible leakages. I prayed. “Ryan dude? Are you in here?” Kid…go ask for a refund of your school fees. I mean…Ryan dude? “Zach…what can I do for you? Does your mom know you’re here? I hope you did, it must be very dangerous coming here. I’m dodgy as, remember?” A shade of red seemed to flush his cheekbones as he stood closer to the door. “Uhm…look I didn’t even wanna come in here, okay? Theo asked me nicely to come and apologize to you! He said you were feeling real bad over what I said and I just didn’t wanna have trouble with my best friend, that’s all!” Man, did he even breathe ONCE during that sentence? “Okay Zach. I can see that you’re…shall we say, about 30% genuine in your apology, so how about we leave it at that and I’ll tell Theo you did say sorry. Deal?” A pair of eyes flickered across the room and then on to the doorknob…was he really that scared or was he just a rush to get the hell outta here? “Deal. Gotta go.” Charming. Before I closed the door I saw him running across the street towards…was that Theo? The two stood underneath the big oak tree on the pavement for a while and I could clearly see Zach pointing towards my house and Theo looking pleased before they high-fived and got onto their bikes, riding towards the local café, it seemed. Wow…Theo really asked Zach to apologize to me in person? Does the boy know how difficult he makes it for me not to…damn, I didn’t wanna say it. I won’t. I…I can’t. The following morning I woke up in such a hurry and I was about to make myself some coffee and Coco Pops, eventually start get ready for school when my phone beeped. I was writing Geography today and I couldn’t afford to be late. Plus, I wanted to get there early to study a bit more. Geography wasn’t exactly one of my best subjects but it was kinda compulsory if you lived in a small white town who depended heavily on its farmers. My heart did a double somersault pike when I saw I had a WhatsApp message from Theo. “Mom asks if you can drop me off at school because our car is broken.” I giggled at his sense of language…I was sure their car wasn’t `broken’ as such but that’s what he probably thought. The primary school wasn’t foo far from the high school here in Orania. I could quickly drop him off and drive to school myself. Added bonus…I get to see my handsome little donut before my exam. Yay! I quickly confirmed with Theo that I would be at his house in ten minutes before eighty-sixing the coffee and breakfast, putting on my school uniform in record time. This would be the first time I have seen him in his primary school uniform. Needless to say me, and my teenage cock siirt escort literally couldn’t wait. Awww how sweet…and depressing at the same time…his mom stood at his side when I pulled up to their home. “Morning Aunt Sandra!” “Oh Ryan dear…I so apologize for the inconvenience! That blistered thing just wouldn’t start this morning and with Uncle Bennie already at work, he couldn’t be of much help. I’ll make it up to you. Do you like bed socks?” Oh god. “No need, Aunt Sandra. It’s my pleasure.” She just didn’t know HOW much of a pleasure it really was… After his mother had given him about four or five wet kisses and wished him a good day at school, it was a very red faced little twelve year old piece of hunk that got into my car with a sullen look on his face. He gave me one pissed off look before saying, “Just drive. Please.” I cracked a silent smile and did what he said. In my windshield I saw Aunt Sandra waving us off until we had to turn into another lane and we couldn’t see her anymore. “Your mom is a little intense, huh? Don’t worry. My mom was also like that. They tend to stop worrying so much when we get to seventeen or so.” “Another five years then. Can’t wait.” We drove in a comfortable silence before he turned his sexy little body towards me. “Did Zach apologize like I told him to?” “Yeah, he did. You didn’t have to do that.” “Course I did! You hurt one of my friends, you hurt me too.” “But Zach is your friend as well.” “But see, you’re my BEST friend.” Holy mother of all things sweet and innocent… “Come on, Theo…I’m like years older than you and…” “So? So what? You’re cool, we hang out, we play games, we’re like, neighbours…what’s the problem?” The problem is, Theo, that I’m starting to hopelessly and utterly and uncontrollably…I’m gonna say it… …fall in love with you…sigh… “I suppose there isn’t any problems. What time should I pick you up? High school only finishes at three.” “I still have rugby practice until three-thirty. I can just walk hone.” “Fuck no. Over my dead body.” Oh geez. What did I just say…? Theo looked at me with searching eyes. It wasn’t just that I said it…it was the WAY I said it. The thought of him walking home from school all on his own…it actually made my blood boil. Angry as hell. I didn’t wanna think about it. Although Orania is literally one of the safest places to be in South Africa…I just didn’t like him being all alone when I could easily wait just thirty more minutes and take him home. I must have scared him. Or at least have made him wonder why I would have such an outburst. We drove the remaining three minutes or so in silence until I pulled up next to his school. “See ya later,” he said before grabbing his bag, getting out of the car in one swift movement and quickly jogging towards the school gates. Well…if ever there was any chances of something ever happening between Theo and me, it just vanished into thin air. Was there EVER so much as a hope? A twelve year old and a seventeen year old. The kid wasn’t gay. He had Selena Bloody Gomez dancing in her underwear on his bedroom mirror for gods sake! And to think…at about three-thirty, I’d get to be awkward with him all over again. Joy. ** My exam wasn’t a total flop but I didn’t think I would get above 80% at all. My mind wasn’t in the game. I kept thinking about Theo. How he was doing…was he bored in class…what did he have for recess…did he have a good kick about with his mates after school? I was getting too involved and I had to take a back seat. I was developing feelings for this beautiful boy faster than the spread of Covid-19. And since I was the only one aware of said feelings, I was the one who had to take a stand and remove myself from the equation. Even if it would kill me with depression to not see that handsome little donut each and every day… I arrived at the primary school about ten minutes early, got out of my car and made my way over to the rugby field. Seems like there was a game going on between two opposing teams. I thought it was just a practice run…nope…it was a fully fledged match between Theo’s school and another from a visiting town. My eyes nervously searched for Theo’s parents but I didn’t see either of them in the stands. There wasn’t that many spectators to begin with. It was a work day after all so I would guess not many parents had the luxury of coming to watch the game. Strange that Theo didn’t say anything this morning…maybe he would have if I wasn’t such a tyrant about him walking home alone. I immediately saw Theo in his rugby uniform and I seriously had to think of Donald Trump in a wet suit pretty quickly to stop my cock from plumping up in front of all these people. Caucasians. Whites. Racists, the whole damn lot of them. Welcome to fucking Orania. Theo passed the rugby ball towards another player, but said player was quickly caught in possession. The visiting sincan escort team scored a try from that mistake and you wouldn’t believe the ghoul of verbal abuse that was shouted towards that poor boy from the home crowd. “Jou pa moet jou fokken reg donner! Fokken moffie moer!” Afrikaans speaking folk reading this would need no translation. It was a senseless verbal attack on a twelve year old boy who made an unfortunate mistake. By the way, “moffie” means faggot. Theo ran towards the boy and put his arm around him. It was then, that I saw he was also wearing a black band around his upper arm…that must mean he was the captain! I was astounded how little I actually knew of him. The score was now 15-10 with the conversion from the opposing team being successful with only five minutes of the game remaining. Theo took hold of the ball and passed it to…oh wow, was that Zack? Made sense. They were good friends and most probably on the Rugby field as well. Zack was fast, as a number ten needed to be. He diced and sliced his way through the opposing players until he was severely tackled. Theo was there first and grabbed the ball. I found myself staring in outrage as the fucking BIGGEST player of the visiting team BODY SLAMMED my little handsome donut like he was an ant…onto the hard ground…mud and grass splattering everywhere. “THEO!!!” someone screamed in sheer horror…oh my god…it was me…my voice…my body instinctively saying FUCK THIS GAME and it was MY body who was charging onto the field as quick as it possibly could… Theo was knocked clear unconscious. His eyes was closed and he wasn’t moving. “Call an ambulance! Someone, anyone!” I yelled out as I was careful not to move him. He could have had serious injuries. All I could see at that moment was…him laying on that muddy, filthy surface…his beautiful eyes closed…his wonderful, sexy, cheeky chappy smile now only a solemn frown. Please God…let him be okay. Just let him be alright… ** Since I was no relation to Theo the paramedics refused to have me riding in the ambulance with them to the hospital. I explained that I was his neighbour and that his parents were at work until I was blue in the face…they still didn’t budge. I called Aunt Sandra from my cellphone and told her what had happened. For once since I had met her, the woman was deathly silent and simply asked what needed to be asked before slamming the phone in my ear. And get this…the poor woman didn’t even know that Theo had a game that afternoon. Why would you willingly keep info such as that from your parents? In my day, the one time you REALLY wanted, needed your parents at school was when you played a sport. To encourage and to cheer you on. For some reason…it seemed like Theo was rejecting all that. He clearly didn’t want them there…he only told me he had rugby practice…not an actual match. Hurts when you realize he probably didn’t want me there either. As I arrived at the hospital out of the fresh peak traffic on a Friday afternoon, I ran into Aunt Sandra and Uncle Bennie as they were waiting on news about Theo. Aunt Sandra hugged me and her husband shook my hand…and to be honest, he held on a bit longer than I really would have liked…gosh, right from the start I always had this nagging feeling about him…and it freaked me out to my core. I messaged my mom and told her that I was at the hospital and that Theo had gotten hurt. She told me to tell the Van Heerden’s that she would prepare them some food and bring it over later so they didn’t have to worry about cooking. Sometimes…just sometimes the people living here still had an alarming sense of humanity towards each other and there was nothing Oraniers wouldn’t do to help and be there from one another. Would Oraniers have the same humanity towards a black family tho? For a family with a gay son or daugther? For two men or woman living together? Hell no. And THAT’S what was wrong with this world and with this town. The nurse eventually came round with the good news that Theo was gonna be okay and that he was gonna have to stay in over night due to concussion. His parents thanked the nurse and Uncle Bennie said he needed to speak to the doctor. Aunt Sandra sunk into a chair next to me. Tears that had been threatening to spill over all afternoon, suddenly did. I didn’t quite know what to do but just stand there…hugging her didn’t feel right. “Sandra, let’s go home and get a bath and something to eat. We’ll be back later. I just wanna get out of these work clothes,” Uncle Bennie said as he returned and he kissed his wife on the top of her head. Aunt Sandra nodded, and wiped her tears away. She slowly got up and grabbed another tissue from her handbag. “Ryan dear, would you mind staying here just until we come back later? Oh, I know it’s a lot to ask…but…I need to get home his pajamas, and oh, his toothbrush…gosh, he has never spent sinop escort a night away from home before. Oh Bennie…” and there sprouted the water works yet again. Nevertheless…there was no way I was gonna let an opportunity like this pass me by to be alone with my handsome little donut. “I’ll stay here until you guys get back. Promise,” I said, forcing myself to crack a reassuring smile. “You’re a good kid, Ryan” Uncle Bennie said, reaching out and touching my shoulder in a very firm grip. I glanced over to Aunt Sandra for a split second but she was looking at her phone’s screen at that point and time. Bennie squeezed my shoulder so gently, almost caressing the hairs at the back of my neck. He could see it. He could see it in my eyes. I knew what he was doing. Right, in front of his fucking overweight wife. He knew it, and he wanted me to know. My eyes never left his. This wasn’t okay. He had no right. He was married for fuck sake! The hand on my shoulder was downright stroking my hair before it suddenly was dropped…the same moment Aunt Sandra gave him her phone and told him that some or other family member wanted news about Theo. She couldn’t speak without swallowing heavily as the tears once more rolled down her swollen cheeks. “Ryan…thank you. Take care of our boy,” she whispered before taking a deep breath and joining her husband inside the hospital elevator. My god. Uncle Bennie was a fucking perve! Mental note made…had to watch myself around him. I didn’t wanna make a fuss, especially not in this town. Who would believe a teenager over a hot shot lawyer working in the biggest firm in Orania? Sigh. And who was I to get angry when I had the hots for his twelve year old son? My thoughts turned back to Theo, all alone in his hospital room. I softly opened the door to his room, and explained to the attending nurse that his parents would be back later and that I was ordered to look after him. Asking if I would like a cup of tea, she left after I thankfully accepted. And there he was… My beautiful, brave warrior. In the ten minutes I watched him play his heart out on the field, he fought for his team. A natural leader if ever I had seen one. He comforted his teammate when that mistake lead to a try from the other team. He was…there was no other way to say it…he was perfect. In every way. And if I wasn’t sure before, I definitely was now. Undoubtedly and unreservedly. I was in love with Theo van Heerden. I just didn’t wanna admit it to myself before because I knew it was a lost cause. What were the chances of us hooking up in Orania? Not to mention the age difference if, by some miracle, he was gay? I sat down next to his bed. Tears streaming down my face, as I saw the bandages around his skull. I took a deep breath and gently scooped his left hand into my own. This was insane…I was in love with a twelve year old boy. Droplets of my tears dripped onto the sheets and some onto his lower arm, near his elbow. When I saw him laying on that rugby field earlier in the afternoon…I thought I had lost a part of myself. Like my soul had been RIPPED from my chest and left a cold, dark emptiness. “Ry…Ry…Ry…an…” Fuck! He was waking up! “Ry…” “Hey! Buddy! I’m here…I’m not going anywhere! You’re gonna be okay!” I whispered excitedly as he kept rolling his head a round. He pulled a sheer face that could only have meant he was in some form of pain. “Buddy…Theo, talk to me…are you okay? Should I call the nurse?” “My…my head…” “Okay. I’ll be back soon.” “No…Ry…don’t…” I only then realized his hand was still wrapped inside my own. “Don’t…don’t leave me…” Never. Never, my beautiful, handsome little donut. I felt his hand tighten inside my own. “Stay with me…Don’t…don’t leave me…” I had to do something. If not, I’d totally rip this world apart. I had to show him I would never abandon him, in a way he would understand in his current condition. I gently let go of his hand. I pushed his floppy hair away from his forehead, before leaning down and kissing him oh, so gently on the bandages surrounding his face. His entire demeanor seemed to relax. His chest stopped heaving and his heart rate seemed to slow down if you could believe the monitor next to his bed. “So…so tired…” I immediately made sure he was warm and tucked in, unnecessarily straightening the duvet cover to give my hands something to do. “Close your eyes. I’ll be right here when you wake up.” “Promise?” “I promise.” He seemed to drift off and through the glass window, I saw the some of Theo’s rugby teammates inside the corridor outside the bedroom. Thank god. They can keep him company because I REALLY need some air and fast. I was on the verge of opening the door to leave, when I heard Theo’s voice croak hoarsely… “I love you, Ry…” As fate would have it…THAT was the EXACT moment where Zach…decided to barge in to the room and see his best friend… THANKS FOR READING!! CLIFFHANGER! And THANK YOU for all the amazing feedback on the story. Theo told Ryan he loves him! But with Theo’s concussion…did he really mean it? And what exactly did Zach hear Theo say…? Feel free to message me if you want ail