This Flight Tonight

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This Flight TonightI am terrified of flying but i wish to see the world!I decide to go on a trip, where shall i go? I talk to a travel agent and she talks me into the irish coast. I have always wanted to kiss the the “Blarney Stone”, as an irish american i agree. The day comes to go to the airport and i am anxious but scared. I call a cab and go despite my aprehension. I check my luggage and get my boarding pass. Of course the security check point line is huge.I have time before my flight so i decide to get a drink at istanbul escort the max and ermas.Before long is it time for my flight and the boarding call goes out on the PA.I gather my carry on and get on the plane. It isnt a bad flight. But the captain comes on and says “that due to a bad storm over the rocky mountains we have to land in Denver and have a slight layover”Damnit i think.The plane lands, I disembark.I see a place called “Chef Jimmy’s Bar and avcılar escort Bistro”. Looks like a nice place to relax for an hour during the layover.Sitting there and being angry over the waste of my trip, I catch a pretty blue eyed lady out of the corner of my eye. Her hair is ashen brown and legs like silk. Our eyes meet for a second, I look away.”You are on the trip of a lifetime”, my brain tells me.”Go talk to her, she is beautiful!”But I do not.I think myself a coward. Oh well time board şirinevler escort the plane! I hand the steward my pass and walk down the jetway. I find my seat and stow away my carry on in the overhead. Pulling out a magazine i hear a sweet sound “sir your in my seat I requested the window view”. I stand as much as I can and let her pass me to her seat by the window.I slowly remember her as the lady at the resteraunt. I cant help but feel a slow bulging in my pants!I stare at her. her azure eyes, her supple breasts, her red silky lips.”Are going to sit down sir people are trying to pass”, she asks!”Yes, i am sorry miss””I am not a good flyer, i am just nervous!” I utter!”Just sit down and i will help you!””Thank you, my name is Shawn!””Mine is Leslee, now just relax and hold my hand for a second because i dont like take off