This is another video that I want to do with someo

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This is another video that I want to do with someoFor this video, I will need a guy to come to me and stay at our house. My husband will pay for you plane ticket and all of your expenses. I’m walking down the sidewalk that’s in front of my house. I feel like someone is watching me, but I turn around, and don’t see anybody. I walk up the driveway towards my house, and I still feel like I’m being watched. I hear a car behind me… I don’t turn around, I just run towards the front door. My hands are shaking as I try to open the door with the key. I finally unlock the door and run inside. As I’m trying ot shut the door, a man’s arm reaches through and grabs me. He comes inside and locks the door behind him. The man is hoding me up against him…i’m facing away frohim him. I feel a hard buldge through his pants rubbing against my back. His left hand is holding my mouth shut and tipobet365 yeni giriş his right hand is wrapped around my waist. I struggle, but the man is strong and holding me tight up against him. I hear him say “You are mine… I own you now!!!” I feel helpless as he throws me ot the grown. I slowly look up and see a huge overweight man with a big belly standing above me. He kicks me and tells me ot take my shirt off. I’m not wearing a bra, so I refuse. He rips my shirt off of me, and i hear it tear. “Take off your pants” he demanded. I’m terrified, so i slip my pants off. He lays down on top of me and forcebly kisses me while he slides his hands down my panties. I try resisting him but he is too strong and overpowers me. He stands up and tells me ot take off my panties or he will rip them off of me. So I slip off my black panties and lay them on the tipobet365 giriş floor. He reaches down to pick them up and puts them in the back pocket of his jeans. I’m laying naked in front of this huge man who is fully clothed. “Rub your pussy for me”… he demands. I touch my pussy with my right hand, and i slowly rub it with my fingers. The man takes off his shirt and begins to unbotton his pants. I watch as his jeans drop to the floor, and the huge naked mand is coming towards me as i am gently rubbing my pussy. The man lays on top of me and holds my hands above me so i can’t move them. I feel as his dick slides into my pussy. I’m struggling, but he is too heavy and strong, that i can’t move. the man starts fucking me hard with his dick and yelling at me and calling me names. “I’m your daddy now”… “You are my slut”… i start to moan as he is fucking tipobet365 güvenilirmi me. I don’t want ot like it, but his dick is big and it feels good as he is thrusting in and out. I spread my legs wider and lift them up so he can get deeper inside me. It feels so good, i forget that he is a stranger. He pulls his dick out of my pussy and sits on my chest. He shoves is dick in my mouth and starts fucking my mouth. he rams his dick deep down my throat and fucks my mouth hard. I can bareley breath with this huge man on top of me and his huge dick buried in my throat. I feel his hot cum oozing down my throat. He pulls out and hot wet cum covers my face. I try to open my eyes, but I can’t see anything through the heavy cum covering my eyes and mouth. “Is this your husband’s shirt?” I can hear him say. “Yeah, my husband’s favorite shirt is on folded on the chair”, I tell him without thinking. “Good” he says ” I need a cum rag to clean up” and he wipes himself off with the freshly cleaned and folded shirt, and then throwns it carelessly on back on the chair. I lay there naked and exhausted in a pool of his cum as he gets dressed and walks out of the house.