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Big Tits

Sometimes, you just need something simple. No emotional ties, no complications, no “relationships”, just sex.

I was in that position tonight. My company had flown me to Chicago for three long, boring days of business meetings. I was leaving on the noon flight tomorrow from O’Hare. I just wanted someone to blow off some steam with.

This wasn’t my first rodeo. I had a phone number to call for situations like this. Had one for Los Angeles, one for Chicago, and one for New York City, in fact. My position requires traveling a lot.

I pulled out my cell phone and dialed.

“Yeah, it’s Ken again… just one night… Jill? The tall blonde? Yeah, I’ve used her before… sounds good.”

I gave my hotel and my room number, and 30 minutes later, Jill knocked on my door. She was my age (35), but looked 10 years younger than that. I let her in, locked the door after putting up the DO NOT DISTURB sign, and Jill made a quick pit stop before stripping. I did the same, dug out my wallet and handed her the $300 in cash (which she put in her purse), and climbed on the bed with her.

Jill knew my routine. I admired her body for a moment. She was six-feet-one (3 inches taller than me), her wavy blonde hair was shoulder length, her blue eyes would catch any man’s attention, and she was toned and slim. Her breasts were C-cups, still quite firm, and her long, perfect legs made people drool. She rolled over, allowing me to gaze on her amazing, round, firm rear, then rolled back over to face me.

“Now that you’ve filled your eyes and gotten your dick hard thinking about me…”

Sure enough, my canlı bahis şirketleri six-and-a-half-inch long cock was standing at full attention.

“…what would you like me to do to y… um, FOR you?”

“You know me, Jill. I always start by kissing your breasts.”

Jill giggled. “So you do.” She slid her body against mine and scooted upwards so that her orbs were an inch from my face.

“These are magnificent.” I kissed my way slowly through Jill’s cleavage, taking my time. I cupped her globes in my hands and buried my face between them, then kissed my way up to her nipple.

“Go for it.” Jill was giving me one of her smiles. I kissed the tip of her nipple, then took it into my mouth and began suckling. I lightly teased her other nipple between my fingertips. I swapped the position of my hand and mouth every minute or so.

“You know what’s next,” I told Jill.

She giggled. “I do. And thanks for caring about my needs.”

I slid my hand away from her breast, keeping her nipple in my mouth, and gently ran my fingertips along her slit. Jill’s lovely body shivered slightly. I continued to run my fingers up and down until I could feel her nectar start to leak. Then I slid two fingers inside her and began scissoring them slowly.

“Mmmmm,” Jill murmured. “You do know how to treat a woman.”

I continued my slow movement, along with my suckling. Jill gently tightened her pussy around my fingers, then relaxed it. I moved my thumb until I found her clit, and began making soft, delicate circles on it.

“Ooooooh. You know, most of my clients don’t give a damn if canlı kaçak iddaa I climax or not.”

“I’m guessing that as a result, you almost never do.” I sped the scissoring of my fingers slightly and suckled her breasts with more intensity.

“Not with them, no. I’ll come home all frustrated and my partner will have to get me off.”

That was the first I’d heard of a partner. I made my movements against Jill’s clit even more delicate.

“Is that why you almost never take all-night assignments?”

“You’re the only client I accept them from, in fact. If you ever moved here, I think my partner would be jealous. Ooooooh!”

I had sped the circular motion on Jill’s clit. Her body trembled violently and she gushed her nectar over my hand and wrist. I extracted my fingers and held them up to my face, inhaling Jill’s sweet aroma.

“Now you’re ready,” I told her, lying on my back. Jill carefully placed the condom on my rod, then lowered her pussy downwards. I placed my hands on her hips and guided my pole fully into her.

“Your favorite position,” Jill chuckled. I started bouncing her slowly on my cock. She gave me a squeeze with her pussy on every down-slide. Being a pro, she had lots of little tricks.

“Yep. I get to admire your breasts.”

“As they bounce,” Jill grinned. Sure enough, as she slid up and down, her orbs bounced sexily. I leaned her torso forward for a closer view.

“Your partner is a lucky man.” I shifted one hand to Jill’s fine ass and groped it softly as I began moving my hips in the same rhythm as she slid up and down on my cock.

“She’s an canlı kaçak bahis amazing woman and I’m the lucky one to have her,” Jill informed me. She leaned farther forward and pressed her chest against my face. I moved the hand not groping her ass to her back and held her against me as I kissed her tits. After a moment, I lifted my hand and Jill straightened up again. She knew my proclivities.


“She,” Jill confirmed. “I’m bisexual.”

I remained quiet as I thrust up into her. Jill sped her bouncing and began actively trying to milk my balls dry with her pussy muscles. I matched her pace and was very soon ready to blow. I filled the condom, and when Jill was sure I was done, she climbed off of me.

After I trashed the used condom and we cleaned up, we lay in bed until we fell asleep. In the morning, after waking up and doing our morning routine, including showering separately, we dressed and I had a couple more questions for Jill before letting her leave. I had to head for my flight, but two minutes of talking wouldn’t hurt anything.

“Is your partner also an escort?”

“She was. She now has a Monday through Friday job as a data-entry clerk. What are you thinking?”

“If I called for your services on a Saturday night next time, could you bring her with you? I’d pay double the fee, of course. And that way maybe she’d be less worried about you doing the overnight.”

“If you’re going to do that, there’s something you should know.” Jill whispered the secret into my ear.

“In that case, I’ll pay double the fee plus an extra 200.”

“Really? Most men would have been scared off. Anyway, you have a flight to catch and I have to get home.”

I started wheeling my suitcase towards the exit as Jill walked to the door. “See you next time, Jill. Say hi to your partner for me.”

She smiled. “Au revoir, Ken.”