Tied and Surprised

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Tied and SurprisedIt had been an exciting morning. She’d wanted a nice surprise for her boyfriend, a sexy erotic surprise. Her two sons are gone to stay with friends for the weekend, so she expected to have her house to herself. Her boyfriend would be there in an hour or two (he had to go into the office briefly), so she used the time to prepare. He ‘d often expressed the wish she’d be more uninhibited, indulge him in some of his fantasies like he has hers. He described a scenario that was one of his favorite fantasies: where he’d find a woman alone. Naked, bound, helpless, blindfolded so she couldn’t even see him! He’d be free to use her any way he wanted, the anonymous stranger, completely uninhibited in his use of her. And the woman, not knowing who was taking her, using her, r****g her … she too could be completely free to respond.”If I found you like that,” he’d told her, excitement obvious in his voice and face, “you could even pretend I was a stranger too. You couldn’t see me, I wouldn’t speak, you could just imagine I was whoever you wanted, anyone at all!”She’d decided to do it, to give him that special treat, the exact scenario he’d imagined. Several visits to various fantasy and sex shops around the city let her collect the various things she’d need for the scenario he’d described, the setting she could now imagine herself in. She had undressed, showered, shaved herself clean. She then pinned a note she’d already prepared down in the entrance hallway, and another on her bedroom door. She’d gagged herself with a ball gag to heighten the helpless prisoner effect: she wouldn’t even be able to call out for help, beg for mercy! Then, using soft white ropes, she’d tied her ankles to each corner of the big bed, spreading her legs wide. Lastly she put on a sleeping mask for a blindfold. Then, by feel (as she’d already practiced several times), she clipped her wrists into strong plastic handcuffs fastened to the headboard rails, spreading her arms wide.She had then been completely helpless, spreadeagled in the middle of her bed. And it was real too: she had no way to escape until her boyfriend arrived, had his way with her as she expected, and then freed her. She had been a little nervous about that as the last handcuff had clicked into place and as she’d laid her head back against the mattress sheets, completely naked. But her boyfriend was a real fanatic for dependability and punctuality. He’d be here, she was sure!Within a few minutes of making herself helpless, she’d heard the phone ring. The answering machine responded, and she heard her boyfriend’s voice over the speaker. He’d been unexpectedly delayed, an important customer, and he hade to be in the office for the rest of the day.And now she’s trapped, helplessly spreadeagled, unable even to call for help. Of course there would be no one to hear; the big house is empty with her sons gone. She’s now disturbed, a little worried: what is she going to do? She can’t get loose; can she simply lie there for the rest of the day, hours and hours, until he arrives? She realizes she has no choice, and is grateful she had the foresight to go to the bathroom and thoroughly relieve herself before showering. It’ll be a long wait, but at least she’ll be comfortable. A nice nap might not be so bad after all. Trying to relax, she controls her nervousness, the house silent around her, and the helpless woman finally dozes off.The woman’s two sons and their two friends ride their bicycles up the driveway. They’ve come back to the house to get some cartoon videos everyone wants to see, so they only plan to run in to their room, grab the tapes, and leave again.When they enter the front door, one of the boys sees the note in their mother’s handwriting pinned up in the entrance.”Come upstairs to my room. I have a surprise!”Shrugging, the boys start up the stairs. Their friends ask should they come along, and the brothers say sure, why not?The walk down the hall to their mother’s bedroom and see the second note pinned on the door.”Come in. Say nothing. Do anything you want: I’m all yours, your sex toy. Use me!”Startled, the brothers look at each other. What could this mean? Cautiously they open the bedroom door and peek inside, to see the awesome sight of their mother, naked, gagged, blindfolded, spreadeagled on her bed!”Wow!” one of the sons gasps softly. They forgot their two friends are right there, have probably read the note, and are now peering through the door as well at their mother!Instinctively, they turn around and push the two other boys back into the hall. Closing the door, the boys stare at one another.”Do you think she means it?” One of the brothers whispers to the other. “Is that note for us? We weren’t supposed to be home today, you know.”One of the friends grins lecherously at the brothers. He’d gotten an eyeful of the naked woman, the way she was bound, blindfolded. He even saw the gag in her mouth! He’d met his friends’ mother numerous times and thought her sexier than hell! He’d often daydreamed of somehow having sex with her! And now here she is, naked, completely helpless … and ASKING for it!”Well, so what? I don’t think it matters if it’s for you or not!” he whispered to the brother. “You read what it says. She expects somebody to come here, and I’ll bet she wants to get fucked too! I mean, you saw her! She’s not naked on that bed in there for lunch! If we were quiet like she wants, I’ll bet we could ALL fuck her and she wouldn’t know the difference!”The other boy says “Yeah, man, look at her! She’s naked, she’s all tied up, she can’t see us, she can’t even yell or ask us anything! Even if she figured out it was us, she couldn’t really blame us! I mean, she was the one who set this up, right? She can’t blame us if we just did what she said!”The two brothers exchange glances. They know how wild their mother could sometimes be with the men in her life; they’ve caught her being fucked more than once. One exciting night they’d watched her in an unhibited naked sex session in the living room. She’d had sex with this one man for an hour or more, doing everything the boys had ever imagined and more, and they’d gotten to watch the whole show, hidden on the darkened balıkesir escort bayan stairs above.And they’ve often discussed how cool it would be if they could only have the fun with her that some of those jerk boyfriends were having. This might just be their chance!Exchanging nods, they hurriedly whisper instructions to their friends. “Okay, we’ll do it! But you gotta be quiet, nobody can say a single word, she can’t hear our voices, okay?””Yeah! Not a single sound!” the other two boys agree. Everyone is excited now, anxious to get back into that bedroom and get their hands on the helpless sexy woman.”And we take turns. First me and then my brother, and then you two, okay? Each guy fucks her cunt until he comes. Then he gets off and the next guy takes his place, okay?””Can we squeeze her tits and kiss her and stuff?””No, you can’t kiss her! She has that silly ball gag on! How could you kiss her? Plus you don’t kiss somebody you’re r****g! She’s pretending to be a prisoner, I bet, and she’s waiting for somebody to come **** her!””I mean, maybe kiss her cunt; I hear girls like to have their cunts kissed. Or her tits.””Well, you probably won’t want to kiss her cunt after my brother and I have come in it. But if you wanna kiss her there, hell, be my guest! And yeah, feel her tits if you want to.””But let’s get undressed out here so she doesn’t hear that part either.”Hastily the four boys strip off the shorts, t-shirts, tennis shoes they’re all wearing. They giggle nervously at the sight of each other, naked slim bodies each with a stiff hard-on jutting out in front.The older brother quietly opens the door and the four of them carefully enter into the room. The mother hasn’t moved; apparently she doesn’t know anyone is there. They hear a quiet snore: she’s asleep!”She’s sleeping,” the older brother whispers. “I’ll go ahead and get on her and fuck her, you guys can watch. If she starts thrashing around, you might have to hold her down, okay?”He climbs on her and tries to push his cock into her cunt. He’s never done this before, and is surprised to find her dry. His mother murmurs and stirs beneath him, but the tentative push of his cock head against her labia hasn’t awakened her. Desperately he looks at the other boys, “I can’t get it in!” he mouths.Hurriedly one of the friends licks his index finger and, reaching over beneath the brother, slides his finger into the mother’s cunt. He works it in and out, lubricating her with his saliva. He can feel her instinctively begin to moisten at the sexual stimulation, and his finger slips in easier. In moments he’s sliding easily into her vagina its full length.Nodding in approval, he removes it and looks at the olde brother. “There, try it now,” he whispers.The brother tries again and this time enters his mother’s vagina easily. He takes several nervous strokes and penetrates her with the full length of his young stiff cock.The mother wakes up at this sudden sensation and at the feel of a naked body lying on hers.. They hear her muffled exclamation, but she’s not understandable, the words muffled around the ball gag that fills her mouth.She presumes it’s her boyfriend and pushes her groin up against the penetrating cock, encouraging the unseen sex partner to continue. The son resumes his stroking and is soon pumping inside his mother’s cunt as hard and fast as he can.It only takes a minute or two before he comes deep inside her body. Excited, stimulated, but hardly close to an arousal, the mother moans with frustration. The older brother still lies on the mother’s naked body, enjoying the tingling sensation following his first ejaculation into a woman’s cunt. The younger brother pokes his brother and pulls at him, signalling him to get off!The older brother climbs off her body, and the other boys stare as his still-stiff cock pulls out of her cunt, shining and dripping with cum and the juices of her body.Excitedly the younger brother climbs on and without hesitation guides his cock head to his mother’s cunt lips. He hesitates for a second as she jerks in surprise at the new body lying on her and the feel of a cock again against her cunt. There’s a muffled sound around the ball gag, but the son ignores that now. Excited almost beyond control, he drives his cock into his mother’s body and begins a fast steady fucking, exactly as he’d seen his older brother do.The mother is confused now: what is this? What’s happening? Is the rapid withdrawal, and then climbing back onto her for a new pretended ****, just a way to tease her? Pretending to be more than one r****t? But her body is excited now, her cunt throbbing with the heavy fucking, and the frustrated sexual desire from the first fucking is building up even more. The cock fucking her feels so good, it’s so long and slim and stiff! There’s something strange about that long cock inside her, but she’s getting excited now, pushing back up against it, and is too aroused to care. She feels a hand squeezing one of her breasts, and that gets her even more excited. Within minutes she feels her groin coming afire with excitement, and her entire body jerks and convulses as she comes in a powerful orgasm. The anonymous fucking by her invisible assailant is unbelievably exciting; she doesn’t remember when she came so quickly, so hard! Dazed, still quivering, she feels the cock hammering in and out of her. Then it pauses, buries itself its full length deep inside her, and then pulses and jerks as it pumps a full load of hot sperm deep into her body.Her whole body is warm, almost glowing with the stimulation of her powerful orgasm, her nipples aching even as the hand continues to squeeze her breast. Dimly she feels a second hand begin to fondle her other breast. Then the naked body lying on top of her lifts away, the hard cock still penetrating her pulls out of her cunt. She can feel her inner vaginal muscles twitching and clenching, squeezing the lasts drops of hot cum into her.Then, surprisingly, a body again climbs on top of her, and she feels another stiff cock pushing against her tingling labia, forcing them apart and rubbing against the soft tissues of her vulva! But the two hands haven’t stopped fondling her breasts escort balıkesir and pinching her nipples for a second! It can’t be him again, so hard, so soon after filling her with his hot cum! While she’s still trying to figure out what’s happening, again she feels the cock driving deep into her, pumping in her! And this cock is longer, much longer: she can feel its head pushing against her cervix at every stroke. That’s what was different, she thinks, confused, still excited. That first cock … it was long, slim, not at all like her boyfriends! The next one felt the same. This one is entirely different from the first two … but STILL not like her boyfriend’s! Who is this? Whose cocks are these? But she can’t concentrate: She’s fully aroused, being fucked more deeply than she can ever remember! Her body responds, pushing back against the fucking cock. But she’s sure something is wrong. No, not wrong: the cocks feel too good, her orgasm was too wonderful; the repeated, almost unending, sex with her totally helpless and vulnerable is more exciting than she had ever imagined!But what could be happening? Did her boyfriend bring a friend with him? More than one friend? Is one man after another taking turns fucking her while he watches? While they all watch? How many are waiting, what are they thinking, what are they seeing?For some reason the mental image of a room full of horny excited men all staring at her naked helpless body as she’s being fucked repeatedly, waiting hungrily for their turn, excites her more than ever. She begins fucking up against the cock fucking her, meeting his every stroke with an upward hip thrust, driving her cunt up to meet his cock! She’s moaning now around the ball gag, breathing hard through its perforations, eagerly driving herself toward an even more powerful orgasm as the long cock continues to drive itself deeply inside her body.She suddenly feels the cock hammer deep into her, stop, and then jet out spurt after spurt of burning cum. The cum doesn’t just trickle out: it spurts like shot from a gun, hitting the depths of her vagina, her cervix, flooding her insides! The warm impacts and flood of hot fluid drives her over the top, and her groin explodes again in another unbelievable orgasm.Exhausted she lies there trembling, only to feel the body climb off her and yet another climb on! And again, another cock begins its remorseless driving into her hot wet cunt. Overstimulated, excited beyond control, it only takes her minutes to come again, and she’s still quivering and moaning when that cock too empties its load of hot cum deep inside her.Lying there helplessly, spreadeagled, her cunt aching from the repeated fucks, she can feel drying cum cooling her thighs, dripping from her aching cunt down the crack of her ass. The sheets are going to be a mess, she thinks vagually. She hears a soft click, and then another. There’s muffled whispering in the room, and more clicks.Then a body climbs onto her and she feels a cock penetrating her. But it’s not another fuck, not yet anyway. It stops only halfway into her burning cunt, and she hears the clicks again. Oh no, she thinks to herself, someone is taking photographs! That’s a camera! I’m being photographed like this, with a stranger’s cock penetrating her, posed to highlight her helplessness! They want trophy shots of everyone being able to fuck me like this!That cock pulls away, and the feeling repeats three more times as three more bodies climb onto her, penetrate her, and then obviously pose for several photographs. There are four, she realizes. Four victors, four conquerers, four who used her, enjoyed her, came in her. Four who made her come over and over again.More quiet whispering, and she can feel hands, many hands, fondling and stroking her naked body. Then a body climbs on her and begins to fuck her seriously. She’s sure there are only four of them, and it’s obvious they’re all ready to fuck her again. They’re so … so horny, she thinks to herself as the cock plunges hard and fast into her body, and as she responds again, moaning as the inescapable excitement builds in her again. They all fucked her so hard the first time, and here they are again, ready so soon!All four take her. This time each lasts significantly longer, long minutes of heavy steady fucking. Each cock is moving slower this time, as if its owner were tired, or perhaps just savoring the feel of the helpless mother’s deliciously exciting cunt. But each brings her to an orgasm, and each comes again deep inside her.Finally the fourth cock pulls out of her. She hears whispering again. Then she feels someone sitting or kneeling on the bed by her head. She wonders if they’re going to remove the ball gag, to take turns fucking her mouth, and she wonders if she can suck off four cocks lying on her back like this? Will she choke? Can she swallow that much cum? She feels her groin filling with warmth again: how can she possibly be getting excited by the thought of having to suck off four invisible strangers? But she is, and she almosts wishes the gag were gone, so she could beg someone to fuck her again, for them all to keep fucking her while she sucks them, does anything they want! Because she realizes that’s why she tied herself up so helplessly: so sh’d be forced to accept anything, to cooperate with anything, to want anything!A muffled voice whispers in her ear, “We’re all gonna fuck you one more time, okay? Nod if it’s okay.” She could smile at that, if it weren’t for the ball gag filling her mouth and holding her jaw gaping open. They’ve all fucked her twice now, they’ve photographed their prize, and now this voice is asking permission?She nods, yes, do it! She moans through the gag and lifts her chin, trying to signal. It would be so good to have that gag gone. Don’t they know she won’t cry out?The stranger doesn’t get her signal. Instead he continues, whispering into her ear, “When we’re done, we’re going to unlock your hands, all right? We don’t think it’s a good idea to leave you all tied up like this.”She nods excitedly. The sex has actually been wildly exciting, and she’s very glad she came up with this idea! Indeed, she’s looking forward to trying balıkesir escort it again. But she doesn’t want to be left this way. She’s starting to think now that her boyfriend isn’t involved with this at all, that the phone message was bonafide, and these four strangers are someone else entirely.But who could they be? Who would come into her house, find her like this? She can understand even burglars or complete strangers taking advantage of her nakedness and helplessness, fucking her like this. And she supposes no one would really call it ****, not really. Would strangers, real r****ts, or even just men taking advantage of her helplessness, be so considerate, so thoughtful?The voice continues, “So if we untie you, promise you won’t move, you won’t take off the blindfold or anything until we’re gone, okay? You promise?”She nods emphatically. Anything to be untied, to be free!She hears more whispers, and then as expected, a body climbs back onto her. Another long heavy fucking, even slower and longer than before. This is the third time for each of the strangers, and obviously they’re wearing out a little. She’s surprised actually at how well they’re holding up; none of her men could ever take her three times in a row like this! Are they young? Their bodies don’t seem to be very heavy lying on her, although their cocks are certainly a nice size and just as hard as a woman could ever want! When they come, they come so HARD, she can feel their cum shooting deep inside her! Only a young man would feel like that!Well, no matter. She can feel her body responding to the fucking cock, building to another orgasm. Almost gleefully, she lets herself go, fucking back, pushing her cunt up against the hammering cock, matching it stroke for stroke, squeezing hard despite the slight soreness she now feels inside her, trying to excite and pleasure the stranger fucking her!She comes again, just as hard as ever, and then lies there moaning as he continues to fuck her to his own climax.And then it repeats as each of the remaining three enjoy her. The last seems to go on forever, and she actually comes twice during his long slow, almost leisurely, fuck, the biggest cock of the four.Done, she thinks, trying to collect her dazed thoughts after that last exhausting orgasm. They’re done, they’ve finished fucking me. She can feel her cunt aching from the heavy workout … but she discovers she doesn’t regret a moment of it! All the cocks, all the excitement, the unbelievable pleasure and thrill of it all! She really owes the four strangers a thank you!She can feel hands holding her arms as they find the simple catch releases on the handcuffs and free her wrists from their bondage. She brings her arms down to her chest, so glad to be free. A voice whispers in her ear again, “Remember, you promised: don’t move until we’re gone. Five minutes, okay?”She nods again, and they release her arms. She lies quietly, her hands u*********sly squeezing and stroking her aching nipples. Then suddenly, unexpectedly, despite her promise, she simply MUST see who these four strangers were, the four who fucked her over and over again, who gave her so much pleasure and excitement.Sitting up, she pulls off the sleeping mask and, squinting her eyelids almost shut against the sudden brightness, tries to focus on the naked figures still in the bedroom doorway.Slim, short, not men at all! Boys, teenagers! For an instant she admires their firm young buttocks, and then pulls her thoughts together. One turns to whisper to a friend, and she gasps in surprise as she instantly recognizes the face’s profile! Oh my god, she thinks, it’s my son! It’s both of them! And those two friends of theirs!Too amazed to make a sound, she closes her eyes and drops her head back on the mattress. Her own sons and their friends have fucked her like this! They must have read the notes and thought, somehow, how could it be possible?, that she was inviting THEM to use her like they did!What ever made them think she would want to have sex with them? She’s always tried to be modest around them … well, except for some accidents, but that wasn’t HER fault! And the few times they just saw her naked or in some skimpy nightgown or house dress … well, it wouldn’t hurt them to know what a naked woman looks like anyway, right?But why would they think she WANTED them to fuck her like this?Unless … the thought flashes through her mind … unless they just didn’t care! They saw her helpless, naked, inviting. They knew she was laid out like that, waiting for SOMEONE to come and use her. And they just took advantage of the opportunity!How like them, she thought, smiling to herself ruefully. Just like their father: he never missed an opportunity for a good piece of ass! That’s why she divorced him. He was a great lover, knew all the ways to drive her mad with excitement and passion. But he seemed unable to do that for just her; there always had to be others. But he could fuck, Lord how he could fuck. And apparently his sons have inherited at least some of his talents.But there’ll be no divorcing her own sons. She doesn’t even know how she could punish him, even for this. She loves them both too much, and she really can’t bring herself to blame them for what’s happened. IT was as much her fault as theirs. And, she has to admit to herself, she probably enjoyed the afternoon’s uninhibited unending fucking just as much as they did! But now … the relationship with her boys will never be the same. Her two teenage sons and their two friends had their complete freedom with her, nothing is secret or even forbidden any more! She looks down at her body, at the traces of cum drying on her labia and thighs, and realizes: they’ve had her, all they wanted. And they’ll be back.And the two friends: can her sons keep them quiet? Will they gossip, brag to others, spread the news among all their horny friends that there’s a mother who just loves being fucked by bunches of teens? Whose own sons have been fucking her? Or will they just be back, to demand more, to force her submission to their every demand, to their wildest imaginations. She shivers, half in dread, half in excitement, thinking just how wild a teenage boy’s imagination can be!And the photographs, she suddenly remembers! What will they do with the trophy photographs? Show their friends? Upload to the Internet? Use to blackmail her, to force her to be their complete and total sex slave?How is she going to deal with that?