Tights from the washing line

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Double Penetration

Tights from the washing lineThis is another fictional/fantasy story based on my true experiences that i have shared previously as blog posts when i took some tights from females washing lines that i knew who they had belonged to so i thought i would write a fantasy based on those experiences. This is based on the tights i took from a female who lived in a block opposite me when i was in my earlier twenties. I used to have to pass the block of flats where she lived every day on my way to the local shops or bus stop each weekday morning on my way to work. There were windows that looked out onto the back green from some of the houses in the block. Before i had seen any tights on the washing line i had seen the female a few times coming out of the block with her young daughter who she was taking to nursery before she went to work and each time i saw her leave the block or at the same bus stop as me she was always wearing tights (pantyhose) with either a dress or knee length skirt nothing too short but still enough to see her sexy legs clad in nylon. She looked like she was in her mid to late twenties not much older than me and had a nice figure probably about size 14/16ish and it was usually either sheer tan tights or sheer barely black tights she wore. When i did see her at the bus stop i would check our her legs and i’m sure on one occasion when i looked up she caught me looking and seemed to smile. Anyway one friday night early evening when i was walking up to the shops i passed the back green as it looked out onto the road and path and it had a big black fence surrounding it but it had a bit that wasn’t fenced near the back door to the washing lines that anyone could walk into i noticed on the lines some clothes and i saw some pairs of tights lightly blowing in the wind! As i slowed down i counted 6 pairs of them and they were tan and barely black so i knew they had to belong to her! I got really excited and turned on and i knew i had to have them but i could hear loud music and voices coming from one of the open windows in the block so someone must have been having a party so i didn’t want to risk being caught even though i was tempted. A few more times during the night i went out and saw the washing was still out as it was starting to get dark but the party was still going on. I hoped that maybe the washing would be left out overnight as it was a nice warm night and the fact it was still out quite late the last time i checked i thought there was a good chance it would still be there in the morning. I made sure to get up early about 7 o’clock in the morning then i went out and sure enough the washing and clothes were still on the line and i could still see the tights. it was quiet and no noise coming from anywhere and i didn’t think anyone would be up or awake so i quickly nipped into the gap of the fence and ran over to the tights and grabbed all of them from the line as quickly as i could puling the clothes pegs from them and throwing them on the ground then puting all the tights into my istanbul escort pocket then ran out of the green and back down to my house. There were 3 pairs of tan and 3 barely black. Even though they had been washed i knew she had worn them that week so that still turned me on as i put on each pair just to feel them on my legs then i kept a pair of the barely black tights on to have a wank in and it didn’t take long till it made me cum! i wondered what she would think when she came out to collect her washing and discovered all her tights were gone!Later the next week i saw her again at the bus stop and saw she was wearing navy opaque tights and again the following friday night i saw 3 more pairs of tights on the washing line all opaque ones which again i took and 2 pairs were black and one navy. A few weeks later there were more pairs of sheer natural tights she hung out and again i took them from the line and wore them all thinking of her lovely legs! It seemed obvious that she knew that someone was taking them and she seemed to enjoy it otherwise why we should keep hanging more pairs out if she knew they were going missing? She must have had a large collection of them or she was buying more pairs each time! So after a couple of months of this i had taken her tights from her washing line 5 times in total. I saw her one day at bus stop and saw she was wearing sheer black tights and when she saw me she smiled then looked away. I looked at her legs and hoped that she would put them out with her next washing so that i could take them! Then she turned and saw me looking at her legs and when i tried to glance away it was obvious she had saw me looking at her legs. “do you like what you see”? she said. “what do you mean”? i asked. “its ok. I know you have been taking my tights from my washing line”. I just blushed and didn’t know what to say. “how do you know” i asked. She said she had saw me regularly checking out her legs and tights at the bus stop so the first time her tights went missing she thought it may have been me and she said she did feel turned on and intrigued and she said that the last time she hung them out she kept looking out her window to keep checking on them then said she had saw me come towards the back green and then watched me take them from the line! “what do do with my tights” she asked. i decided i had to tell her the truth so i told her i liked to wear them and then wank with them on while thinking of her wearing them. She said she didn’t think that i wore them she just thought i used them to wank with but that it turned her on that i actually wore them also. do u wear anything else apart from tights she asked? i told her i also like panties and negligees and stockings and suspenders but tights were my favourite thing to wear. She said she would love to see me wearing her tights and said she would love to give me the black tights she was wearing just now. i told her i loved the feel of freshly avcılar escort worn tights and she said that turned her on even more that i would like to wear them before they were washed. She told me that i could visit her that night when we were both finished work and told me which flat she lived in and said she would keep her tights on when she got home and would wait for me and she told me to wear a pair of her sheer barely black tights that i had taken previously from her washing line when i got to hers. All day long i was really turned on and couldn’t wait to see her that night. When i got home i put on a pair of her barely black tights under my trousers and then went up to her block and then knocked on her door. When she opened the door i couldn’t believe my eyes. She was dressed in just a sexy see through black negligee and just the sheer black tights with no panties underneath and a pair of black high heels and she looked amazing. She took me straight into her bedroom and then she told me to take off my trousers to see me in her tights. I stripped off the rest of my clothes so i stood naked apart from her tights and my cock was already hard. She then told me to look in her top drawer where she kept her negligees and said to put one of them on that i liked. i chose a really sexy red lace one and she said it looked nice on me. We then lay on the bed together and she asked me more about why i liked tights and lingerie etc and how long i had been wearing. She said it had really turned her on knowing that i had been taking all her tights. She started to rub my cock through the tights with her fingers. We rubbed our legs together then i told her to kick her heels off so i could see her nylon covered feet then i rubbed my feet against hers. i then moved down to her feet and started to lick them and suck her toes and she said she loved how that felt and not to stop. I done this with both her feet for a few more minutes then i licked up her legs with my tongue then went between her legs and licked her pussy through her gusset and she was already soaking wet. i could taste her pussy juice through the tights. i then told her i wanted her tights the way they were covered in her pussy juice and asked her to take them off which she did then i said i would keep them to enjoy later and asked her to put another pair on. She want to her drawer and opened it and told me to look inside. She had lots more pairs of tights different colours and also some stockings and suspender belts. i asked her to put another pair of sheer black tights on which she did and i also took one of her stockings from her drawer and put it on the bed. she asked me what that was for but i told her it was a surprise. As we lay on the bed again i told her to rub my cock through my tights with her feet which she did for a bit then i took my cock out and told her to give me a footjob which she hadn’t done before but she soon got the hang of it and it felt amazing and she was smiling at me şirinevler escort as she was doing it as she knew how much it was enjoying it. i then put my cock back inside the tights and asked her to lick it and suck it through the tights which she did and her tongue felt amazing. She then took my cock out of the tights and started to suck it while looking at me while she did it. I then told her i needed to fuck her and i ripped a hole in her tights and pulled my tights down a bit then i lay on top of her and gently guided my cock into her pussy and started to kiss her passionately while fucking her. i then lifted her legs up and feet up so i could suck her toes while i fucked her which she loved. After doing this for a bit i pulled my cock out of her soaking wet pussy and i took the black stocking that i had got from her drawer and i put it on my cock like a condom and told her i was going to fuck her with the stocking over my cock. She smiled and as i put my stocking covered cock back inside her pussy and started to fuck her she said it felt amazing. i could feel my cum building up and told her and she said to keep going and cum inside her so i did and she screamed as she felt me cumming. i pulled my cock out and the stocking was covered in my cum and i told her to suck my cock through the stocking to taste my cum which she did then i pulled the stocking off my cock and got her to suck my cock again properly and for her to taste my cum again. It didn’t take me long to get hard again so i told her to turn round so i could fuck her from behind. Before i did i licked her pussy then gently licked her arsehole as i ripped her tights further to get access to her arse. i gently slid a finger inside her arsehole which she loved and told me she’d never had that before or done anal and i asked if i could fuck her arse and she said yes. i slid my cock into her pussy first and fucked her from behind for a bit then i pulled my cock out which had her pussy juice on it and slowly pushed my cock into her arse. she screamed in pleasure and said it felt amazing. i was rubbing my hands up her nylon covered legs then started to fuck her arse slowly at first then quicker and i could feel myself about to cum again. i pulled my cock out of my arse then got her to turn and face me and told her i wanted to cum all over her feet and tights so she put her feet on my cock and started to give me a footjob again till i shot a load of cum all over her nylon covered feet. we both collapsed on the bed and hugged and kissed and wrapped our nylon legs around each other. She then said she still wanted me to keep taking her tights from her washing line as it was such a thrill for her. i told her that it would be good if she would also hang out some freshly worn tights that she had worn to work rather than wash them and also some freshly worn panties also and that i wanted her to have her pussy juice and scent on them before she hung them on the line for me and she said she would love to do that and that would turn her on even more so every few days she would hang out a pair of tights for me along with a pair of panties that she had worn the day before fresh with her pussy juice on them then i would take them from her washing line and wear them then visit her at the weekend with them on and would fuck her while weairing the tights and she would be wearing aonther pair.