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Subject: TikTok Toby (Gay/Adult-Youth) The following story is fictional. None of the events or characters are real. Please do not read if you are under 18 or if the content is illegal in your jurisdiction. If you liked the story or want to comment about it or anything else, contact me at ail. If you like my writing, check out my other stories in the prolific authors section under Vance Von Jungsburg. Nifty needs your donations to provide this valuable fty/donate.html Thanks, Vance. TIKTOK TOBY by Vance Von Jungsburg I had to read the listing three times to make sure it said what I thought it did: Private room in Scottsdale Share a house with two TikTok stars and their mother Vacation among young influencers En suite bathroom, Air conditioning, Pool, Fireplace, $300 / night That price was five times as high as similar AirBnB room rentals in the area. I had a feeling I knew why. The two TikTok “influencers” were 13 and 16 year old brothers, Toby and Adam Adler, who’d both gone viral in the last 18 months as their accounts amassed several hundred thousand followers. The older boy, Adam, had been a mildly successful actor in TV and movies, but was now primarily known through his prolific social media presence. Adam was an attractive teenager, well-built with smoldering eyes and a dark head of hair, but it was his younger brother Toby who really captured my interest. At 13, Toby was thin and long limbed, with a full head of thick golden hair, ice blue eyes and dark eyebrows. One of his most distinctive features was his long, elegant neck which gave him a graceful, regal appearance. Where the older brother’s personalty tended towards butch bro-ness, Toby was playful and not afraid to make fun of himself. Like most successful teenage TikTok stars, the boys’ videos included ample suggestive dancing, much of it shirtless and in tight shorts or boxer briefs, and plenty of scenes set poolside to display the boys’ enticing physiques. But in a video posted this morning, Adam had mentioned that his house was available on AirBnB. The star-crush I had on his younger brother compelled me to look at the listings in Scottsdale until I found theirs. I had assumed the entire house would be for rent, allowing me to snoop around the boys’ rooms, but was surprised to see the listing was for a single room, and the guest would be sharing the house with the boys and their mother. I clicked the link to reserve the room for a Friday and Saturday at the end of the month and crossed my fingers. I got a welcoming e-mail from Jeannie, the boys’ mother, a few hours later telling me that Adam and Toby were looking forward to my stay, and asking if I had any special requirements or needs. The email also talked about “upgrades” to my stay being available at an additional fee, something that could be discussed upon my arrival. I was both confused and enticed by the mention of upgrades. As my stay at Toby and Adam’s house approached I wondered how unusual it would be for a 34-year-old single male to be a guest at the house. I knew that the majority of the boys’ fans were teenage girls, though Toby had alluded to his gay following a few times on social media and wore a lot of pink for a 13-year-old boy. I tried to think of excuses for why I was staying with the boys – maybe I was a journalist writing about TikTok stars? Or maybe I misunderstood the listing? In the end I decided I would just present myself as a fan of the boys and see what happened. I was filled with such nervous energy on my flight from Houston to Phoenix that I had to take a Xanax, and by the time the Uber rolled up to Toby and Adam’s place I felt relaxed and confident. I was surprised by the house. On TikTok and Instagram it looked like a lavish resort, but this was just an average tract house on a middle-class street where most of the front lawns had been replaced with gray or brown gravel. I rang the doorbell and a tan woman with bleached blonde hair answered. “I’m Jeannie,” she smiled and eyed me up and down. “You must be Jacob?” “Yes, but I go by Jake,” I replied. “I’ll get Adam to grab your bag. ADAM!” she yelled over her shoulder. Before I could tell her that wasn’t necessary, the 16-year-old appeared at the door. My heart jumped and I felt like my face flushed – here was one of the boys I’d watched for hours on my computer screen looking at me with his wide-set blue eyes. Adam sized me up, just like his mother had, and grabbed my carry-on bag. “Your room’s this way,” he said, heading down a short hallway off the main area of the house. As I followed him I got enough of a glimpse of the multi purpose living/dining/kitchen area to recognize it as the setting for many of the boys’ videos. Adam was smaller than he looked on social media, and wore thin robins-egg blue cotton shorts which displayed his perky ass. I felt my mouth go dry. Adam set my bag on the floor in front of the bedroom closet. “So, you’re… what’s your name again?” he asked. I told him to call me Jake and he shook my hand. The standoffishness I’d sensed konyaaltı kendi evi olan escort when Adam first looked at me was gone as he launched into what sounded like a spiel: “I hope you enjoy your time with us, Jake. We’ve tried to develop a program so that your time with us is more than just a stay. Hopefully you’ll have experiences that you’ll remember for the rest of your life.” As he was saying these words, Adam fixed on my eyes with a piercing gaze. I got the feeling that the little speech was rehearsed, and also that it was specifically designed to lead me on in some way. “Uh, thanks,” was all I could think of to say. Jeannie stuck her head in the doorway and motioned me to follow her. “We just need to take care of the boring business part of this, then you can begin to enjoy your time with the boys,” she said as I followed her down the hall. She patted a stool at the kitchen counter. “Sit.” Baby sparrows filled my stomach as I pulled the stool out and sat down. I knew this was when the actuality of the situation would be revealed. Jeannie picked up a clipboard and looked at it briefly. “So,” she began, “we’ve tried to do things in such a way that you’re not just a guest staying with us, but that you’re a valuable and important part of our lives. That means that certain experiences are available at an additional fee beyond the room charge.” She looked down at the clipboard. “If you want to appear in a TikTok or Instagram with either of the boys, that’s $250. If you want them to be on your TikTok or Instagram, that’s $300 for one, $500 for both.” A slow swell of disappointment came over me. “I’m not really interested in anything like that,” I told Jeannie. “I’m probably a little older than your normal demographic.” “Oh, not really,” Jeannie said. “You’d be surprised by how many guys your age and older want to get these boys to make an appearance on their Instagram. But that’s OK. We have other experiences.” She looked down at the clipboard again. “For $300 Toby or Adam will give you a 30 minute dance class – you know, the TIkiTok and Fortnite dances that the kids do.” Jeannie looked at me and I shrugged. She went on. “We have the Adam and Toby swim party: spend an afternoon hanging out with the boys for pool-time fun. $300 for each boy.” When she saw a slight increase in interest on my face she continued a little more quietly. “For $600 each, it can be a skinny-dipping party. But it needs to be both boys.” I looked up at Jeannie. My expression and flushed face gave it away. She knew where my interests lay. “There are a couple other ones – dinner dates and things, but that’s more for the young girls,” Jeannie said. “And finally, the sleepover experience. For $3000 you can have a personal slumber party with Adam or Toby in their bedrooms.” My mental calculator had already tabulated the cost of the extras I was going to incur. “Do you take credit cards?” I asked. “Of course!” Jeannie answered, not trying to hide her smile. I opted for the skinny dipping party with the boys and a sleepover with the 13-year-old, Toby. $4200 would be a big hit to my credit card, but I was willing to take it. “I’m picking up Toby from dance class at 1:30,” Jeannie announced. “I’ll drop him here, but then I have to run a few errands. You guys can have your swim party while I’m gone.” I looked at my phone. It was almost 12:30. In a little over an hour, I’d be swimming with two gorgeous naked boys. The fact that Jeannie would be gone during the “swim party” meant that either she didn’t want to inhibit us or she didn’t want to be embarrassed by what might happen. I was trembly with anticipation. I went back to my room and found my swimsuit in my bag. After undressing I looked at myself in the full length mirror. I was broad and hairy, but not fat. My bearded face was attractive and I’d never had trouble finding partners on Grindr. I knew part of that was my cock, which was almost 8 inches long when erect, and my big round balls. I’d shaved them and trimmed my pubes before the trip, but my stomach and chest were covered in a mat of dark hair. I pulled on my yellow board shorts and a striped t-shirt. 20 minutes later I heard Jeannie’s Mazda pull into the driveway. I peered out the window and saw my dream boy get out of the passenger side door. Like Adam, he appeared smaller in real life than in his pictures. I recognized his pink shorts with black flamingos as the ones he’d worn in several TikTok videos. The shorts were brief enough to display his upper thighs and showcased his tanned, coltish legs. I felt a little better about my hefty impending credit-card bill. “Jake!” I heard Jeannie yell for me a couple minutes later. I followed her voice into the living room. “This is Toby,” she said. The boy reached out to shake my hand. “Pleased to meet you,” I said, using my best Texan manners. Toby’s thin hand gripped mine tightly. His narrow torso was covered in a white t-shirt that seemed a size too small. konyaaltı otele gelen escort Toby eyed me up and down. “Me too,” he said. Turning to his mother he said, “I’m gonna go change.” “OK, I’m leaving right away. Let Adam know when you’re ready for the pool party.” Jeannie looked at me as she headed for the front door. “You guys have fun.” Now alone in the main room, I sat on a stool and waited. After about ten minutes I heard the boys’ voices coming from the bedroom hallway. They appeared in the living room wearing white terry cloth robes. “Ready to swim?” Adam asked. I followed Toby and Adam through a sliding glass door into the back yard. Like the boys themselves, the pool appeared smaller in real life. Adam pulled off his robe and tossed it on a pool lounge, then stood at the pool edge. From my position behind him I could see the 16-year-old’s tanned back and legs, separated by the creamy white skin of his bare ass. The two round globes looked taut and appealing. I felt a swelling in my groin and tried to will it to stay down. Adam turned around to face his brother who was now standing behind me. “You have to do this. It’s a skinny dipping party.” Adam’s full-frontal presentation was as entrancing as his back side. I was familiar with his muscular pectorals and six-pack abdominal muscles, but on TikTok the descending V-shape of his lower torso had always ended at the waistband of his shorts. Now my eyes were privileged to see what my imagination had filled in: Adam’s flaccid cock was thick and hung down over his loose balls. He was cut, which wasn’t surprising. I had seen photos of Toby’s bar mitzvah a few weeks before, so assumed the boys would be circumcised. Adam’s cock and balls were shaved, something I’d noticed a lot of teenagers doing now. While I was trying not to be obvious as I eyed Adam, Toby startled me by rushing past my right side and jumping into the pool cannonball-style. I’d caught a brief glimpse of his skinny white ass before he hit the water and I had to will my cock to stay down again. Adam dove into the pool and surfaced. Both boys, with their wet hair plastered to their heads, looked towards me. I stood up and pulled of my t-shirt, then undid the laces of my board shorts and pulled them off in one swift motion. I’d been able to contain my excitement – my cock was enlarged but not noticeably erect. Both boys’ eyes went to my crotch. I dove into the pool. At first I felt a little awkward with the brothers, but soon we began tossing around a plastic ball, which evolved into a game of keep away, with Adam and me trying to keep Toby from getting the ball. It was the sort of horseplay young teenagers get up to in a pool, and I was starting to feel more comfortable around the boys. At one point Toby swam underwater and came up behind his brother in an attempt to steal the ball. “Adam!” I yelled. “Behind you!” Toby looked at me with displeasure then swam directly toward me, stopping a few inches from my face. I looked at those deep blue eyes I’d become familiar with from his TIkTok and felt like this situation couldn’t be real. “Hey!” Toby bellowed. I cocked my head to let him know I was listening. “I like your accent.” he said, just above a whisper. “You’re from Texas, right?” I was about to tell him I was Houston born and bred but was interrupted. “Toby! Did you put on sunblock?” Adam yelled the question. “Mom will kill us if we get sunburned. We have that photo shoot on Monday.” Toby rolled his eyes. I watched Adam haul himself out of the pool and go into the house, his glistening backside shining white in the afternoon sun. “Jake?” Toby got my attention. “Would you say you’re a bear?” I was flustered by the question. It took me a moment to figure out what Toby was asking. “Uh… yes, I’ve been called that before,” I answered. “Would that make me a cub?” Toby continued. “No,” I answered, “a cub is a young guy on his way to being a bear. You’re not hairy or big enough.” Toby looked at me with eyebrows raised, as if to say “go on.” “You’re what’s called…” I had to think for a moment. “A chicken.” “A chicken!” Toby yelled so loud I was afraid the neighbors heard. Adam came out of the house carrying a squeeze bottle of Coppertone, interrupting our conversation. “Put this on, Toby.” Toby answered with a chicken cluck, “Bock-bock.” as he swam toward the steps at the shallow end. I’d been trying to scope out Toby’s lower region in the pool but there was too much turbulence to see anything. Now I was going to get the opportunity. I felt my heart quicken, trying not to be too obvious as I watched him step out of the pool. I was rewarded with a direct view of his creamy white buttocks which formed a distinct contrast with his tanned back and legs, all dripping wet and shiny. I felt my cock start to enlarge in anticipation of seeing the boy’s front side. Toby began plying himself with sunblock, but kept his back toward me. My eyes adhered to him as if attracted by powerful konyaaltı rus escort magnets. Adam watched Toby, making sure he was getting adequate coverage. When it was time to put sunblock on his back, Toby asked Adam for help. “Let Jake do it,” Adam commanded. It was obvious that Adam was directing his younger brother to I give me my money’s worth at this skinny dipping party. Despite that, I was ready and willing to go along with this farce. Toby turned toward me. “Will you help me put sunblock on my back?” And there it was – the boy cock I had fantasized about for months, sticking straight out from his groin above a taut rounded ball sac drawn up close to his body. I would guess it was part-erection and partly a reaction to the cool pool water that caused his boyhood to project from his groin in a perpendicular fashion. Nevertheless, seeing the gorgeous organ on the gorgeous boy affected my own organ. I considered declining Toby’s request, but my hard-on got its way – this pool party had been designed to entice and titillate, so an erection shouldn’t be a big surprise. I stepped out of the pool. Toby’s eyes fixed on my cock, then looked away, then looked again. He handed me the bottle and turned around to present his rear side. “I can’t reach most of my back,” he said, stating the obvious. I squirted some of the creamy white liquid in my palm and started rubbing it into the tanned skin. Toby’s back felt warm and smooth; I could feel the thin layer of muscle under his skin as I kneaded in the lotion. Adam stopped watching what we were doing and jumped into the pool with a noisy splash. I descended Toby’s body with each new application of sunblock until I was caressing the small of his back. My fingers were inches from his creamy white ass which was still covered in sparkling droplets of pool water. “You can go lower,” Toby said. I felt like I was standing at the edge of a cliff, as if the line that separated his tanned public skin from his white private skin was an immense drop, so deep I couldn’t see where it ended. I jumped. The warm spheres of the boy’s ass wiggled as I rubbed the sunblock into his skin, filling each of my hands with an erotic prize. I wanted to be thorough with the lotion, but I was tentative about getting too close to his crack. The boy must have sensed my hesitation. Toby spread his legs and leaned forward a bit, opening his ass up enough that I was able to spread the Coppertone into the cleft. I tried to be quick and efficient to keep up the pretense that I was just helping him protect his skin from the sun, though we both knew it was a charade. I’d lingered on his ass long enough and knew I had to move along. I refilled my palm with lotion and thought to myself, “I got to rub Toby Adler’s ass!” That alone was worth the price of this “Skinny Dipping Party.” My caressing hands went to work on back of his upper thighs, and I descended his legs to his calves, and then lower until I was rubbing his ankles. There was nowhere to go from there – I was finished. Toby turned around. “Thanks!” he said and ran for the pool. But I’d seen it: for just a flash, his erect cock had been visible. It was longer than before and arched slightly upward. This wasn’t the effect of the cool pool water; the boy was turned on. I ran for the pool for the same reason Toby did – to hide my erection. Invigorated by what had just happened, and feeling much more comfortable around the boys, I initiated a new round of horseplay, eventually getting to the point where I was tossing the boys over my head and shoulders by having them step into my interlaced fingers which formed a sling. Using my legs to generate power, I’d launch the boys up and over my body. This allowed my face to be inches from their exposed crotches for a quick, delicious moment. Toby was still semi-erect – his boyish cock bounced as I counted 3-2-1 before liftoff. At one point after I’d just vaulted Adam over my head, Toby swam to me for his turn at the toss. “Hey Jake,” he said under his breath. “You got a big one.” He laughed and placed his right foot into my hands. “Boys!” I heard Jeannie yell from behind me. “It’s time to get ready for dinner.” I launched Toby, then turned around to look at the boys’ mom, standing at the sliding door to the house. I wondered how much horseplay she’d witnessed. Jeannie looked at me and smiled. “We’re having Beef Stroganoff for dinner. It’s Adam’s favorite.” *** Forty minutes later, I was sitting with Toby and Adam at the dining table in the open-plan living area. Jeannie served us plates full of stroganoff and cooked carrots, then sat down. “Hey Jake,” Toby turned to me. I looked at him expectantly. “What do you call a cow that’s masturbating?” I knew the answer, though I hadn’t heard the joke since I was about Toby’s age. “What?” I said. Toby revealed the punchline. “Beef strokin’ off…” There was silence. “BEEF… STROKING… OFF…” he said louder. That caused the entire table to explode with laughter. I had to admit to myself, I was falling for this kid in a way I didn’t expect. His playful and flirty demeanor seemed genuine, as if it transcended the absurd manufactured situation that had been devised to extract money from the boys’ admirers. I looked at the clock above Jeannie’s head. 6:40pm. In three hours and twenty minutes I’d start my “sleep over” with Toby. I was excited and apprehensive. End of Part One.