To Disobey….

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To Disobey….I thought i would have a wee go at some literature!! if its shite just let me know!!!Looking over my shoulder, watching you, my heart begins to pound in my chest and my skin tingles in anticipation. I knew I shouldn’t have done it, I knew I shouldn’t have disobeyed you but it’s hard for me not to succumb to temptation. How come everything that is wrong feels so good at the time?‘Close your eyes, bitch’ you growl as you run the tips of your fingers over my body.I still remember the look on your face when you caught me. The disbelief at the sight that greeted you when you came home from work. The anger in your eyes that I would dare to disobey you.I close my eyes. Tonight I am going to have to be an obedient slut. I feel your cold hands caress my thighs. Slip over my buttocks. Dance up my back. I know you are not going to make this easy for me. I start to struggle with the ties that bind my wrists. Bad move. I fall forwards canlı bahis onto the bed. As my head hits the pillow I hear you laughing. ‘Clumsy little fucker aren’t you?’ …’Yes Sir’ I whimper. As the flat of your palm connects with my flesh I wince in pain. Again the sound of your laughter rings in my ears. ‘That’s what dirty little sluts get for being disobedient’. WHACK another crack…I can feel the imprint of your palm. Using both of your hands you spread my ass cheeks wide and spit on my hole.‘Sit up…turn around you whore’ you order. As I roll onto my back my knees fall open. ‘Mmmmm is my sweet little cum whore getting wet?’ Too busy concentrating on the pain I haven’t realised that my pussy is glistening. Kneeling between my thighs you run your fingers up the inside of my legs, pinching my pussy lips between your fingers you look into my eyes as you pull and squeeze. ‘Tonight your cunt is mine…tonight your arse is mine’. ‘I’m sorry bahis siteleri Sir. I won’t do it again…I promise….’ I stammer. You lift your wet fingers to my mouth. ‘SUCK’… greedily I suck upon your fingers. Ramming them down my throat you fuck my mouth. My pussy is on fire. Squirming I lap at each finger, never taking my eyes from yours. CRACK, as your other hand slaps my breast my back arches and my head goes back allowing your fingers to go deeper into my mouth. Suddenly you withdraw from me and begin to take off your clothes. As you stand in front of me naked I can see just how much my helplessness is turning you on, your big cock standing rock hard so tantalisingly out of reach. Stroking it you move around the bed. Grabbing my hair you pull my head over the edge and order me to open my mouth. Standing above me you slap it on my cheeks. Smearing precum all over my face, coating my lips with it, instinctively I open my mouth. Pinching güvenilir bahis my nose so it’s hard for me to breath, you begin to fuck my face. I’m gagging and choking, saliva is dripping from my lips. Fucking my face hard you tell me to lick your balls. Flicking my tongue over them makes me gag even more. Everytime you ram your cock into my mouth I can feel my clit engorge. My cunt is aching to be filled.‘Stand up Bitch’… I do as I am told… you stand behind me, your cock just nuzzling my arse cheeks. ‘Please…’ I begin to plead…’Please fuck me with your big hard dick’ you start to kiss and lick my neck, your lips close to my ear you whisper..’ First I’m going to fuck your tight little arse and I’m going to fill it with cum…then I’m going to fuck your slutty little pussy…your MY cum loving whore and you are going to take every inch and you are going to take every last drop’ ‘Thank you’.. I respond breathlessly. ‘But first, ‘you threaten.. .’ I am going to have to do something about your tits.. .’ Now this is something new, I think to myself…I must have really really made you angry. It’s only then I notice the rope by the bedroom door………TBC!!!!!!