Tony’s Story

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Tony’s StoryA friend of mine and I were drinking and talking about sex. Tony and I were talking about adventures in our lives. Tony told me when he was in college he had to house sit for his parents one time. He was there alone and started exploring the house. He wound up in his parent’s room. On his dad’s side of the bed was a night stand that had a storage cabinet. Tony had never noticed before because there was always a cover over the table. He pulled up the cover and opened the cabinet. He found three boxes, several DVD’s, video tapes, dildos, and other sex toys. He opened up one box and found pictures of his mom and dad in the nude, having sex, various poses and spanning over about 20 years. The DVD’s were all of bisexual encounters MMF. The video tapes were not labeled. He noticed a VCR in the TV stand. He snooped in the other boxes. One was a diary written through the years by his mother of different things concerning her sex life and judging by the entries it was full. Tony said he plugged aliağa escort in a tape and saw a younger version of his mom. He then saw his dad walk into the frame and then watched his mom suck his dad’s thick cock. He heard his dad talking to his mom calling her a cock sucker. Telling her she needed to suck all cocks that she saw. His mom was moaning rubbing her pussy with one hand while holding dad’s cock in the other and sucking it. Tony pulled out that tape and put in another. This time it was mom and dad and another man. Tony did not recognize the man but the man’s cock was huge. Tony said his mom could not get even half of it in her mouth and only two thirds of it in her pussy. His dad was once again verbally punishing her calling her a slut and cock whore. Soon the stranger was cumming in his mom’s pussy. After pulling out his dad immediately mounted her and started fucking that sloppy pussy. He was talking about how wet and sloppy it was. After his dad finished and added his load escort aliağa the stranger left and Tony’s mom had her hips elevated. His dad came back into the room and started eating her sloppy pussy. His dad layed down and mom sat on his face. Now mom was verbal telling his dad to eat her cum filled pussy. Asking if he enjoyed the stranger’s cum. Tony was blown away by the journal and the video tapes. He jacked off many times watching and reading. He said he had decided he wanted to see if his mother would suck any cock she saw. She had written it many times in her journal that if she saw a cock she sucked it. He decided to wait until his parents got home and then see if he could entice his mother to suck his cock. Tony wondered if he wore loose shorts and let his cock hang out if that would count. He said that his mom and dad came in and his mom went to take a shower. He talked with his dad about their trip. His dad said it was enjoyable. Tony figured they had met others for sex for the aliağa escort bayan week they were gone. His mom came out in her robe and his dad went in to take a shower and get cleaned up. Tony was sitting on the couch in his gym shorts he was free balling and slid down so the leg pulled up he could see the tip of his cock if he looked down. He spread his legs a little and waited for his mom to notice. His mom came over to him and leaned over to kiss him goodnight but she froze when she saw his cock. She kneeled on the floor and was making small talk but her eyes were fixed on his cock. Tony said he could see down her robe and realized she was naked underneath. His cock throbbed and started growing. Almost as soon as his cock came out of his shorts leg he said his mom kind of went into an automatic mode. She reached out took his stiffening cock into her hand and started sucking him. Tony was shocked but was not going to let her stop. He saw her free hand move down and knew she was fingering herself. All of the sudden her was pulled down her shoulders her tits popped out. His dad was standing there and was pulling off his shorts. Tony said he popped his load right then.Whether he was full of shit or not it was a good story.