Town pervert-True Story

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Town pervert-True StoryI work in a d**g store in town. And while I was working the dirty town pervert that everybody knows came in. He is in his lower 50’s and he smells and looks like he hasn’t showered in days. His grey hair was greasy and all over and his body was so sweaty and dirty I couldn’t stand it. As he walked in he couldn’t help but stare at me and he then went on to shop. When he finally finished he came up to the register to pay so I cashed him out. He continued to stand and talk to me. His breath smelled so bad. H e was saying how he liked the way my nails were done. He was flirting with me. He then asked me to show him something so I went down the aisle with him and he purposely dropped something at his feet and asked if I could get it because he hurt his back so I did. While I was bent over he lightly set his hand on my ass and then pushed his pelvis up to my ass. I stood up fast and turned and handed him the item. He said thank you and said if I ever wanted to see him to chat that I could stop by his house. I said okay but I don’t think marsbahis güvenilirmi I will. He kissed me on the lips and left. I wiped it off with disgust. The rest of my shift I couldn’t stop thinking about him. He was the only thing on my mind. So when I got out of work I started to walk home like I usually do. But on my way is the man’s house. I thought about stopping but I couldn’t he was gross. As I walked by the thought of that man touching me and how he kissed me got my underwear soaked with pussy juices. So I turned around and went back to his house and knocked on the door. My heart was beating so fast it was all I could hear. Then he answered the door. And he said “Ahh I was hoping you would come to your senses get in here.” He grabbed my arm and pulled me in then locked the door behind us. His house was trashed. It smelled so musky. And there was garbage everywhere. He invited me into the living room and said he hasn’t had a women in the house in years. He told me to sit but I said that I was okay with standing. He said marsbahis yeni giriş “Oh, I insist!” He put his hand on my shoulder and pushed me to the ground onto my knees. He then said “oh you want it like that? Okay!” He undid his belt unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. I then for some reason without thinking pulled his underwear down. And there was a huge soft cock staring me in the face. I was so scared and he must have new because he assured me I would be okay. I wrapped my hand around it gripping it firmly and it started to get hard. I started jerking but it was still a little limp and the extra 6 inch’s my hand couldn’t hold started to flail around. His cock was so sweaty and there was so much hair it was ridiculous. I then put his cock in my mouth. It tasted so salty from the sweat and gross from not being washed but I didn’t care and it seemed to get me more horny. as I sucked him I undressed me self and played with my dripping wet pussy. He started to face fuck me and I gagged and spit was flying everywhere. He then grabbed marsbahis giriş my head a threw me on the floor got down and he stuffed me with his massive cock I screamed and moaned because he wasn’t taking it easy at all. I was gripping him and scratching him hard because of the pleasure and pain I felt. He went faster and harder and my pussy was throbbing and I was so wet I was laying in a puddle of my pussy juice. He came in my pussy numerous times I loved the fell of his warm loads of cum surge up my pussy. He pulled out rolled me over lifted me butt in the air jammed my face into the floor and slammed that cock hard into my ass. I was bleeding from the girth of that cock and I could tell but I didn’t care it felt so good. He then came again and then pulled out. I reached back and went to feel my asshole and it was gaped. I started to fist my ass it was so loose while he made me suck his huge cock. I sucked and jerked him until he filled my mouth with cum then I swallowed it.I pulled my hand out of my ass I got up got dressed kissed and tongued his disgusting mouth and left. He now comes into the store all the time wanting to see me or he comes in and harasses me. But I did it to myself and it was worth it. The whole town knows what I did because of him but I don’t care. 🙂 Please comment your thoughts and thank you for reading.