Training My Stud Boyfriend to Take Dick!

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Training My Stud Boyfriend to Take Dick!My name is Belinda I am a college coed who loves sex with both girls and guys. I am a hot brunette with long black hair down to my butt crack with ivory white skin and piercing blue eyes. I have a nice shapely body and love my real 36 C breasts with strawberry sized nipples. I have a clitoris that protrudes from my clit hood that looks like a cock and makes lesbo sluts mouths water. My girlfriend and lover Claire is a sexy buxom blond who is my roommate and 69 partner. We both take turns as butch and love fucking each others pussy and ass with a healthy strapon dildo.We both have boyfriends who are so horny they will do anything we ask. We are in the process of training them both to suck and fuck each other for our entertainment and to deplete their testosterone levels to manageable means. We girls preferred our own supple lips and tongues on each other’s pussies rather than spending a short time riding a loaded dick and not having an orgasm. Training our stud boys to go at it with each other makes our pussies itch. But knowingly this would take some planning, scheming, and convincing on our parts first.My boy Michael is six feet 1in. tall and weighs 180lbs. He is all beef from weightlifting and running. Michael has girly face for a man, so I make him wear his dark brown hair long pulled back in a ponytail giving him a feminine look. The best part of him is his sexy ass, which I love to spank and sometimes I even lick his asshole if he has been a good boy. I found out that Michael has a very sensitive prostate gland which I love to stimulate with a finger up his butthole when I suck his cock. He ejaculates so much come into my mouth I almost choke on it. Michael has a seven inch cock that always seems to stay hard and is perfect for anal penetration. Over a period of several hours of lovemaking I can fill my mouth, my pussy, and my asshole with his semen and his cock is still hard. Secretly I told myself that I should train him to be a male prostitute he has so much stamina.Claire’s stud Carl is a tall blond Norwegian boy with a strong Viking build. Carl has a huge cock stretching over nine inches long and is as thick as my wrist. We girls have really concentrate to get it into our tight anal holes. Born to fuck Carl can last all night long. His “stiffy” is more than enough for both Claire and I when we do a wild night of ménage a trios. Sometimes I suck Michael off several times and lock him in his room alone. Claire, Carl, and I go play. Carl is quite the macho man and is a sports nut but both Claire and I are determined to break him and make him into our sissy stud.I allow Michael to fuck my ass only after a night of partying, so I would be in a relaxed state of an alcohol high. I always woke up the next morning with a headache and a butt ache, with a copious amount of come leaking from my well fucked asshole. Being a dominant woman it is not bragging point to your girlfriends that you bend over for anal sex, but I just get in the mood sometimes and want to be taken in such a dirty way. I also like it because Michael spanks my slutty butt while he fucks my butt.One day when Michael was away at class Claire invited me to join her and Carl in a three some. Kneeling in front of his gorgeous naked body we both took turns sucking his cock until Carl was rock hard. Claire ordered him to fuck me first. I told Carl to get on his back so I could sit on his huge erection. Quickly flipping over Carl was eagerly ready. I told Claire to sit on his face while I lowered myself on Carl’s huge dick. I could hardly get Carl’s whole shaft into my vaginal passage and I could feel his glans trying to push into my cervix. I just rested breathing heavily trying to relax once his treelike cock was inside of me. Bending forward I gave Claire a kiss on the lips which led to a tongue twisting French kiss. Grinding my vagina muscles around his cock, Claire choked off his air with her pussy lips over Carl’s mouth, we fucked him into submission. I put all my concentration into my pussy squeezing and kneading Carl’s huge cock. Claire gave Carl only enough oxygen to barely survive his first disciplined fucking. We both stimulated our clits with our long painted fingernails watching each other masturbate as we used Carl’s body for our own pleasure. Carl now had his tongue all the way into Claire’s butthole performing her favorite oral pleasure analictus which always made her come. Without allowing Carl to ejaculate into me I carefully pulled off of his slick dick and invited him to fuck Claire in her well licked ass.Claire didn’t even hesitate or complain about an ass fucking. She just pushed two pillows under her belly and wiggled her butt with her legs wide apart waiting for Carl’s huge member to split her open like slut she is. Holding his huge dick in hand Carl pushed his glans into her anus. Claire let out a submissive cry when he sunk his entire 9in. into her butthole just as if she took it all the time. forced anal sex looked painful but Claire took it smiling like a good slut. Carl thanked me for allowing him to fuck his girlfriend in the ass, complementing me on my experienced pussy muscles that got him so excited. Carl ground and wiggled his hips sending as cock deeper into Claire’s ass. Once Claire was relaxed Carl began to screw her asshole with full 9in. strokes. Claire was continuously moaning and groaning out loud cursing my name for allowing him to fuck her asshole without lubricant. I felt that Carl didn’t even need any lubricate because of all the pre-come flowing from his pee hole. I think Claire was just bitching about buttfucking just to show off. The slut actually came several times before Carl cried out emptying the contents of his testicles into her well fucked rectum. When he finally pulled out his cock was still hard. He grabbed Clair by the back of her head forcing her to suck all the excess ejaculate off the shaft. She sucked it like the hungry whore she was. I was so ashamed of her afterwards I gave her a spanking with my leather belt once she sobered up and we were alone. I made sure she felt that one real good As a reminder that dominate women don’t take it in the ass at least from a guy.After one wild orgy where bursa escort we traded studs; Carl seduced me with several glasses of wine after he fucked my pussy and gave me a sensational orgasm he convinced me to bend over for anal sex. I was so relaxed it didn’t take him long to get inside of my slippery asshole. While my lover Claire watched me she was getting fucked in the ass herself by and my boyfriend Michael. Carl fucked my butt into the sheets. I had never taken a buttfucking that hard and deep ever before. His erection pounding my asshole put so much pressure on my bladder I pissed all over myself. My boyfriend Michael was ashamed and humiliated for me hollering at Carl to take it easy and slowdown. It didn’t help much because it made him last all the longer fucking me for over an hour. After Carl pulled out of my battered asshole I crawled over to where Claire and Michael were fucking quite shaken emotionally. Cursing Michael I warned him that someday he will get a chance to feel what it is like; giving his ass cheeks a hard slap enforcing my encouragement for him to come. With a few more swats of my hand he was shooting sperm deep into Claire’s asshole. My horny lover was enjoying the feeling of being hosed with his gooey come.My asshole hurt for an entire week and I couldn’t get all of Carl’s sperm out of me for least three days. I was so embarrassed the next day when I woke up I had my girlfriend Claire take me up into the mountains bind me to a tree and stripe my bare ass with the riding crop, with Carl’s come still dripping out of my asshole. After that party I decided it was time for the boys to familiarize themselves with the feelings of anal penetration. I bought my boyfriend Michael a strapon dildo that I would use exclusively on him. One Saturday afternoon after taking a shower with him I locked him in the bedroom. I gave him my ultimatum telling him if he wanted to remain my boyfriend was going to have to bend over for me this afternoon and take his first ass fucking from me. Wondering how I was going to do that he questioned where I was going to get my own cock. Slapping his face I told him that it wasn’t funny and pulled out my harness and dildo from the dresser drawer. Waving the dildo in his face I told him not only was I going to fuck his tight little asshole I was going to make him suck my cock as well.I gave my boyfriend one more chance to leave but he only sheepishly waited for me to change my mind. I told Michael that I was going to begin to train him to suck my cock and take it and the ass he was also going to learn to take a real cock for me. I told him that if he did not cooperate with the training he would never feel my mouth sucking his cock again or enjoy my pussy hugging his shaft. Grabbing him by his stiff dick I took him into the bath for a nice eye opening enema. I told my Michael to get into the shower as I stripped naked. I wanted him to view my beautiful body so I could tease him as much as possible before I fucked his ass. To encourage him I told Michael that I knew from the very beginning he was an obedient submissive boy and today I was going to teach him the ways of giving in to a woman. I began playing with my wet pussy and asshole for him. Shoving my fingers into my holes so he could see me fuck myself; out of the corner of my eye I could see that his dick was getting harder and beginning to drip pre-come. Secretly I wanted to take his cock into my mouth and suck his cock draining all his come from his full huge balls; but I had to resist I had a job to do. I had a willing submissive boy anticipating having his asshole opened up by me with a huge strapon dildo. I told myself if he actually bends over for me when I was finished fucking him I was going to whip his bare ass cheeks red and make him cry real tears.Grabbing the enema kit from the medicine cabinet I tore open the bag and unscrewed the cap on the rubber bottle. I wanted Michael to get the surprise enema of his life. I was going to use his own urine to fill his ass. I had to get rid of his erection first before he could pee for me. I grabbed his purple cock making a fist behind the glans. Holding the head of his cock against my pee hole, I immediately began pissing jets of hot urine which stimulated him so much he began to ejaculate right into the stream of pee. As he came I nastily told him that he had no need for his hard dick tonight I would be using my own dick on his virgin asshole. When he finished coming I invited him start pissing into the bottle. He had to pee so bad he filled the bottle with enough solution for the special enema. I only had to add about a four oz. glass of wine which when absorbed in his colon Michael will get a relaxing buzz. I learned this trick from a hot lesbian bartender one wild night.Lubricating the nozzle with my own pussy juices I told Michael to grab the shower head and hold on as I pushed the nozzle into his virgin anus. Before he could complain I unclamped the hose and allowed the solution to begin entering him. Immediately he began to cramp and complain; spanking his bare ass I told him to hold on and wait for the wine to take effect. I even poured myself a glass of wine sipping away as I tortured my boyfriend with the enema. I warned him to be a good boy because this is the first step to a good buttfucking. As I fantasized about buttfucking his virgin butt I was frigging my own asshole getting hornier by the minute. As the fluids filled his bowels I could see him becoming more relaxed as the wine took effect. I told him that I was very turned on by his willingness to submit to me in this way and that if he was a good boy there would be a good reward at the end of the night. But I did warn him once he lost his virgin asshole there would be no turning back. I also confessed to him that after he took his fucking I was going to whip his butt hard!Once the bottle was empty I forced him to hold the enema for several minutes so the alcohol would get him nice and high. Once I knew he was tipsy I escorted him to the toilet to get rid of the fluids. I took Michael back into the shower scrubbing his butt crack squeaky clean with lots of soap until I knew it was lickable. I love eating assholes, especially my lesbo lover bursa escort bayan Claire whom always has her asshole nice and clean and well perfumed for me. I warned Michael that he was going to have to learn how to keep his asshole nice and clean for me too. I could tell by the way he was pushing against my fingers that he wanted me to stick them inside of him and stimulating his prostate gland but I refused. Michael was going to learn what it was like to have a dick do it instead. Usually when we are in shower I kneel down and give his asshole of good tongue job but not today. I gave him a hard swat on his bare butt and told him that things we’re going be different from now on. He just stood there and whimpered like a lamb to the slaughter.My stud boy was being way to cooperative for me, obediently doing everything I told him to do. I decided to be a little bit more strict telling him that he did things wrong just to get his reaction. I told him that he didn’t really like me and that he was just going along with my plan to just have some fun tonight. I wanted him to know that this was not just a whim of mine for a fun night by doing something kinky; this was going to be a lifestyle change for both of us from now on. To make sure that he knew what I was talking about I was going to give him a whipping with his own leather belt for not taking me serious. Michael’s face turned red and he began to plead that he knew exactly what I was talking about. I slapped his face and told him that he did not have any idea what I was talking about. I told him after tonight he’s going to get his first educated glimpse at what female domination really is. I pulled him soaking wet from the shower whimpering and still confessing no guilt promising to do better. Grabbing a towel on the way out of the bathroom, I arranged the towel on the bed and told him to lay flat on his belly butt up. Finding his leather belt discarded on the floor I picked it up and folded in half.I told him I think a few licks of this belt will convince him that I mean business. I promised that if he ever wanted to feel my mouth around his hard cock ever again he had better not squirm around very much and take his whipping like a good slave. Michael obediently lay on the towel with his ass cheeks in the air waiting for the strap. My only regret was that Claire was not watching all of this but I’m sure we’re going to get together and do Carl the same way. Claire may need someone to hold him down as he takes the medicine.When I raised my right arm with the belt in hand I could see a sense of fear cover Michael’s face because he saw the determination in mine. Biting my lip I bore down with the leather belt across both his bare ass cheeks; I proceeded to give Michael a strapping so hard he was covered with welts from the top of his butt all the way to all his knees. When I finally decided to stop, Michael was crying and shaking on his belly begging for mercy. Even after I finished strapping him Michael was still bouncing up and down on the bed anticipating more blows. I threw his belt back on the floor telling him that was enough for a while.I wanted him to see me reaching for my strapon dildo; it was time to make my boyfriend into my girlfriend. Acting like a dirty nasty dyke I got up next to his face so he could see me point blank strapping on the dildo. I stroked my cock with pride warning Michael that I was going to get a lot of frequent flyer miles out of my own dick fucking his asshole. I told him it was about time that I do most of the fucking in our relationship. If I ever allow him to put his dick in my pussy again he would have to lie on his back and let me enjoy his dick. I would never allow his pile driving sex again.As a tease I rubbed the head of my cock on his lips ordering him to open his mouth. I told him if he did not suck me now I would make him do it after my cock was in his asshole. Immediately Michael opened his mouth and I pushed it in so far he gagged. Jibbing him I told him that I could swallow his whole useless dick and not gag so I threatened to begin fellatio lessons on a daily basis until he could deep throat as good as I could. I fucked his mouth till saliva drooled down his cheeks and pulled free leaving Michael gasping for air. I told him that we would have to pursuit this practice earnestly after I took his virginity away. We had watched X rated videos before where women were fucking men with strapon dildos giving Michael had an extreme erection whenever he watched them so I knew he was at least curious in knowing what it felt like to get fucked in the ass by a woman. Usually he was so horny afterwards I would suck him off with my finger all the way up his bottom stimulating his prostate gland until he came into my mouth. He would be so hot from watching the video he never even knew that when I kissed him after he ejaculated I would spit most of his semen back into his mouth. This really turned me on because I knew that he loved the taste of semen and didn’t even know it.It was time! I took the two pillows from the head of the bed tucking them under Michael’s belly. Red faced and embarrassed my boyfriend knew the routine because it was always me that was being put over the pillows. Now it was his turn to be empailed on my big black silicon cock. I told Michael that I was proud of him for volunteering to be my sexual slave. I promise him that he would have no regrets and that I would take very good care of him. I also promised Michael plenty of discipline and pleasures that he had never thought of before. Because we had already watched the strapon videos Michael knew what to do. He was already pushing his hips high in the air and stretching his legs wide open for me, giving me total access to his virgin asshole. I thought about buttfucking him dry with only a little bit of my spit but I want to make his experience as pleasurable as possible so he’ll want my cock again very soon. I grabbed the tube of KY jelly, squirting a generous portion directly on his asshole then working it into his anus. I could feel my Michael’s anticipation because his asshole was tightly clamped around my two fingers. I warned him that if he did not relax he would have a hard time accommodating escort bursa my big dick. I also promised him that we were not leaving the bedroom until he was well fucked with my 8in. strapon; so he had better cooperate. I reminded him that his leather belt was still on the floor and I could use it again. We had all day and all night and I was determined to make him my fuck slave.Greasing his anus it finally relaxed allowing me to get almost four fingers inside of him.I told Michael he was finally ready to lose his virginity. Kneeling behind him I grabbed the shaft of the dildo and began gently sliding the head of my cock up and down his butt crack. My heart was racing and I am sure his was too, knowing we were about to enter new fallow ground in our relationship. As I began to push the head of the dildo into his anus I told Michael to push out as if he was relieving himself to make it easier for me to enter him. As soon as I saw the muscles of his anus began to open I pushed forward with my hips driving the dildo halfway into his virgin asshole. Michael began to moan and impatiently wiggle his hips showing some fear of the unknown. I gave his bare ass cheeks several slaps of my hands to get him to pay attention to me. I told him to calm down and keep pushing so I could get the entire dildo inside of him. Pushing his bottom higher into the air it enabled me to drive all 8in. into his virgin anus. I had to hold onto Michael’s hips tightly because he was squirming and fighting the feeling of having something so large inside of him. It was almost like riding a bucking bronco, but I held on until he finally gave in to me. I congratulated Michael on his first penetration, reminding him of the many times he had taken me before. Reprimanding him that, it was only fair that he is now bending over for me.Report StoryI kept the dildo buried inside of his asshole for several minutes before I started fucking him. I talked to him in a nice soft sexy voice reminding him that there was now no turning back because I had already taken his asshole. I reassured him that once he relaxed and submitted that he would be enjoying penetration in a new and erotic way. Looking down from above I envisioned the dildo as an extension of my own clitoris. The back of the dildo had tiny nubs on it so that when I started fucking him they would give direct stimulation to my clit. I had already used a similar dildo fucking Claire’s asshole; who volunteered several practice sessions before I took Michael’s virginity. Every time I fucked her in the ass I had a roaring orgasm because of these well placed nubs at the base of the dildo. Both Claire and I felt it was a waste of time for the fucker not to get some stimulation.I finally got Michael calmed down and in acceptance of his circumstances. Michael’s heart rate slowed down and breathing began to be normal. To make him feel more like a man I began to play with his dick taking his attention off his asshole so I could begin fucking him. Pulling slowly out of his ass I began screwing his virgin asshole with full strokes of the dildo. Every time I pushed back inside of him Michael let out a loud moaning sound that actually sounded like he was enjoying himself adjusting to the new feelings of being fucked. He stopped fighting and was actually pushing back on the dildo desperately trying to get it inside even deeper. I could by my strokes were perfect because the head of the dildo was stimulating his prostate gland so much he was filling my hand with clear liquid come. I wanted to fuck him forcing him to shoot a wad of come into my hand and then use the ejaculate for lubrication so I could keep fucking him after he shot his wad. He would get the surprise of his life because he would no longer need his cock to get fucked. I wanted to train him to think of his asshole as his primarily way of sexual gratification.Claire and I both believed that if we trained our boys to suck and fuck each other it would make them better lovers and appreciate our feminine bodies in a new way. During our lesbian lovemaking sessions Claire and I often talked about watching the boys perform for us, fantasizing about various scenarios and couplings we could make them get in to with us. We especially cherished the idea of tiring the boys and depleting their judicious supply of sperm with each other before we allowed them to fuck us. Then we could use their trained mouths on our pussies instead.All the time I was fucking away Michael’s virginity I was dreaming about Michael bending over for Carl taking a real dick up the ass. I could tell by how much Michael was enjoying his first experience that it would not take long for him to volunteer for the real thing especially without getting any sex from me other than a good buttfucking. I began stroking his erection harder so he would shoot his wad. I wanted to put all my efforts in concentrating on fucking him earnestly without jacking him off. It didn’t take long and he was shooting copious amounts of semen into the palm of my hand. When I pulled the dildo out of his asshole to lubricate it with his semen Michael thought I was finished fucking him and tried to get up. Slapping him sharply across his ass cheek I told him to get back down and that I have just begun to fuck him. Lubing my dildo with the semen I quickly pushed my cock back into his gaping asshole. With a limp dick I told Michael that he is finally realizing he will have no need for his own cock for a long time. I reminded that my cock never went limp and lasted as long as I could keep driving my sexy hips.Bearing down on my cock I began fucking him for my own pleasures concentrating on the little nubs on the end of the dildo pushing against my excited clitoris. I could tell Michael was quite fearful of being used like this but I didn’t even care. I just kept fucking him harder pushing against the back of the dildo frantically stimulating my clit so that I to could come. When I finally orgasmed I was fantasizing that I was Carl and I was filling Michael’s butthole with load after load of semen. I had come so hard I was shaking. The dildo was driven all the way up Michael’s ass and my hips were moving in post orgasmic bliss. It felt so good I wanted to keep fucking him. I gave him a few more strokes and to my surprise Michael began to cry out. I think the excitement of stimulating his prostate gland finally did it and he actually had an orgasm without ejaculation. I was ecstatic!