Trip out.

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Trip out.This story is true, but put into a literary stile of my liking. So names are changed and the girls feelings are supposed because frankly I can not hear her thoughts when this was happening. Enjoy and let me know if you like it.Tiffany was thrilled for the chance to get away; it had been years since her last vacation. This one had fallen in her lap quite unexpectedly. Ted had called her out of the blue and offered her the trip, saying that he could not make it and he could transfer it but not get a refund. Ted had always been a good friend, she felt more deeply for him than she had any other man but after their last meeting she was not sure how things were going to be between them.Tiffany had never liked the drive to the airport, particularly in the cold like this. She had warn a thin jacket because she would not need a coat of any kind. The car was warm now, she had been on the road for a while, the heat was pleasant and mad e her think about her destination. The airport was close now, she was thinking about the beaches, the warm sands and the sun. Her body was not what it was in her high school days, but she still had a slender figure and thought of herself as attractive. She had proven that the last time she was with Ted, she had attracted him.Ted smirked to himself; his plan was derisive and evil in his own mind. If all went his way he would get exactly what he wants. He looked down at his body, he had been dieting and working out for months in preparation for this and even though he was not what he was in high school he was happy to look acceptably fit for his age. His muscles where firm, and though he didn’t have a six pack his stomach was relatively flat. He normally wore some facial hair but he had shaved for the occasion and had a fresh haircut.Tiffany stepped out of her car; it was cold in her thin jacket. She had warn comfortable jeans, they were a little loose but would feel relaxed for her long plain flight. Under her thin fall jacket she wore only a thin T-shirt and could feel the wind blowing threw her with a chill but she would be inside soon. February had always been cold in Detroit but as she stepped through the door into the airport she felt the warmth of the building relieve her. She ran her fingers threw her long brown hair breathing a moment’s release. Dragging her bag threw the slush in the parking garage had been argues. She would be happy once she was threw check in and security, than it would really feel like she was on the trip. She meandered up to the self-service check-in, the whole process was annoying but at least her one bag was free on this trip. Security would be the next big annoyance. Ted had told her to opt out of the body scanner and this just made it more of a hassle. She didn’t care anymore for being patted down than she would have fore being irradiated and seen naked in the body scanner. But once it was over she felt the satisfaction of finally being on her way.Ted was quite familiar with Detroit Metro airport and was confident he could wait for his pray undetected. None the less he was quite jittery about his plan, this was the most important part, if this went well the whole plan would be well worth the effort, if not it was a colossal waste of effort. Based on their last meeting he was relatively sure she felt for him in a way he had not previously expected. On the other hand, he had always felt strongly for her, the moment was at hand to test these feelings. Tiffany appeared at the top of the escalator that led down from security onto the concourses. She looked exquisite in his eyes. She was slender and poised with her backpack slung over her shoulder. The light shown off her long deep brown hair and he could all but see the deep gray of her eyes. His heart skipped a beat as she stepped out on to the escalator, he slid back into the store, he would let her pass by and then slip in behind her, surprise her.Tiffany stepped off the bottom of the escalator, she was not really sure what she was going to do for the next couple of hours. She always thought it was a little ridicules to be at the airport 2 to 3 hours early for a flight, but having not flown in a long time she was not going to chance it. At least the airport looked like there was plenty of shops to spend time in, maybe someplace to have a bite to eat. She started to walk down the concourse to where it teed out into in to the gate areas.“Hay there” The voice was incredibly familiar to Tiffany. She turned and confronted a predatory look that had made her heart skip beats. She looked directly into Ted’s brown eyes, she was shocked to see him here.For a few tense moments the two stood there, looking at each other, neither exactly sure what to do next. Neither one of them where exactly sure if the last time they had met had been a fluke of passion or if they really felt the same way about each other. On one hand Tiffany had always had strong feelings for Ted, she had wanted to be with him since high school, on the other she worried that he considered her a booty call of some sort but did not share her desire for a relationship. From Ted’s prospective he had felt for her since the day he first spoke with her but wondered if she had simply seduced him last time because she wanted attention after getting out of her last relationship.“What are you doing here?” Tiffany asked, a little flustered.Ted smiled, he always looked slightly predatory to Tiffany but she could see in his eyes a desire to completely consume her in his passions. It was a look that concerned her, made her look at him like the sexual equivalent of a tiger that has gone unfed for days. At the same time it was a look she understood he would not give to just any female, the look also conveyed a sense of permanency, as if when he finished consuming her she would be his forever.“Well, I thought I would go with you to Hawaii for the next few days.” Ted winked.Tiffany smirked, if nothing else she was going to have a pleasant little trip with a man who knew just how she liked to be handled. If her hunch was right, he was trying to get more involved with her, something she really had wanted since before they had last met.“Ok” Tiffany winked.The next two hours passed between the two with a slow walk through the stores of the terminal. Friendly banter floating back and forth as the two felt out each other’s intentions and feelings. Ted would flirt, make gentile contact and whisper compliments. Tiffany would flirt back and blush now and then. They where just about where they left off during there last visit together when it was time to board the plane. Ted had done his job well insuring Tiffany was impressed, the tickets where first class, a god send for such a long flight. Ted ever the gentleman let Tiffany in line in front of him, to her it was sweet, to him it was the beginning of his predatory offensive. Haft way down the jet way Tiffany was surprised to feel her bottom gently grabbed, she looked over her shoulder, she had known it was Ted, what surprised her was the pendik escort return of the same predatory look he had when they first crossed paths in the terminal. The tiger was back and hungry.Tiffany giggled a little at Ted’s advance, knowing how aggressive he could be she understood that this was just testing the waters for later. What she was afraid of was that he would have her his captive for hours on end as they flew to Hawaii to be tortured mercilessly. But now it was too late to turn back, she knew that by the time they reached the islands he would have her begging for his affections. It was how he operated, it was how he teased her that made her crave his attention. It was not why she loved him but it was a massive bonus to know what he did to her was far and beyond anything she could imagine without him.The seats on the plane where spaciously comfortable and Tiffany enjoyed the comfort of the blanket on her lap. To her it was luxury to be served Champagne while they waited for the rest of the plain to board. She held Ted’s hand during takeoff, a gesture she rather enjoyed, it was once they were in the air that Ted turned to tormenting her. Ted started with extremely gentile caresses to the back of her hand, like a feather passing over the surface of her skin as he looked into her eyes absently. It was a sensation she loved, than the gentile caresses moved to her arm, up and down between her elbow and wrist. It felt nice, relaxing and vaguely arousing as the tiny hairs on her arm stood up in response to his barely perceptible touch. Ted’s hand moved to the top of her leg and he rested his fingers on her knee as he lent in close.His words where the tiniest whisper so close she could feel his breath on her ear as he said “I have always loved you” a smile crossing her face as she felt the tip of his tong just touch the outer edge of her ear. He then gave the tiniest kiss to her neck fallowed by a gentile nibble and a second kiss before he sat back up. Tiffany was blushing with what he had just said to her, her mined wrapped around the idea as Ted slipped his hand under the blanket on her lap, returning it to her knee. At first she barely noticed teds fingers on her leg, they stroked lightly, with expert fluidity a few inches up from her knee and back down. After a short time her leg became sensitive to his attentions and trembled just ever so slightly. That is when Ted put his arm around her, now his feather like touch caressed her upper arm on the opposite side, spreading Goosebumps down her arm. Ted know he had an effect on Tiffany, she on the other hand could do little to stop how her body reacted to his touch. She had always been that way, she had such an attraction to him and such affection for him that his mean touch often made her tremble. Ted took Tiffany’s hand in his and brought it to his lips, kissing softly on the back of it. Tiffany felt herself become warm and aroused as his kiss turned to a soft stroke of his tong up between her fingers, she trembled in response and Ted smiled. Ted was a calculating and patent person, he lowered her hand and merely held it for a while, letting her stew in what he had done, slowly calming back down.Ted repeated his caresses every hour, each time taking it a small step farther. Each time Ted pushed her just a little farther. Tiffany was slowly being driven in to a stronger and stronger need for Ted’s full unbridled attention. Each time Tiffany found herself getting moister and moister and having to calm herself when Ted backed off. After hours of torment at Ted’s attentive hands Tiffany found herself more moist than she could stand to sit in any longer and had to make a trip to the restroom.Tiffany closed the door to the restroom and looked in the mirror, it was the first time she had really considered herself since she had left home that morning. She had forgone most of her makeup that morning, it made her feel like a frump and to top it off Ted’s attentions had been making her hot, which left her flushed. She looked at her cloths, wishing she had warn a tighter set of jeans and a nicer top, but worse than that she suddenly realized she was wearing her least attractive set of panties with a none matching bra. She had not expected to be showing off her panties to anyone on this trip, she had not even packed a set of exciting underwear. It made her blush slightly, but she was worried that her choice of outfit would spoil the mood when the time came. At the same moment she caught herself wondering if there was enough space in the airplane bathroom to have Ted. His teasing was doing its job well, as Tiffany fought the urge to touch herself while she cleaned up. She frowned as she pulled up her boring pink cotton panties, the crotch was soaked, there was nothing she could do about it, she would just have to hold out till she could get Ted alone.When Tiffany returned to her seat Ted went right back to his teasing, replacing the moisture she had cleaned up, but this time Tiffany decided to retaliate. She slid her hand under the blanket on Ted’s lap, rapping her fingers around his thigh and running her hand up to the crotch of his canvas cargo pants. She could feel him, his balls firm and his manhood hard as a rock, it felt fantastic in her hand. She thought back to their last encounter, his throbbing member was exactly what she liked, it was not the largest unit in the world but it was just right. Just big enough to fill her without being painfully stretched, long enough to reach deep inside without poking her at the bottom. She remembered having it in her mouth, it was about as big as she could fit between her lips and he had made so many satisfied noises. Touching it now, threw his pants made her drool with thoughts that soon she would be playing with it again. Ted winked, he enjoyed her touch. Her figures spurred Ted to a more aggressive level as his fingers found the closure on her pants.Tiffany was grateful for the blanket covering her lap as Ted unbuttoned her pants stroking his fingers down the front of the panties. She could feel his gentle strokes over the wet spot on her panties, she could feel her juices flowing in excitement. Ted withdrew his hand sniffing his fingers than tasting them gingerly. He leaned in close to her ear and whispered softly “Someone is thinking naughty thoughts.”Tiffany smiled, if he had wanted her there and now she would do anything he wanted, but for Ted, it was more about pushing her to her limits and leaving her in a state of sexually derived catatonics. Ted winked and returned to his teasing routine.After what seemed like an eternity to Tiffany they landed in Maui, her mined so focused on what Ted might do to her at the hotel that she almost stood up without re-buttoning her pants. Ted looked pleased with himself, he had her so distracted by her desires that she was barely aware of the world around her. Ted lead her to the baggage claim, occasionally kissing or nipping at the back of her neck to retrieve a giggle. He tortured her further while escort pendik they waited for their bags, massaging her shoulders and hips alternately as he whispered sweet nothings in her ears.When her bag came out Tiffany suddenly relisted she didn’t even need it. She had not brought anything remotely attractive in clothing let alone the bla one piece bathing suit she had with her. She really had packed for a vacation where she was going to do nothing but relax and it had turned into a huge date with a guy she really wanted to impress. On the other hand Ted smirked, he thought to himself about the surprises he had packed for his victim. Bags in hand Tiffany and Ted found their way to the hotel shuttle. The shuttle was little different from the airplane in Ted’s mined.The shuttle ride to the hotel would not take too long and Ted did not waist a moment, he put his arm around Tiffany as soon as they were seated, planting a series a ginger kisses up the side of her neck he whispered “We will be alone soon my sweet”.Tiffany’s body trembled as Ted ran his fingers up her leg and along the buttons of her pants sliding them under her shirt and making small circles around her belly button with a barley perceptible feather like touch. Ted withdrew his hand nibbling at the base of her neck, but he didn’t want to over stimulate her before they reached the hotel. The hotel lobby was gorges, Ted got them a cart for their bags even though it seemed a waist for the little bit they had, but Tiffany didn’t mind the service. She discovered Ted had gotten them a sweet high up in the tower, she smiled at the idea of a hot tub in the room and a balcony looking out over the pacific. It was only when Tiffany entered the elevator that she relisted that Ted was up to more than just a nice room. As the doors closed his fingers worked like lightening, unbuttoning her pants and sliding down the zipper in a smooth motion. Teds hands slid into her pants around her hips and clenched her buttocks, drawling her into his embrace as their lips met. Ted kissed her deeply in a passionate lock that melted her into his embrace. She didn’t care that her pants where open in the elevator, hanging loosely around her hips, she could feel her panties soaking with a fresh wave of her personal juices. Ted released Tiffany looking deep into her eyes, she was captivated only relisting that she should close her pants as Ted winked and the elevator dinged. Tiffany scrambled to button her jeans as they stepped out into the hall, Ted pushing the cart along to their door, where he stopped.Tiffany clenched her butt, waiting for the oncoming pounce of her predator. Ted took Tiffany into his arms kissing her as his hands ran up her back under her shirt, like a row of feathers passing gingerly over her skin. She trembled as his fingers reached the closer of her brazier, unhooking it with the expertise she did not know existed. Her breasts felt unrestrained and she was keenly around with the knowledge that they were still in the hall.“We should go inside” Ted whispered unbuttoning Tiffany’s pants again, his smile crooked and predatory like a b**st about to take it’s pray.Tiffany gasped “please” as Ted’s lips met her neck again. She didn’t want to wait, she could hear Ted sliding the key card into the door, the door locked clicked as Ted’s free hand seized her bottom firmly. She could hear the handle turn as her jeans began to slip over her hips. Suddenly she all but fell back through the door, lucky to stay standing. Ted fallowed her in, pulling the luggage cart behind him and the door closed. Tiffany backpedaled down the hall into the room proper, trying to recover her pants with her hand, her panties felt like a soaked dish rag pressed up agents her, she knew what was coming and braced her body to be taken.Ted tossed Tiffany to the bed, his movements powerful but gentile in a way she only dreamed. He was on top of her with immense agility wrapping his lips about hers in a deep kiss his arms scooping her up into his powerful embrace. As they separated he pulled along her lower lip with his teeth, winking sinfully. Ted kissed down her neck sliding his hands up her shirt running his fingers over her body lightly down her sides than up her stomach, careful not to touch her breasts, she would have to wait for that. Ted slid her shirt up and off, leaving her loos bra covering her as he kissed down her chest, again skipping over the breasts in a cruel torment of passion. He licked a tiny circle about her belly button before skipping down to her thighs. He ran his hands down the sides of her legs leaving her undone pants loosely in place. He pulled off her shoes and socks, throwing them aside as he passed her feet. He began kissing at the arch of her right foot, moving forward slowly alternating kisses with ginger love nibbles onto the ball of her foot. He licked up the space between her big toe and the next over than slid her big toe into his mouth, sucking softly as he ran his tong around the outside. He kissed softly at the top of her foot, working his way up to the ankle where he stopped and repeated the process on the other side. Tiffany issued soft squeaks and nearly inaudible mones as Ted tortured her.Tiffany felt horribly impatient, putting her fingers inside her pants and panties she made to slip them off, but Ted put his hands on hers, stopping her. He slid up her body to look into her eyes, there gazes locked. “Patience is a virtue, you must practice to be rewarded.” Ted cooed.Tiffany felt a tad frustrated by his insistence to torture her into submission but loved the effects of his acts. Ted, kissed at her neck for a moment than slid down to the foot of the bed again. He worked his way slowly up her legs, kissing the outside of her jeans, inch by inch as his fingers caressed her slides fluidly. At her pockets Ted stopped, sliding between her pants and panties, slowly sliding them down. Tiffany bit her lip, she knew Ted was looking at her boring pink cotton panties, in reality it didn’t matter to him. Ted tossed her pants aside as he began to kiss from her ankles up the inside of her legs working each side a few inches per side at a time. Teds fingers ran over the outsides of Tiffany’s legs like butter sliding over a hot pan, with the tenderness of a butterfly landing on a blade of grass. When his lips reached her panties Ted chuckled, leaving a moment of anticipation for Tiffany to savor in her own personal torment. His tong extended touching the skin at the edge of her undergarment, he fallowed the edge around her hip and then the other side. At intervals he would slide his tong a tiny ways under her pink cotton just to make her pant with need. When he finished tracing what he could with his tong he placed three soft kisses directly on the moist crotch of her garment, Tiffany shuttered in exquisite desire.Ted smiled with satisfaction. His tong slid under the crotch of her panties, tasting her juices as he drew the cotton in to his teeth. He drew her panties slowly down with his teeth, pendik escort bayan following close behind with his fingers. Her sopping wet panties where discarded as Ted slipped his shirt off. Ted kissed his way back up her legs skipping over her goodies kissing up her stomach again skipping over her breasts to kiss at her neck, she could feel his chest agents her skin, he was warm, his muscles where firm and his skin just the right blend of supple and course for a man of his aggressive nature. Ted nibbled at Tiffany’s neck and ear as he slipped off her bra, tossing it aside but still careful not to touch her breasts. Her nipples stood erect on top of her ample bosom, her firm mammies rising and falling with the depth of her breath.Ted growled affectionately before sliding down between her legs, where he sat up and slipped off his pants and boxers. Tiffany looked longingly at his body, she could see the girth of his throbbing cock it’s length stretched forward like a tower rising from the surface of a city. He had groomed his manhood for her, a touch she appreciated the difficulty of, considering she kept her own happy trail to a narrow strip of short hairs. Ted spread her legs gently as he slid down his face level with her goods. His tong lapped it’s way around the outer edge of her passion pit, careful not to actually touch it, in a perverse dance of torment that made her yearn for his contact. He finally relented his fingers passing softly over her breasts careful to avoid the nipples and causing her to inhale sharply as she felt him touch her. Ted mad another pass with his tong around her goods, this time dangerously close but with great care to not actually touch them, listening for her to squeak in unbridled want. His fingers again went to her breasts, this time passing over the nipples in small circles around the aureola making her pant vigorously.“Please Ted” Tiffany panted softly, but Ted only chuckled, it was his intention to extract every ounce of ecstasy her body could withstand. A sick form of torcher meant to teach her the limits of her pleaser. His actions had but one goal, to make Tiffany desire no one but him for the rest of her life.Ted slid up Tiffanys body, she could feel his cock brushing along the inside of her leg, the tip was wet with his desire to take her, but he had immense restraint. His lips met her nipples, with soft kisses and flowing circles of his tong. She loved the way he licked and touched her, with the precision of a sniper and the fluidity of a hummingbird he extracted her deepest desires using the tips of his fingers and the moist facets of his tong. She wanted him to slid farther up, for his throbbing cock to meet her and plunge within but Ted slid back down. Ted’s tong touched the curtains to her womanhood, lapping slowly up and down, stopping just above her abyss and just below her clit, in a monsters act of teasing. She could feel the ruff top of his tong on the up stroke, covered with his taste buds and the smooth underside on the down stroke, the contrast heightening her need for more. Tiffany could feel her body trembling with want, each stroke of his tong coming closer to the abyss and closer to the clit without ever touching. Than Ted stopped kissing his way up her body he grabbed at her bottom, giving it a firm squeeze as his cock approached the desired destination. She could almost feel it plunging inside her in a rabid lustful dance of hard passion, but Ted stopped short, the tip of his shaft touching her curtains just enough for her to know it was there. He gave her the sort of cruel sadistic smile one might expect from a tiger that has cornered a wounded rabbit. His body withdrew again, his tong returned to lapping at her, she whimpered much like pray before the strike. She wanted him to take her, to weir her like a condom, to destroy her where she lay, but he would toy with her for every last drop of her desires to be extracted. Ted finally let his tong touch her Clit, lapping up with the course top than down with the smooth bottom, Tiffany drawing breath so deep her back arch and her muscles to stiffen. Ted lapped at the sensitive pink protrusion carefully alternating between licking directly over it and making tiny circles about it, listening closely to her breathing and pounding heart. Ted could sense his pray was near ready, he drew his tong down tasting her pit than going beyond and making a small précis circle around her rear entrance before lapping back up to her clit. He kissed his way up her heaving body, the tip of his cock passed her curtains and she could feel him just beginning to penetrate her depth when he stopped. She protested vigorously, wrapping her legs around him and trying desperate to pull him inside her. Ted had other plans, she was almost ready, almost the way he wanted her, almost desperate enough for him to enjoy her. His lips returned to her clit, leaving a trail of kisses down her chest. This time he drew her clit into his mouth, pinning it between his upper lip and tong as he alternately sucked and lapped at it as Tiffany gasped for air. Tiffany’s flood gates opened and pleaser poured over her body like the waves of the ocean lapping ever higher at the beach in a rising tide. She was paralyzed with her mouth gaping wide open in a partially formed scream of her lovers name as Ted’s tong rubbed her clit agents his upper lip. He could feel the hot liquid flowing from her depths over his chin and he knew it was time.Teds tong released Tiffany’s clit and her body fell momentarily limp to the bed until the pulsating mass of his cock thrust into her re-igniting her orgasm like a red hot knife. Ted started his rocking at a gentile clip, speeding up ever so slightly with each stroke, Tiffany’s voice straining as her toes curled in fulfillment. Ted’s hips slammed into Tiffany like a depraved battering ram of carnal sexual need. Each downward thrust drove his cock into her, igniting the inside of her vagina like a steel passing over flint. His cock felt even better to her than she had remember from the last time, his technique even more complete in her conquest. Tiffany lost all sense of her surroundings, there was only her, her pleaser and the b**st that was making savage love to her. She wanted the b**st at all costs, she needed the b**st with every fiber of the body and without thinking for a moment of the consequences cried out.“Cum in my pussy you b**st.” Tiffany’s voice was shrill with primal desire “Cum deep inside me”It was not long after her plea that she felt the heat of Ted’s white goo filling her, like hot water from a kettle it flowed into her ready cup. Tiffany reveled in the sounds of Ted’s orgasm, she cherished the feeling of his white hot cum as it filled her and she smiled at her own conquest. Ted wrapped his arms around her, drawing her close feeling their hearts pounding agents each other. She would need rest before the next round.Tiffany rolled to her side, she could feel what a sticky mess her privets had become, filled with Ted’s deposit, but she didn’t care, he had taken everything she had to offer and all she could do now was sleep. Ted wrapped his arms around her, spooning close behind her and held her as she drifted off into her sex driven c***.