True story-An older lover

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True story-An older loverA true story about one of the best fucks I ever had. I got talking to a woman I know in the pub 1 night. I was 21 she was early forties and had known each other for a while. I can’t remember exactly why but we both ended up in the pub alone, late on a Saturday night so I joined her and we started chatting and having a laugh. We lived fairly close to each other and headed home on foot at closing time. When we got close to my house I told her I had booze in mine and she was welcome to join me for a few drink. I was glad to see she seemed delighted at the idea. We got into mine and I poured us large drinks and put on music. I sat beside her on the sofa and we continued to chat and flirt, more openly now because we were alone. I got brave and leaned over to kiss her. A good move on my part as she welcomed me with an open mouth kiss. We both knew where this was going and started to strip each others clothes off while the kissing got more passionate, almost aggressive. We both got completely naked in the living room and I shut the curtains. She had the perfect body in my opinion. Bigger than average build, big tits starting to sag a little, a nice fleshy ass and a gorgeous pussy. Hairy but quite neatly trimmed. I sat her back on the couch and opened her legs wide, dropping to my knees. I was young and not normally this confident (the drink obviously took away all my fear) I was straight between her legs with my tongue, licking and kissing her thighs. She took my head and burried it in her pussy. I had my mouth open wide, clamped over her pussy. This pinbahis güvenilirmi allowed me to suck on her full pussy lips with my tongue licking her clit and opening up her pussy hole. She was loud and more vocal than any woman I’d been with before. After my tongue had spread her luscious pussy lips I spread them with my fingers. Not long before this I had started watching a lot of squirting vids, I was fascinated by it. I watched loads of vids including instructional squirting vids. I read a lot about it online from sex stories to academic research. I had always known a woman loved when I arch my fingers and rub on the front wall of her pussy. Now I knew why. I slid 2 fingers inside her and instantly started to rub on her g spot asking her for instructions. I’d never got straight into fingering a woman so hard just a couple of minutes after we first kissed. This was different though, we were like 2 a****ls on heat. With her help I found the perfect spot and she was soon literally screaming. After I’d been stimulating her g spot for a minute she grabbed my wrist and told me to push up hard. She thrusted hard and fast, fucking my fingers like only an experienced woman could. She knew exactly what she liked how to get herself off. A couple of minutes passed and my arm started to hurt. I could see she was close to cumming though so managed to keep pushing hard while she fucked my fingers to orgasm. She didn’t quite squirt like I imagined but her pussy was dripping wet and there was a big wet patch on my couch.We were very sensible (to start pinbahis yeni giriş with anyway) and after she sucked my cock for a while I put on a condom. I sat back on the couch and she straddled my cock. She began to ride me hard and I had to slow her down or I would have cum within 10 seconds especially after she had been sucking on my cock and balls. We found a good rhythm and she wasn’t bouncing up and down. More like pressing as hard as she could taking me as deep as possible inside her. She wasn’t moving that much, more grinding really hard, hitting the exact spot she wanted and also feeling her rubbing hard on my pelvis. I was delighted when I realised she was about to cum again because I was ready to shoot any second. After we had both cum we held the position for ages and enjoyed that feeling after cumming when the orgasm very slowly fades away. We were having a lot of fun and didn’t feel self conscious at all. I poured us another big drink and we went to my room. We smoked a cigarette each on my bed and had a drink. We were lying head to toe and laughing and joking as I sucked on her toes. It wasn’t long till my cock was back in her mouth and the position we were in made it easy get my mouth back onto her pussy. A few minutes had passed and I was rock hard again in her mouth. I lay on my back and pulled her on top of me. I was basically fucking her mouth and she was fucking my face with her pussy and ass. We were going for so long and a bit drunk so I’m probably missing lots out but this led to me fucking her pussy from behind. pinbahis giriş As she shouted for me to go faster and harder, pull her hair, slap her arse etc I did exactly what she wanted pulling her hair, slapping her arse, fingering her arse and generally being as rough as I could. This time I made her cum by fucking her pussy as hard and fast as I could with my thumb in her arse. I kept fucking hard through her orgasm and filled the 2nd and last condom with cum. We were dripping with sweat and really out of breath. We got under the covers and fell asleep together. We both woke through the night wrapped in each others arms, my hard cock pressed against her wet pussy. I remember instantly sliding inside her. No condom this time but there was no way we were stopping now. This was more slow and sensuous than before. I was thrusting slow and deep and she wrapped her legs around me. I remember being in this position for a long time. I remember lifting her ankles onto my shoulders and pumping into her hard and fast. I could have cum straight away but managed to hold off till her body started shaking again and she dug her nails into me. This was the best orgasm we had both had so far definitely down to the fact that it was the first time I’d cum inside her. I could carry on writing all night but I’ll need to stop sometime. I remember almost every detail of that night and the next morning as it was definitely the best sex I’d had till that point and it really built up my own confidence sexually. Unbelievably this is the only night I ever spent with this woman for various reasons like moving about, other relationships etc. I still see her out in town now and again and we always chat and have a laugh. I still feel a very intense heat and sexual chemistry between us. Writing this story has awoken a lot of sexy thoughts. Maybe I’ll let her read my story 😉