Truth Or Dare (The Family Reunion) Chapter Thirteen

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Janie sat on the sofa naked and smiling as housekeeping walked in. Her brother’s cum mingled with her cousin’s on her chin. She smiled at the two men as they carried the dirty sheets into the common room. The two men stopped, mouths wide in surprise.”Hi, guys, ” Janie smiled.”Hello, Miss,” replied Jorje with a big grin.”Hello, ” echoed Maricio.Janie spread her legs and fingered her pussy. She noticed the beginnings of large bulges in both men’s pants. Her fingers pressed deep into her young pussy. The men moved closer.Janie sat up and palmed each throbbing bulge. The door opened and two more dark-skinned men walked in, arms loaded with laundry from the boy’s cabin.  Janie’s pussy ached from her morning’s exploits, but she wanted more. She tugged on Mauricio’s zipper as Jorje pushed his shorts down. His cock pointed lustfully at Janie. She wrapped şişli escort her fingers around it as she fished for Mauricio’s. The other two men dropped their burdens and moved closer, opening their pants. There were four hard dicks waiting to ravage Janie’s young body. Her mouth hungrily engulfed one cock as she stroked another. She tasted the workers salty fluid as it flowed from his cock. The other two men stroked their big dicks, pants at their ankles.Janie laid back on the sofa, legs spread. Jorje knelt between her creamy white legs. He grasped his cock and slid it up and down her wet slit. Janie closed her eyes and her head fell back as he pushed his hard dick into her pussy. He pushed into her pussy until his balls rested on her ass.Mauricio stood on the couch offering his cock to her. Janie took it into her mouth and sucked like şişli escort bayan a whore. One of the others stood by her and she stroked his dick. The other stood back and watched, stroking his big dick. He seemed older than the others.Janie watched him stroke as she ministered to the other three, sucking one cock then the other as one filled her pussy.”Fuck,” growled Janie as her orgasm swept her higher. Her body trembled and convulsed. Her eyes blurred as her pussy gushed her fluids over the cock that assaulted it. Her bladder drained as she writhed in orgasm. She just couldn’t control it.Jorje tensed between her legs as his cock erupted in her tight young pussy. His cum flooded her womb as his dick twitched and jerked. He moaned as he stroked in and out of Janie. His spent cock slipped from the young girls pussy as he moved out of the mecidiyeköy escort way. Mauricio wasted no time in replacing him. His cock stretched Janie’s pussy as he pushed it deep. She was slick and cummy, offering little resistance to the intruding member. He slammed in and out. Her orgasm continued. His dick hammered her cunt into submission. Janie writhed under the pleasure of sex. She seemed to float above her young body. A cock in her pussy and one in her hand as the older man watched. Her nipples tingled. Another load of hot thick cum was emptied into her belly. She felt the warm fluid running down the crack of her tight ass.Mauricio grunted as he came in her. His muscles contracted and his cock jerked wildly. His cum spewed endlessly.  His Portuguese words were foreign to her ears. She understood nonetheless. His rough fingers gripped her tight ass.The other dark man pushed him aside as he fell limp in front of her. His cock was thick and short. He pushed into her opening as the other men’s cum leaked from it. Janie wrapped her legs around him and pulled him deeper.