Tugging One For The Team – Part 2

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That night after a simple dinner at the cabin and a few more drinks we went to bed. She didn’t want to wait for me to clean the kitchen. We both stripped quickly and I started warming her up with gentle kisses that soon turned into an active tongue duel. I pinched and tugged on her nipples, knowing how sensitive they were. I went down on her and licked and kissed and sucked until I found her clit swollen like a hard bean. I focused gentle steady flicks of the tongue there until she went stiff with a strong orgasm.As she came down from her first high I climbed over her and pressed the head of my rejuvenated cock against her wet opening. I pushed into her slowly and stared stroking in and out and I could feel her open her body for mine. She was so wet I was buried to the hilt in only a few thrusts. I was trying to go slow, knowing I would cum again too quickly if I went too fast.Then, she stopped me.“Allen…do you think our big friend might be available to spend a little quality time with us tonight?”My heart skipped a beat.“You mean Dick? Would you like to entertain Dick tonight?”“Dick” was our code name for a big rubber cock sleeve that I have used with her on a few very special occasions in the past. It fits over my hard cock like a condom but adds nearly an inch of girth and a couple of inches of length. Fucking her with that big cock and witnessing her response to it is one of the most exciting things I’ve ever experienced. The fact that she was horny enough to actually ask for it made my head spin.She knows me too well. I almost always pack my little black bag of dirty tricks when we go away from home in the hope that I’ll get a chance to use some of the various toys, lubes and restraints that I keep in it.“You’re such a naughty girl,” I whispered into her ear. “Would you like Dick to really fuck you tonight? I’d love to watch that.”“Yesss,” she whispered back hotly. “See if he’s available.”“Are you sure? You know how big he is and how hard he can fuck you.”“Yes. Please. Go ask him.”“You stay right there. I’ll go see if he wants to spend some time with you.”I turned off all the lights except a small light out on the porch that cast a warm glow across the bed. I grabbed my bag and went into the bathroom. I applied a little delay cream because I wanted this to last and then rolled the rubber sleeve over my rigid dick. The snug fit itself felt great and I got even harder thinking about what was about to happen. I went back into the bedroom with the big cock bouncing and waving in front of me. I paused just long enough to pull bottle of lube and a silk blindfold from my toy bag.“Close your eyes,” I commanded as I approached the bed. “Dick will be here in a minute, but he likes you blindfolded.I placed the blindfold gently over her eyes. I like to think that her ability to imagine getting fucked by a big-dicked friend would be enhanced if she didn’t have to look at me. I placed a pillow under her hips.“That’s good, now spread yourself out and open yourself up for Dick.”She put her arms back toward the headboard and spread and lifted her knees.“God, you look beautiful. You look delicious. You look like you’re ready for sacrifice. Your high priest of pleasure will be here in a moment.” I hoped I wasn’t being too silly and ruin the spell. The way she stretched herself out even more and started moving her hips told me she was okay. I climbed onto the bed and got busy.“I’m going to get you ready for Dick. He likes you all wet and slippery so he can slide right in.”I bent down to lick her pussy, swirling my tongue around and around her opening, adding my saliva to her own already-flowing juices. I was thrilled to find her pussy lips smooth and clean. Shaving her is usually my job. I was excited to see she took the initiative. I continued licking and started taking swipes at her clit and then focused all my attention there until she groaned and stiffened with her second orgasm. I’ve found that in sessions like this, one or two preliminary climaxes just make her hornier and ready for more.“I see someone has shaved down here. Either you have a boyfriend I don’t know about or you were planning to have some nasty sex on this trip. Were you hoping to get fucked? Were you??”She nodded her head. I squeezed a big glob of lube onto my fingers and started smearing it all over her naked vulva and forcing some into her wet, sloppy hole. As I prepared and stimulated her pussy I continued teasing her.“I can’t hear you.”“Yes,” she said güvenilir bahis softly.“Yes, what?” I demanded to know as I slid two greasy fingers in and out of her, probing for her G-spot.“Yes, I want to get fucked.”“Fucked by who? Were you thinking about all those fishermen fucking you? Did you shave yourself, hoping they would be here?”“Dick. I want Dick to fuck me.”“Just Dick? What if there are some other guys around here who want you? Do you think you could help them out, too?” I kept finger-fucking her.“Yes, I think so, if you were with me.”“Oh, I’ll be here alright. I want to watch everything. I’m going to watch you get all loose and sloppy and then I’m going to take my turn.”We never talk like this except in moments of great passion. I don’t really know if she gets into it at all or if she just plays along for my benefit but I do know it makes me dizzy with desire and her reaction to the physical attention I was about to give her would be completely real.“Okay, Dick is here and he wants you now.”I got between her wide-spread knees, smeared lube all over the fat cock and started rubbing the big bulbous head up and down her slit, making sure plenty of lube was spread everywhere.“Are you ready for Dick to fuck you now?”“Yes, please.”“Okay. I’ll  be right here. I don’t want to miss a thing. You just relax and enjoy yourself.”I pushed forward with the big head right at her opening and flexed my hips back and forth to slowly and gently work it in until the whole head was in her. I heard her gasp.“Does that hurt? Are you okay?” I asked, knowing the answer.“Yesss. Please don’t stop.”I pushed on, going deeper and deeper with every thrust. Her gasps turned to steady, low moans. I was now deeper in her than I could ever be on my own. I tried to imagine how it felt to fuck a willing woman with a truly huge cock. Soon I was balls-deep. It always amazed me how well a well-fitting sleeve could work.“Are you still okay?” I asked. “Do you want him to keep going?”“Yes. Yes. Yes!”“Do you like the way Dick fucks you?”“Yes! God yes!”“Did tugging on that boy’s big cock get you thinking about getting fucked by a big one?”“Maybe…” she answered with a bit of hesitation.Even under these circumstances she was alert enough to be a little suspicious of where my filthy mind might be going next.“Don’t worry. I wouldn’t want any tender youth around here getting forever spoiled by being with you, watching how you respond to a big cock and feeling how wet you get and how much a real woman like you loves getting royally fucked. The girls around here would never seem the same. ”“Whew!” she replied with smile.“But that doesn’t mean you couldn’t teach them a little something.” I kept slowly fucking her, keeping her on the edge of the great pleasure she knew would be coming – eventually.“Uh-oh.”“Maybe Brad has a friend that might appreciate your particular talent. After all, it seems like giving Brad that handjob really got you going. Look at you, getting fucked by a big, strange dick.” I upped the tempo of my thrusting a little. She responded with more moaning.“Do you think you could do that for me?” I persisted.“Maybe… Come on. Fuck me!” She pushed her hips up to meet my slow thrusting.That was enough for me. I was eager to start the main event anyway. I pulled the long cock all the way out and pushed it all the way back in with one strong, firm thrust. She let out a long low groan. I did it again and again. Her groans turned to guttural grunts every time I bottomed-out against her cervix. I fell forward on top of her and wrapped her in my arms, trapping her and taking total possession.“Dick has you now,” I groaned into her ear. “He’s going to take you and fuck you all he wants.” She responded by wrapping her legs around my ass and humping back up against me, urging me on.“Fuck me. Fuck me, Dick!”“Do you like that big cock?”I teased.“I love it! It’s so big! Don’t stop!”I couldn’t take much more. The way she opened herself up to this big cock, the way she moaned, the squishy sounds coming from the pistoning of the big dick in her soaking pussy was all I could handle. When I imagined that it could actually be another man that my loving wife was surrendering to, I exploded and flooded the sleeve with my hot cum. Luckily she was right there with me and clasped me tighter and went stiff as her orgasm swept through her.“OH! SHITTTT!!!” she groaned one last time and collapsed back on the bed. I continued to hold her and kiss her neck and ears and whisper güvenilir bahis siteleri my thanks and tell her how wonderful she was and how much I loved her. The next morning I was up early to take the canoe out to try some nearby lily pads for pickerel. When I came back I saw Brad and his friend splitting some firewood, their strong shirtless bodies glistening in the morning sun. I beached the canoe and walked over to them.“Good morning, Brad. Who’s this?”“Good morning, sir. This is Kyle, a friend from the football team. He helps me out around here once in a while.”“Hi, Kyle. It looks like log-splitting is a good workout. Say, Brad, do you have a minute?”I pulled Brad aside and talked to him quietly. This wasn’t easy, but I wasn’t exactly thinking with the big head. I decided to simply take the bull (so to speak) by the horns.“Look, I know what happened with you and Mrs. Miller the other day.”A wave of fear swept across his face.“Relax. I’m not mad. In fact, I take a certain amount of pride in the fact that other men appreciate my wife’s beauty, even if it sometimes gets a little out of hand.” See what I did there? “She said you were a real gentleman about the whole thing and that she enjoyed doing it.”He was now looking at me wide-eyed, as if he couldn’t believe what he was hearing and that this was all too good to be true. I often felt the same way.“There’s just one thing. I want this to be our little secret. I don’t want you to go blabbing all over town or in the locker room or anything. It might be worth your while to be discreet. Get it?”He nodded as his face turned a little red.“What about Kyle over there? Did you tell him?”“I might have mentioned something,” he mumbled.“Anyone else?”“No.”“Okay. Cool. Keep it that way. Tell Kyle to keep his mouth shut, too, okay?“Okay, sure. We can do that.” I walked back to the cabin and Candy was up working on breakfast. I told her about my little chat with Brad and told her about his friend and reassured her that our secret was safe with them.“With them??” she asked.“It seems that Brad already said something to Kyle, his friend, but I think they understood that it might be in their interest to keep this quiet.”“In their interest? And just exactly what does that mean, you pervert? What’s going on in that filthy mind of yours?”Her shy little smile told me that she wasn’t too angry with me and that she might even be open to some suggestions. All I needed was a plan to capitalize on this special opportunity. But what? It turns out that night was campfire night. Once a week the hosts provide a bonfire on the beach and all the guests are invited to BYOB and sit around the fire. After dinner I could see Brad and Kyle down there building the fire.“I see Brad down on the beach getting the fire ready,” I announced. “I see Kyle is with him,” I added. “Would you like to sit by the fire tonight?”“That sounds nice. We used to do that when we were kids but back then we usually wound up fooling around in the dunes or something.”“Oh? Did you ever tell me those stories?” I probed.“I don’t need to be telling you any more stories and giving you more ideas.”“I wish we had some dunes around here. I’d like to watch you fool around in them.”“In your dreams, weirdo.”I noticed she was dressed appropriately for the evening: jeans shorts, sneakers and a cozy loose long-sleeved sweatshirt. Her hair was combed out and looked especially full and radiant. I went to her and held her.“You look lovely tonight,” I complimented.“In old shorts and a floppy sweatshirt? Get serious.”“I am serious! Your hair looks wonderful and you have that wholesome girl-next-door look I love so much.”“Why do I get the feeling you’re trying to butter me up?”“Oh, I’d love to get your bun buttered alright.”“You filthy asshole,” she muttered with a little snicker.The evil voice in my brain started whispering about silky seconds but I tried to ignore it – for now.“Could you do me one little favor?”“Uh-oh.”“It’s no big deal. Can we take off your bra?”“Why? It’s not like there will be anything to see under this old sweatshirt.”“Maybe maybe not but I just like knowing that you’re naked under your shirt with those other people around. You’ll be the sexiest woman on Pinhook Lake.”“You mean those boys, don’t you?”“Okay, I’m busted. We already know what they know and I’m sure they’ll be watching us all night. I’ll get a kick out of knowing that you did something sexy like that for their benefit.”“I don’t see what harm it could iddaa siteleri do.”“God, you’re such a good sport. I love you so much.”I helped her pull the sweatshirt over her head and remove the bra. I made sure to fondle and kiss her firm tits and was pleased to feel her big nipples stiffening under my tongue.I packed some snacks and a bottle of Chardonnay for her and a bottle of Scotch for me and we headed down to the beach. I enjoyed the view as I could plainly see her firm tits bouncing and swaying freely under her sweatshirt and her nipples poking out. I’m sure Brad and Kyle noticed too as we approached. We sat around the fire and watched a beautiful sunset over the distant hills and chatted with the other couples. We shared stories about earlier visits to the lake (Obviously I didn’t tell them everything.) and swapped lies about the fishing. Brad and Kyle were tending the fire and being very attentive to us, making sure we were comfortable and offering ice for our drinks and such. Candace looked even more beautiful in the glow from the fire and I made sure her wine glass was always full. I introduced Kyle to my wife and he was very friendly but even in the dim light I could see him blushing. I knew what was on his mind.“More wine?” I asked my bride.“I better slow down. You know how I get after I have too much wine,” she replied.“Relax. We’re on vacation far away from home.” I knew exactly how she would get after drinking and that was the plan.“Are you trying to ply me with alcohol?”” she asked with a smile.“Busted again!”“You shouldn’t do that. You know how naughty I can get when drunk.”I moved closer and put my arm around her and loved the feeling of no straps under her sweatshirt as I stroked her back.“Exactly. You know how much I love it when you do naughty things for me. I don’t want you drunk but I like to see you relaxed and happy.” I whispered.Her answer was to smile at me and take a big sip of her wine. “You mean horny, don’t you?”“You bad girl,” I whispered again. “Drink up. I see two horny young men over there who keep checking you out. You might wind up with your hands full.”“You and your silly puns,” she giggled. I felt a little wet spot form in my shorts when I noticed she didn’t protest. All I needed was a plan. I didn’t waste much time.“Hey, Brad!” I called. Candy gave me the old side-eye.He came right over and I noticed Kyle was watching carefully.“What’s the drinking age around here?” I asked.“Uh, twenty one.”“Oh, that’s too bad. I was thinking you and Kyle might want to join us for drinks later,” I said, speaking quietly.“Well, no one around here actually cards us.” He smiled shyly.“It’s up to you. If you and Kyle want to swing by when you finish work we’ll be up for a while. Is that okay with you, Mrs. Miller?”She looked at me, glanced at Brad and looked down.“That might be nice,” she said softly. Soon the fire was burning low and we made our way back to the cabin. I poured Candy yet another glass of wine. I had set the stage but wasn’t sure how to initiate the first act. I made sure there was a six-pack of beer in the fridge and lit a citronella candle. Candy was sitting on the futon sipping her wine and watching me puttering around nervously.“Are you getting ready for a party?” she asked with a little smile.“Something tells me we might have a couple of guests this evening.”“Is there anything special you would like me to wear for this party?”God, I love this woman! I looked at her with a look of wonder on my face. I went and sat next to her.“No…As much as I appreciate the offer, your attire seems appropriate for the occasion.”With that, I leaned to kiss her and ran a hand over her sweatshirt to fondle her braless breasts. As I kissed and groped her I could feel her nipples getting stiff, even through the fabric of the sweatshirt.“What kind of party is this?” She asked, teasing me mercilessly, the wine loosening her up.As they say in war, all plans go out the window when the shooting starts but I thought it a good idea to sketch out some hopes and expectations, in no small part because I loved the anticipation and talking to her about being naughty.“Oh…you know me. I love football and I’d enjoy talking to these kids about it. It will bring back lots of memories from when I was in high school.”“Something tells me you’ll also be thinking about some of my high school memories,” she said with that shy smile again.Damn! This was starting off better than I could have hoped. I guess the wine was working.“Well yes, now that you mention it, I am thinking about the stories you told me and what you did with Brad, but since we’re expecting two guests, this might be a little different. You never entertained two boys together, did you?”