Turned into a Sissy part 2

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Turned into a Sissy part 2So after being completely humiliated, owned, and used by a random guy I knew that no amount of shame would keep me from becoming a good sissy bitch. I didn’t like the feeling afterwards of being dominated but I knew I needed more. More cock, for humiliation and more training. I began to make sure I was more smooth more often and more of my body. I began to Cam for guys online and found a online master that knew exactly how to dominate me. You see a lot of guys try to respect me but a bitch like me needs owned. I don’t like nice guys. I will call this online stud Devo. I would meet him online 2 times a week queenbet güvenilirmi at the same time and he would have me obey him in front up to 80 strangers. All of these strangers would also comment ans help use me. I would wait on my knees in front of cam and beg for cock. I would be forced to admit I’m a bitch in heat and was not allowed to touch my cock or cum into given permission from Devo. Some of the viewers were also on cam so I could drool over their penis’s while being owned. Although my sissy boy cunt is virgin he would have me insert up to three fingers and stretch it with a unripe Banana. I felt queenbet yeni giriş so ashamed while grunting trying to put a Banana in my cunt. Everyone was calling me names, another guy shoot cum on his screen and I was forced to pretend I was licking it up. I had so much precum dripping off my cock the only time I could touch my penis was to lick my own pre cum up and moan for the mic while doing.Devo had me rub my own cum on my face and go back to stretching my cunt . So here I am with my cunt filled, cum on my face wearing a pink girls tanktop in front of about 80 strangers most of which are stroking and queenbet giriş laughing and calling me names.After about an hour later and maybe 15 minutes of being forced to edge by Devo I was told to cum on my own face and girl shirt. When I first got into caming I used to disconnect as soon as I cummed but Devo made me lay there in my own sissy cum and be called names like cum pig boy cunt and told how useless I was. I actually cried a little from the abuse and although I couldn’t turned off my computer anytime something told me I need to take the abuse and humiliation. All of this was erotic but I was craving a real cock in my mouth.I love to feel of a big limp cock growing while I milk it with my hungry bitch mouth. In my next story I will tell you about sucking an older professional type guy with his wife cooking dinner in the next room 🙂 Feel free to comment or friend me. My cock gets hard reading these.