Turning my wife into a hot wife

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Turning my wife into a hot wifeNot long after we were married, I started talking to my wife about her fucking other guys, I always thought it would be hot to see a strange big cock sliding into her hot pussy. She was like most women and resistant to it, I am sure it had to do with what I would think of her and what was my real motive, did I want to fuck other women? This was not my motive, I wanted to see big cocks fuck my wife period!We would talk about it as fantasy during sex, sometimes I would use dildos on her and be talking about how “he” was fucking her good, there was no doubt it got her excited, but afterwards she would always come back to reality and say I would never do it in real life etc…I always had her wearing sexy lingerie during sex and when we went out, I would tell her how hot she looked and how excited guys would be to know what she had on, again had to effect of exciting her, but not enough to say let’s do it. I would even point out when other guys were checking her out. It always led to hot sex between us, but nothing further.Several years later she started working as a consultant and would travel Monday through Friday. When she came home on weekends it always started with sex on Friday night, I would always ask how many guys were checking her out as she travelled, or at the hotel in the evening, she always wore dresses or skirts, pantyhose and heels. She looked good in heels and pantyhose. Occasionally she would have a story about a guy that flirted with her either at lunch, dinner or while having a drink in the bar in the evening. But said that was all that happened. She was travelling with 6 other people each week, so always had people she knew there.A couple years ago after the continued talk about meeting another hard cock she finally agreed to try it, I got on AFF and found a guy in Des Moines to meet us as we were traveling through and spending the night. We arranged to meet at our hotel bar, she was wearing a knee length red dress with matching bra, panties and garter with tan stockings and heels, she was looking casino şirketleri hot. I helped her get dressed for the evening helping her put on her stockings and garter, her pussy was already wet with excitement as we dressed her for the evening. This was after I made her cum twice that afternoon as we waited for the evening to arrive.We went down to the hotel bar and had a drink while we waited for him to arrive, when he got there you could feel the sexual tension, we had a couple drinks and while she went to the restroom he and I talked as he told me matter of fact about how he was going to fuck my wife that night. This made my cock hard as hell immediately.When she returned from the restroom we headed to our room, when we got in the elevator, he had his hand under her dress rubbing her panty covered ass. Once in the room he sat in the chair and told her to take off her dress. She was standing in her bra, panties, garter, stockings and heels, she looked so hot standing in front of a stranger like that, you could tell we were both excited.He stood up and walked over to her and removed her bra first, rubbing her breast and pinching her nipples, she has very sensitive nipples and you could see them getting hard almost immediately. He sucked on each nipple, them reached down and hooked his thumbs in her panties and slid them down till they fell to her ankles and he told her to step out of them. She was now standing in front of a guy she just met less than an hour ago in a garter, stockings and heels. She looked amazing. He led her to the bed and had her lie down on her stomach.He then removed his clothes down to his underwear, I could see that his cock was large and hard as advertised. He took a bottle of massage oil we had brought with us and kneeled next to her and started massaging her, starting at her shoulders and working down her back, when he reached her butt he was kneading it as he massaged her, letting his fingers slide down the inside of her legs on her upper thigh, you could see her parting her legs some to allow him better casino firmalari access. Every few strokes he would slide his finger across her pussy, you knew when he did it by the reaction of her body. After about five minutes of this she had parted her legs about two feet apart to allow him access without him having to ask or help her. She wanted his hands on her pussy.He stood up and removed his underwear and his cock stood strait out hard as a rock, he was probably 8-9” and fairly thick, his cock looked awesome. He had her turn over on her back and he slid up between her legs and started licking her now wet pussy, as soon as his lips and tongue touched her pussy, she spread her legs wide to allow him total access. It was so hot to see my wife opening her legs and giving herself to this stranger so willingly. He continued to work her pussy with his mouth, and I could see her first orgasm coming, the look on her face and expressions on her face told me she was building to a big release. It came a couple minutes later as she began to moan loudly, and her legs clasped on his head, he just kept working her pussy as she had a leg shaking orgasm, she was as vocal as I had ever heard her, only after she stopped shaking did he stop licking her pussy. As he stood up, I could see her pussy was glistening wet, flushed bright red and slightly open as she lay there with her legs spread.He moved up next to her head and kneeled and placed his hard cock on her lips and told her to lick it. She ran her tongue along his shaft as he moved it back and forth, he reached down and started fingering her pussy again as she continued to lick his cock, he liked to place the head of his cock on her lips and have her lick the underside of the head. He continued to finger her pussy and stroke her clit, again she had her legs spread wide for this stranger, enjoying his touch on and in her pussy.He moved slightly to allow the head of his cock to slide past her lips and into her mouth, the sight of her lips opening around his hard cock as it disappeared into her güvenilir casino mouth was very exciting. My cock was hard as hell and by this time I had already removed my pants and underwear, so I could stroke my cock as I watched this stranger take my wife completely. As he worked his cock in and out of her mouth, he was working her clit faster with his fingers and she began to approach her second orgasm of the evening. Her legs were straining to open as wide as she could for him to assault her pussy and she began to cum again. Once her orgasm and her moans had subsided, he moved till he was kneeling between her wide spread legs, his hard cock bobbing in front of her used pussy. He looked at me and said I am going to fuck your wife so hard now. He looked at her and asked her “does your pussy belong to me now?” She glanced at me then looked at him and said “yes”. He said, “good answer”. He moved up and placed the head of his cock against her wet, open pussy lips and slid it up and down her slit a couple times, then I watched as this big hard cock began to slide into my wife all the way to his balls. The first cock to enter her pussy since we were married. He held it there for a minute then started to slowly pull it out till the head was visible. He then pushed it all the way back into her pussy, he started a slow rhythm for a few strokes. Then he began to pick up the pace, till he was slamming his massive cock into her wet pussy, I could see and hear his balls slapping her ass. She was going nuts, moaning and grunting, legs spread as wide as I have ever seen them. He continued this pace for several minutes till I could tell he was about to cum, as he started to tighten up and slow his pace to long slow strokes, she was rubbing her clit as he did this and suddenly she was starting her third orgasm of the night, when he saw she was orgasming he let loose his own orgasm with one last forceful thrust into her abused, red pussy and held it there as they both finished cumming. I watched as his balls flexed emptying into her well fucked pussy.When he rolled off my wife, she laid there with her legs spread wide and her pussy was gaping open from his big cock, with is cum starting to leak out of her pussy. It was the hottest thing I ever witnessed.This was the start of my wife’s transition to a Hot Wife