Two Men and a Couch

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College Guy

Mark and I met when we were just out of school and both still shocked by the boring but exhausting jobs we had landed at a major investment firm. The culmination of years of schooling (and thousands in debt run up,) and it SUCKED. We had side-by-side cubicles smaller than regulation prison cells, and everyone ranked higher than us. We exchanged polite greetings every morning, rueful nods as we limped home to our crappy apartments every evening, and sometimes a hurried, greasy lunch at an alarmingly grimy diner near the office. I guess this went on for a year or more before one Friday afternoon he leaned around the dividing wall between our cubicles and whispered, “I’m hitting the singles bars tonight. Wanna be my wing-man?”

I saved the document I was working on. “Yeah, why not? Felicia is out of town again; Berlin or Paris or somewhere, I forget.”

Then things got busy and we slaved away the afternoon. We met at a bar later that night and had a good time. We were so busy talking, commiserating on our boring lives, that we barely took time out to hit on the girls crowded into the place. I was technically committed to Felicia anyway. When she was in town. Which was basically never, because she was an airline pilot. But when she WAS in town we generally spent the whole time in bed.

The weekend night out turned into a regular habit, and something to look forward to for both of us. Occasionally Mark picked up a woman there, who joined us for a few weeks before drifting away, but often it was just the two of us. A couple of times Felicia actually got a weekend off and we double-dated.

One day Mark invited me out to lunch, his treat, so I couldn’t very well refuse, although I had an oddly uneasy feeling about it. Sure enough, when we were waiting for our sandwiches, he nervously blurted out, “I guess we’ve known each other long enough, but I really hate to ask you…”

I raised my eyebrows. “You about to pop the question?” I said jokingly.

“Sort of. My lease is up and I gotta move…and I kind of need some help. If you wouldn’t mind. This weekend.”

I didn’t have any convenient excuses, and what the hell. He was the closest friend I had. Including Felicia, who became more cool and distant every time I saw her. “‘Course I’ll help you. Hope you don’t have a grand piano though.”

“Nah. I don’t have much of anything. It’s just this big old couch that I’m going to have trouble with. I hired a couple of guys and a truck, but they won’t take the stuff in or out of upstairs apartments. So I gotta get everything down to the lobby and they’ll take it from there.”

“Assholes,” I said. “I bet you’re paying upstairs prices anyway.”

He shrugged. “Best I could do. But anyway, I sure appreciate the help and I’ll make sure it’s worth your while.”

That Saturday morning I showed up at Mark’s apartment early. I could see why he might want to move. My place was a dump, but his was worse. And he didn’t have much to move. He’d packed most of it in cardboard boxes. And then there was the couch. It was a monster. More like a massive overstuffed bed than a couch.

“Maybe you should have just sold the couch and buy a new one when you get there,” I remarked. It looks like it’s got more than a few miles on it.”

Mark patted the couch affectionately. “Thought about it. But this old girl holds some happy memories. Practically every first piece of ass I’ve ever had was on this couch. Got it from my Mom. In fact I got my first ever pussy on this couch. Peggy Sue Martin after the senior prom.”

“I guess that’s as good a reason as any,” I said ruefully. “So let’s get started.”

After a back-breaking and sweaty day we were done. Mark’s new apartment wasn’t anything special either, but we had everything in it, including the famous couch, upon canlı bahis which we finally collapsed holding cans of ice-cold beer thoughtfully pre-stocked by Mark. We drank the beer gratefully and had another.

Mark sighed, stretched, and said, “I figured I’d order a pizza. We probably have time to take quick showers before it gets here. You wanna go first?”

I did, after finding the box with the towels, and Mark dug up a couple of pairs of clean gym shorts and tee shirts. We were both cleaner and feeling good when the pizzas arrived. We devoured them like starving beggars, with another round of beers, and at last sat back contented.

“I got some dynamite weed last week,” Mark said. “How about I dig that up and we watch a ball game or something?” He tossed the remote control for his enormous flat-screen TV to me.

I wasn’t familiar with the remote and fiddled with buttons until the screen lit up. The first thing that came up was a large, erect cock, which was being gently stroked by a tiny Asian woman. She looked like she was getting ready to do more than stroke it. I was going to change the channel, but the woman looked kind of familiar…and I really wanted to see how much of it she could fit into her mouth, which I was pretty sure she was about to do.

Mark flopped back onto the couch next to me just as the bulging knob disappeared into the woman’s rosebud mouth. He lit a joint, took a deep hit, and handed it to me before he noticed what was on the TV. “Oh God!” he exploded, smoke bursting from his nostrils. “I didn’t know that disk was in there!” He grabbed for the remote and I held it away from him.

“Too late,” I said. “I’m already hooked on the plot.”

He grabbed the joint instead. “This is soooo embarrassing….” He took a hit, held it, and finally said, “She was a prime piece of ass, though. Tightest pussy I ever met.”

“Wait a minute!” I guffawed. “Isn’t that, uh, what’s her name, the one you met at lunch that time?”

“Wendy,” Mark said with a guilty grin. “Used to work in accounting, remember?”

“You dog! What happened to her? Went to work for the competition, didn’t she?”

Mark nodded. “We were about done with each other anyway. You know how it goes. We got together to fuck a few times after she left, but when we didn’t work at the same place any more we didn’t have anything to talk about.”

“Sounds good to me,” I said. “I’d settle for that.”

The weed was starting to kick in for both of us. “But you got Felicia,” Mark noted. “I’d totally do her any time, on her terms. Oh shit; politically incorrect. Sorry, dude. But I would.” He cracked up laughing.

“You asshole.” I tried to hold back a belly-laugh and failed. When we’d both got our laughter stifled, I said, “Actually you’re welcome to it, if you want to try. I think we’re about done with each other too.”

“Too bad. I feel for you, bro. You got her number handy?”

I suddenly realized that the dick Wendy was now sucking enthusiastically on TV almost certainly belonged to Mark and that she was doing it on the very couch we were sitting on. Duh. An awkward silence ensued, broken only by the slurping sounds coming from the TV. “So, uh, do you always record your, uh, encounters?”

“Nah. Just the ones I’m not ashamed of,” Mark joked. “You ought to get you and Felicia on disk before you dump her. Something to jack off to when you’re desperate.”

I was pretty desperate most of the time, and at the moment I had a pretty fierce hard on from watching the show before me. “Yeah, maybe,” I said weakly. “Doubt that she’d be into it though.”

We watched in silence as Wendy squatted over the dick and started slowly working it into her pussy. “How the hell did she ever get that into her?” I wondered aloud.

“Slowly and with a lot of moaning,” bahis siteleri Mark quipped.

I surreptitiously glanced over at his lap. His straining boner showed clearly through his loose gym shorts. I never imagined he had such a big cock. But then I’d never really thought about it either.

“You wanna smoke another doobie?” Mark asked.

I shifted uncomfortably. “I ought to be getting home,” I said. I started to stand and changed my mind. If I stood up my own boner would be more than obvious.

“I said I’d make this worth your while,” Mark told me. “So sit back and relax a little.”

“You mean beer, pizza and weed aren’t all you had in mind?” I leered comically. “What else could I want? You going to get me laid too?”

“Anything for my best buddy,” Mark said, rolling another joint.

We smoked that, then needed fresh beers and sat back to watch as Wendy finally managed to get all of Mark’s dick into her pussy and began sliding up and down on it, moaning noisily.

“You wouldn’t think she could take that up her ass, would you,” Mark mused conversationally.

“Spoiler alert!” I shouted. We both laughed hysterically.

“God I’m horny,” Mark gasped after several minutes of laughter. “Wish ol’ Wendy was here right now. I’d do her right here on the couch with you watching.”

“Nice for me,” I said. “I could just sit here and whack off.”

“Looks like you’re ready to do that anyway,” Mark said, staring pointedly at my crotch. “Go ahead if you want to. I might even join you.”

A shiver ran up my spine. I couldn’t believe I was actually considering doing it, but I was. But was he just joking, hoping to embarrass me? But that would be really mean, and Mark wasn’t like that.

My question was answered moments later when Mark slid his shorts down to his knees and began stroking his own dick. My heart leapt as I self-consciously pulled my own cock and balls out of my shorts and began rubbing the head of it gingerly.

Slippery come was already leaking from the tip. We massaged ourselves in silence, eyes fixed on the screen as Wendy did indeed begin preparing to take Mark’s fat cock up her ass.

“I’ve never done that,” I remarked, beginning to breathe hard. “I never got enough pussy to waste time on the back door.”

“Any port in a storm, bud,” Mark said. He was also breathing hard. He glanced over at me. “Speaking of which, the other payback I had planned for you was a blow job.”

“Am I supposed to give or receive?” I cracked.

“Your choice.” Mark was staring directly into my eyes and I froze momentarily, my rigid cock beginning to wilt.

“I, uh…” I floundered. He was serious. “Maybe we could get Wendy to come over and do us both.”

“Doubtful. But we’re both here, and she’s not…”

Nor was Felicia. I hadn’t seen her for weeks, and I was horny enough to molest the Crack of Dawn. Was he really offering to suck me off? Would it ruin our friendship if I refused? Or if I accepted? And then there was the unfortunate fact that my dick had shrunk to a limp nothingness. What if he tried to blow me and I couldn’t get it up?

“No big deal, dude,” Mark said, looking away. “Not like we’re gay or anything. But, you know, it might be a change of pace. I’ve never tried it with a guy. But I’ve thought about it. Tell me you’ve never thought about it.”

“Course I’ve thought about it,” I said. “Guess I just never knew anybody who…”

“Now you do. So what do you say?”

I took a deep breath. “I hear it’s more blessed to give than to receive,” I said shakily.

“Maybe we ought to flip for it,” Mark suggested.

“Heads I win, tails we both win,” I giggled.

“No losers here,” Mark agreed.

“Just one thing,” I said. “Don’t expect me to kiss you.”

“I’d rather you didn’t.”

I bahis şirketleri leaned over awkwardly and put my hand on Mark’s raging erection. It felt strange but good in my hand. Another man’s cock. And it sure was a big one. I bent to look at it more closely, and my own cock instantly sprang to attention. I actually wanted to do this.

I slid off the couch and got onto my knees between his spread thighs, pulling his shorts all the way down to gain better access. I stroked his big cock a few times, admiring his hairy balls and feeling the slippery fluid seeping from his bulbous cock-head. Then I took a deep breath, opened my mouth wide, and let him in. He felt good in my mouth, and my own cock jumped with excitement. I felt like I was about to come. Suddenly I wanted to see how much of him I could get into my mouth. I slowly lowered my head until his thick meat hit the back of my throat. I tightened my lips around his hard shaft and sucked gently as long as I could hold my breath, then slid back up until just the head was still in my mouth.

“Oh, God!” Mark moaned, thrusting his hips toward my face. “Fair notice, dude. You keep that up and I’m going to come.”

This was another event I had been nervous about. Did I have to let him come in my mouth? Would be kind of insulting if I didn’t, wouldn’t it? And the musky taste of his pre-come was not at all unpleasant. As I began to slowly bob up and down on his amazingly hard cock I realized that I desperately wanted to feel his hot load spurt right into my open mouth. I increased the tempo, caressing his knob with my tongue as his cock squelched in and out of my grasping lips.

“Not kidding, dude,” Mark gasped moments later. “If you don’t want a mouthful you better get off it right…NOW!”

His first shot spattered against the back of my throat and pooled on my tongue, and I involuntarily drew back. His cock popped out of my mouth and I took the second thick spurt full in the face.

“Sorry, man! I told you…” Mark groaned.

I quickly regained control of his spurting rod and sucked him dry, letting him watch me milk out the last drops and noisily swallow the whole sticky load.

I rocked back on my heels and watched him as he lazily stroked his slimy wilting cock, coming down from what was, apparently, a most intense orgasm. I got back on the couch beside him after fetching a couple more beers from the fridge. I gulped half of mine to clear my throat, regretting the loss of the taste of his come in my mouth.

On TV, Wendy had managed to absorb most of his rod into her abused asshole, and we both watched, mesmerized, as he stroked in and out of her dilated orifice.

“Geez, dude,” I said. “How did you hold back from coming that long? You must have been fucking her for like an hour already at this point.”

“Never was a quick shooter,” Mark said drowsily. “At least not until tonight.” He laughed feebly. “Give me a couple minutes to recover. I can’t even think straight right now.”

I squirmed as we continued to watch, my cock throbbing. Finally, as it became clear that the Mark on TV was about to come in Wendy’s ass I took it in my fist and began pumping it. Mark put his hand over mine and stopped me. “That’s my job,” he said. He got on his knees in front of me and lowered his face to my crotch. When his hot mouth closed around my needy cock I almost screamed. It felt that good. Felicia had timidly tried to suck me off a couple of times, but she wasn’t good at it. Mark was. It was a lot like the first time I got into a hot pussy. I wanted to savor every moment of the experience but I was nearly delirious with the sensations vibrating through my body. My toes clenched and cramped, and then I did scream. “I’m coming!” I yelled, about a half a second too late if he wanted to avoid getting a mouthful.

But I don’t think he wanted to avoid it at all. As he milked me dry, the TV Mark pulled out of Wendy’s ass and shot his load into her wide-open gaping hole.

I wondered how that felt to her.