Two with one stone

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Two with one stoneIt was one of those usual Sunday mornings when the k**s started their game of football in the early hours of morning. I was awakened by the noise of the ball hitting my room’s window grill from a powerful shot hit by one of the boys and I got up to check the time. I rubbed my eyes and proceeded to pick up my mobile phone. The mobile clock widget showed 7:58 am. I used to live in my hometown back then, and was in the final year of college. Since I used to work alongside my studies, the only day I would get to sleep throughout the week was a Sunday, which unfortunately was disturbed by the football playing lads.I saw a few notifications on my mobile phone. There were a few messages and a missed call from the class representative, and a few from my girlfriend. I had been dating Christina since 3 years, and loved her a lot. I still do. We met through a mutual friend and after a few rounds of trying to impress her, I was successful. She reciprocated to my proceedings and we started hanging out more often. Eventually, I asked her out from the stage at one of the gigs I was singing in, in the neighborhood park, and she couldn’t say anything but a YES!Like every usual couple, we have our ups and downs, though the best part about all of them is kiss and make up. The fights don’t matter after a couple of hours; and once we cuddle together, every fight is forgiven and forgotten. We place utmost trust in each other and that’s the reason we have immense respect and love between us. However, this story takes trust to an altogether new level. And it has one more major participant… Christina’s elder sister Kate.Getting back to the Sunday morning, I checked my girlfriend’s message and I noticed a sense of urgency in them. She had messaged me whether I could get my car and if we could drive over to the nearby mountains to stay for a day or two. Though we’d had such trips before, this one seemed a bit too urgent. I called up Christina.Me: “Hey babe, Good morning”Christina: “Good morning sweet. Did you receive my message?”Me: “Yes babe. But all of a sudden? I mean, such an impromptu plan and that too, from your side?”Christina: “We will talk about it on the way. And Kate is coming along. It’s been long since we all bonded and went out as family. Kate says we all should go out”Me: “Okay… hmm. I guess I’ll take a bath and leave. I’ll pick you up in about an hour?”Christina: “Will do. Kate is already ready. I was just about to hit the shower. See you”I brushed my teeth, took a quick shower and came out within 10 minutes. Once I was out, I opened my wardrobe and took out Armani Cool Splash Body Spray and applied it well enough to make me smell good. Then I poured a few drops of Gillette after shave on my palms and applied it on my neck, and behind my ears. I dressed up casually, and told my parents that I’d be back the next day and that I was going for a drive to Oakland Hills with my college friends.At 9:00 am, I reached Christina’s home and called her up. She cut my call and within a second, I could see her coming out with her sister Kate. Kate, 25, was 4 years elder to Christina, but they looked alike. Their heights were similar, and they were built in an almost similar manner. They could even pass off as twin sisters! Christina gently pressed her lips against my cheeks and entered the car. Kate waved out to me and gave me a hi-five as soon as she entered the car. We set out for our journey, as I put on some light countryside music.I asked Christina about this impromptu plan, and she didn’t say anything much except that we hadn’t spent quality time tuzla escort together for a while, and with me being busy with work and Kate being busy with her post graduate studies, it was months ago that we all spent time together. It was true. And I was missing being with Christina, and Kate as well. Kate and I had always had a good rapport, and we could share a lot of talks comfortably. Though we didn’t talk much about our intimate lives, she knew the patches when Christina and I were having good sex and the ones during which we would go without making out for months; courtesy Christina.It took us two hours to reach Oakland Hills and once there, we headed straight to Road No. 2 to a hotel known as ‘Mary’s Inn”. Mary’s Inn offered one of the most delightful views. I could see my town, about 60 miles away, from 3,000 feet above the ground level, and it looked absolutely magnificent. I knew one of the two owners of the hotel and told him that we’d like a room with king-sized bed and an additional mattress. Of course, the two sisters would share the bed, whereas I’d make myself home on the mattress.We kept our minimal luggage in the room and proceeded to Mary Inn’s Café for a quick breakfast. Since the time we had arrived, I could sense the two sisters talking in whispers. They seemed uncomfortable about something. Something surely bothered both of them. Even during the journey, I could see a few tensed glances, as if something was bothering them. I pretended not to observe what was happening. In a few minutes, Kate said that she was done eating, and would be going to the room. While going back, she gave Christina a look and Christina nodded, as if in affirmation.As soon as Kate left, I asked Christina about the matter. I told her that both of them seemed a bit tensed. Christina said she didn’t know where to start, since it was a sensitive matter. I placed my hand on my girlfriend’s shoulder and told her to go ahead, and that I’d be all ears. Christina said, “You know about Kate being single since long, right?”.Me: Yes, I do babe. What about that but?Christina: Sweet, Kate is very frustrated with the lack of intimacy in her life.Me: Oh… I see. Anything we could do about it babe? Probably send her on a date?Christina: After her last relation 3 years ago, Kate has been single. She doesn’t trust guys… and probably… the only person…. The only person who she’d be comfortable with would be you.I was astonished listening to what my girl told me! My expressions changed and I didn’t know how to react.Christina, in a very sad and almost pleading voice, said: “Baby, don’t get me wrong. You know how much I love you. But I love my sister, and couldn’t see her this way. And with so much trust amongst us, I know you won’t do anything wrong. It’s just between us… me, you and Kate. You’re the closest to me, and I know it will remain between us. Only if you be physically with Kate as you’re with me! Even if once!”I seemed to think a bit. I was surely in double minds. I loved my girlfriend a lot. Not that I hadn’t fantasized about her sister in the past, but fantasizing is a lot different from actually having sex. I couldn’t do this to my girlfriend, but she was insisting on the same herself!Christina: “Baby, please say something! I get worried when you don’t talk!”Me: “Sweet it’s a very confusing situation. I am not sure… but I think if you’re so persistent… I’ll give it a try”Christina hugged me and shed a drop of tear… “Baby, I knew only you’ll understand me this well. I love you a lot!”Me: “I love you too baby”Christina and me broke from sancaktepe escort the hug and she seemed to text Kate something. Within a few minutes, Kate sent a reply and my girl signaled me to go to our room.Me: “And what about you?”Christina: “I can do this much for my sister, but can’t see you getting intimate with anyone else!”Me, hugging her: “Aww sweetheart. You’re such a darling!”************************I proceeded to our room on the 2nd floor of the hotel and knocked at the door. Kate’s voice said, “Who is it?”I said, “It’s me, David”Kate: “Come inside quickly and lock the door behind you”I entered the room and quickly closed the door. Within this duration, I had a momentous glance of a girl sitting with just black bra and panties, and it looked ravishing. My dick was almost getting hard and once I locked the door, I turned around to see Kate lying on the bed.Looking at me, she got up and came ahead. She put both her palms on my face, as I held her head with both my hands. Slowly and steadily, we placed our lips on each other. Slowly, our tongues came out and engulfed each other’s. It was sheer delight tasting the flavor of spearmint on her tongue, probably from the mouth spray she had been using before I came. I couldn’t get enough of her tongue, and started rolling it madly on hers; wanting to do much more, though I didn’t knew what else I could do with it. After a couple of minutes, I broke free from the kiss but still held her head with my hands. I proceeded downwards to give her neck a few licks. Just like Christina, Kate responded positively to kisses on the neck. I wondered whether she would behave similar on other fronts too, and that is when I started caressing her back. Incidentally, this turned her on too.When I was done caressing her back, I brought my tongue out to lick every inch of her back, and in the process, unhooked her bra. I put her on the bed, and turned her body towards mine, to reveal her firm breasts, which just like her sister, weren’t too large, but perfect for my liking. In fact, they were on the smaller size, but I loved Christina’s breasts and Kate’s were no different, except that Kate’s nipples were a bit darker, whereas Christina’s were pink. The nipples stood erect, wanting immediate attention, and I didn’t delay the process of putting my tongue over them. I licked her right boob completely, before taking it in my mouth. At the same time, I fondled her left nipple with my palms, and made her moan softly. She told me to lick the other breast, and I happily obliged; this time caressing the right one with my palms.Kate’s figure was the one you would see in gymnasium advertisements. Her waist was perfectly curved, and it was a treat to hold it. I held Kate’s waist, and proceeded to lick her armpits, which has always been my fetish. Much to my delight, Kate didn’t object. I licked her armpits and gave them small kisses, while she let out a playful laughter. The smell of sweat that lined her armpits made me wild like an a****l but Kate pushed me away. I asked her what happened, and she said, “My turn now hottie!”Kate proceeded to unzip my jeans, and pulled down my undies. My dick, which stood 7 inches tall, was already erect. Kate moved her tongue over my dick and slowly tried to take the entire thing in her mouth. Though she was not as good as my girlfriend, and which was understandable since Kate hadn’t had been with a guy for so long, she was still pleasurable. She went on to move her tongue over my dick for a good few minutes, and I was about to come. I told her the same, and üsküdar escort she said that I could come on her breasts. I was more than glad to, and spurt out a huge load on her tiny yet firm breasts.Kate went to the washroom to clean it, and told me that she would be back in a few minutes for the real action. Me, being a guy, couldn’t wait a moment more, and followed her to the washroom! I hid just outside the door, enough to steal a view of what she was doing. She turned on the shower and proceeded to clean the cum. In about a few minutes, I could see her turning the shower off. Sure enough, she proceeded to wipe her breasts with the hotel’s clean white towel and took out new panties from her kit to wear. As soon as she did that, I jumped before her, and grabbed her. I started the licking business again, and licked every inch of her face… telling her to get her tongue out. Once she got her tongue out, our tongues entangled and shared every drop of saliva we could produce.Slowly and steadily, while we were kissing, my hands went down to her breasts and I cupped them gently in my palms. I started pressing them slowly, and then broke free from the kiss, only to start sucking her sweet breasts again. I continued this for several minutes and then went further down where guys find their ultimate glory!Using my hands gently, I undid her panties, and there was her pussy that was already wet with so much action that we had had. The pussy was hairy and I was glad that it was that way. I preferred Christina’s pussy hairy as well, and when I told Kate, she said that she hadn’t shaved on Christina’s insistence. I let out a small laughter, wondering when the two sisters would have planned all this out.Kate, by now, was already too hot. To add to her pleasures, I moved my tongue inside her pussy and she let out a strong moan. I lapped up her pussy juice and thrust my tongue deeper. I tasted whatever I could, and the experience was heavenly. Today, I can conclude that both the sisters have pussies that can make me feel euphoric, and rapturous! Anyway, as Kate let out strong moans, I continued licking her pussy, trying to bite it very lightly in between so as to add to her pleasures. After a few minutes, I put my fingers inside and started stroking the pussy gently. While she was getting turned on, I increased my speed and reached a position where she was literally shrieking and howling in pleasure. Soon, she started squirting, taking my name, which made me feel all the more better.I carried Kate in my arms, and threw her on the bed. But I didn’t have a condom and it would be embarrassing to stop at that point of time. Reluctantly, I conveyed my worries to Kate, but she said that since she was anticipating it, she was on pills. Without waiting a moment more, I thrust my dick inside her warm pussy and started pumping it gently. We were in a missionary position so that I could simultaneously lick her tongue. As our passion grew, my pumping became faster, and so did Kate’s moaning. After a few minutes, I let out another load… this time, in her pussy. We lay down next to each other, rolling our tongues on each others’ lips, and playfully running our fingers on each other’s bodies.************************During the evening time, all the three of us were sitting at the Café, discussing how the sex was. Christina, being the lovely but protective girlfriend she was, refrained from taking part. She could do this for her sister, but couldn’t bear to listen what happened, and I understood her state. Kate said that she wanted more of it at night, but Christina and I had already decided our plans for night. Christina interrupted the conversation and nonchalantly said, “We can have a threesome!””To add to her pleasure I moved my tongue inside her pussy and she let out a strong moan as I lapped up her pussy juice and thrust my tongue deeper”