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Subject: Uncle Will’s Houseguest 67 Can you imagine life without Nifty? Please show your support with contributions to keep the Archive online. You can find out how fty/donate.html This story is completely fictional. I hope you are enjoying this story. Please send any comments ail and I will reply as soon as I can. Bill UNCLE WILL’S HOUSEGUEST Chapter 67 Andy was keen to spend as much time with Tommy as possible so he was up early on Sunday morning. “I’m not sure when I’ll be home but I will call you when I get on the bus,” he told his uncle before leaving to catch the bus for Nice. “Okay. Have fun!” Will said. As soon as he was settled on the bus, Andy started thinking about sex with Tommy. His cock was erect for much of the journey. Having received a text message, Tommy was waiting at the Parc Phoenix stop to greet Andy. They hugged and then, once the bus was some distance away, they kissed. “Take me home and make love to me,” Andy said when they parted. “You’re horny, eh?” Tommy grinned. Andy nodded. “I get stiff as soon as I see you.” He smiled and added, “To be honest, I was stiff on the bus just thinking about seeing you.” Tommy laughed. “In that case, we need to take care of your problem immediately.” They walked quickly to Tommy’s apartment and started stripping off inside the bedroom. “I can see you’re stiff too,” Andy said, looking at the bulge in Tommy’s boxer-briefs. “That’s your fault for turning up wearing sexy shorts,” responded Tommy. He nodded towards Andy’s briefs. “Have you pissed yourself?” Andy looked down the large damp patch visible at the front of his low-cut briefs. “No. That’s pre-cum. I told you that I was excited about coming to spend the day with you.” Tommy smiled and shook his head. “You need to learn some self-control.” “Or what? You’ll spank me?” Andy was now wearing nothing but a huge smile. “I might, or I might buy a cock-cage and prevent you becoming erect without my permission,” replied Tommy. Andy pressed his body against Tommy’s. “A cock-cage would be cruel but I wouldn’t object to being spanked.” Tommy smiled as he put his arms around Andy and then took a firm hold of his buttocks. “I will remember that but right now sex has priority.” He gave Andy a quick spank. “Now kneel down and suck my cock.” “Yes, Master.” Andy smiled, dropped to his knees and took Tommy’s huge cock in his right hand. He licked his lips and then looked up at Tommy. “Did I tell you that I love your cock?” “You may have mentioned it,” smiled Tommy. “Now stop wasting time. Start sucking!” Andy grinned. He loved the fact that Tommy was as eager for sex as he was. He squeezed the cock and a bead of pre-cum oozed from the piss-slit. Andy licked it away and then kissed the cockhead. He then opened his mouth and took the cockhead between his lips. Tommy moaned softly as Andy applied some suction. Andy went on to using the tip of his tongue to lick all around the glans and tease the piss-slit. He was rewarded by receiving more pre-cum. More suction followed and then Andy began to take the cock deeper into his mouth. “Yes, do it again. Swallow the whole of my cock,” Tommy urged. Andy smiled up at Tommy with his eyes and continued to swallow more of the thick 24 cm (9.5 inch) cock. He started humming before he swallowed it all and the vibrations added to Tommy’s pleasure. “Oh, that’s amazing,” said Tommy. He threw his head back and sighed as Andy took another breath and then hummed again. Finally Andy eased off the cock and kissed the head before wiping some saliva off his chin. Tommy pulled Andy to his feet and kissed him passionately. “How can someone so young be so good at oral sex?” he asked with a smile when they parted. “I dreamt about what I might do and used to practice with a banana long before I first had sex,” Andy replied. “I didn’t know how wonderful anal sex would be though. When are you going to fuck me?” “Now!” Tommy picked Andy up and tossed him onto the bed. He then crawled onto the bed, flipped Andy over onto his front and then caressed the smooth, perfectly-shaped buttocks. “You really have the most fuckable arse,” he said. “I offered to pose for a sculptor so that Michel could have a nude statue of me in his garden,” Andy told Tommy. “Sadly he didn’t think it was a good idea.” Tommy laughed. “Probably a wise decision. He might have found his visitors rubbing up against the statue with their erections.” He bent down and planted kisses on Andy’s arse cheeks before spreading them and licking the crack. Andy moaned softly when Tommy’s tongue began to concentrate on his quivering istanbul travesti entrance. He spread his legs wider, opening himself up for his lover. Tommy tongue-fucked Andy for a few minutes and then used a finger to probe the hole. A second finger caused Andy to beg for something more, something bigger. Tommy lubed his thick cock and then pressed the head against the entrance to Andy’s hole. Andy pushed back but he couldn’t help groaning when the cockhead burst through his sphincter. After pausing for a moment, Tommy pushed his cock deeper. “I need to fuck you,” he explained. “You really turn me on.” “Yes, use me for your pleasure,” responded Andy. “I love you being in control.” Noting that Andy had never lost his erection, Tommy began slow in and out movements. Moments later, his thrusts became longer and more forceful. “Yes, yes, fuck me hard,” said Andy. Tommy loved the fact that Andy wanted to be fucked harder. He didn’t change his actions much but he gave the teenager the hard fuck that he desired. Then he stopped and said, “Let’s change positions. I want to see your when we cum.” Andy happily turned onto his back. He moaned softly when the cock re-entered him. “I love this. You’re going to make me cum,” Andy said a few minutes later. “Oh, I can feel myself getting closer. Oh, oh, oh, I’m going to cum!” Andy let out a roar as he began to spunk off. Boy-cum flew into the air. Some spots landed on his face. More landed on his chest and the rest pooled on his stomach. Seeing this triggered Tommy’s orgasm. “I’m going to cum too,” he cried, moments before he sent volley after volley of man-cream deep into Andy’s arse. He shuddered and held the teenager tight. “That was wonderful,” Tommy said when he pulled out and collapsed next to Andy. “Yes, it was,” said Andy. He then surprised Tommy by getting up and moving to lick and suck his cock clean. “You didn’t need to do that,” Tommy said. “Yes, I did,” said Andy. “I love your cock and everything that comes from it.” “Everything?” asked Tommy. “Yes. Do you want me to drink your piss?” replied Andy. “I’d be happy to do it.” “Wow! I’ve never thought much about watersports but it might be fun to try it,” said Tommy. “Give me a few minutes to recover.” Andy licked and sucked the man’s cock and balls until the cock began to get stiff again. “Are you ready to give me more?” he asked. “I can’t cum again just yet but I’m curious about trying some piss action,” said Tommy. “I’ve only tried it with one other person but I’m happy to do it with you,” smiled Andy. “Shall we move into the bathroom?” Tommy agreed and took Andy’s hand as they walked to the bathroom. Andy’s cock was even stiffer than Tommy’s. Andy stepped into the shower cubicle and knelt down. He smiled up at Tommy and said, “Make me yours by pissing over me.” Tommy was turned on but also a bit nervous because he’d never been involved in piss-play before. He pointed his stiff cock at Andy’s chest but it took a few minutes before the flow started. He aimed at Andy’s chest and watched the golden stream run down the smooth body and onto Andy’s erection. Andy watched the flow for some moments but then moved his head forwards and into the flow. He moved his head from side to side, getting his face wet all over, before opening his mouth and letting the piss stream enter. The piss filled his mouth and overflowed down his chin before he swallowed some. Tommy groaned seeing Andy drink his piss but the flow continued. It frothed and bubbled in Andy’s mouth. Some dribbled down Andy’s chest but the rest was swallowed. Then the flow came to an end. Andy smiled. “It doesn’t taste as good as your cum but I’m happy to drink your piss any time.” Tommy pulled Andy to his feet and kissed him, tasting his own piss in the process. “You really are incredible,” he said before kissing him again. They showered and had fun soaping each other’s bodies before drying and returning to the living room wearing only towels. “How about some lunch? I have cold roast chicken and a pile of salad stuff,” Tommy said. “That sounds good to me,” smiled Andy. “I also have some sparkling water. I know that’s one of your favourite drinks,” said Tommy. “Perfect!” Andy followed Tommy into the kitchen and helped him set everything out on the table. “How are things going at school?” Tommy asked. “Pretty good. I’ve managed to get very decent grades despite being taught in French,” answered Andy. “I’ve made some good friends too.” Andy went on to tell Tommy about his friend Patrick and the concerns he had over his boyfriend kadıköy travesti going to study in Paris. He then asked, “I’ll be moving even further away. Do you think we will manage?” “I honestly don’t know. Long distance relationships are difficult,” said Tommy. “But not impossible,” Andy countered. “I’ve been thinking I could come back here to complete my studies rather than go to university in Scotland. I’m pretty fluent in French and I love living in France.” Tommy smiled. “Living apart might be manageable if you had a definite plan to return within a couple of years.” “Yes, and before moving back here, I could visit during the Christmas, Easter and the long summer breaks,” said Andy. “Maybe you could visit me in Glasgow once or twice a year. Plus we can chat online regularly. We can make it work.” He looked into Tommy’s eyes and asked, “Can we be boyfriends officially?” Tommy moved closer and hugged Andy. “You are very sweet. I’m not saying yes or no but let’s see how things go over the next few months before we make any commitments.” Andy pouted and Tommy took hold of him and kissed him. “I’m thinking of you, Andy,” Tommy said. “Even when you’re living in Antibes, we can normally only meet up at weekends so I’m not going to tell you not to have sex with anyone else. It’s okay for me but I know you’re permanently horny.” Andy thought about what Tommy had said and assumed he meant that being boyfriends also meant having a monogamous relationship. He didn’t think he could give up sex with his uncle and occasionally with Simon and others. Tommy couldn’t read Andy’s face. “We can have an understanding. We are friends and lovers, and maybe that can develop into something more. Okay?” Andy smiled and hugged Tommy. “Yes, my darling. That is enough for now.” They finished their lunch and Tommy suggested going for a walk. “We can have round two in the bedroom when we get back.” Andy grinned. “I like the idea of round two.” After a long walk and a stop for coffee and cakes, the pair returned to Tommy’s apartment. “What do you want to do now?” Tommy asked. “Have sex, of course,” replied Andy. Tommy shook his head. “I think I need a rest first.” “I can ride you and do most of the work. Just strip off and lie back,” Andy responded. “I thought you liked the man to be in charge when it came to sex,” said Tommy. Andy smiled. “That’s true. However fucking myself on your cock is better than no sex.” Tommy gave Andy’s arse a spank. “You will wait and then I’ll fuck your brains out.” “I like the thought of that,” Andy said with a smile. “Perhaps you can begin by spanking me for telling you what to do.” “I might just do that.” Tommy sat down and opened his phone. “Let me check my emails.” Andy sat down and flicked through a gardening magazine on the coffee table. However he soon began became impatient and started to undress. Tommy tried to ignore him as he replied to some emails. Andy was naked and slowly wanking his cock while looking at Tommy when Tommy shut his phone down and said, “That’s enough. Get over here and bend over my knees.” Trying to hide his delight, Andy went over and lowered himself over Tommy’s knees for the expected spanking. A sudden hard spank from Tommy caused him to yelp. “If you’re to be my boy, you will show me some respect,” said Tommy. “No stripping off and teasing me when I’m busy with work.” “Sorry, Tommy,” said Andy. “You will be.” Tommy began to deliver a series of firm spanks to the teen’s buttocks, alternating between one and then the other. Andy began to squirm as his arse turned pink but he didn’t complain. After more than a dozen strokes, Tommy stopped and said, “Okay, you can get up now.” Andy got to his feet and started rubbing his sore bum. “I have learned my lesson, master,” he said. Tommy was surprised to see that Andy had not only retained his erection, he was now leaking pre-cum. “Did that turn you on?” he asked. Andy nodded. “Yes, master. As I said, I like a big, strong man being in charge of me.” Tommy smiled. “I don’t have any experience of master-slave role play but it could be fun to play games occasionally.” “I’d be happy to be your sex-slave,” responded Andy. “To be tied up, suffer mild torture� whatever, as long as you fuck me afterwards.” “You’re crazy but fun to be with,” grinned Tommy. Andy stood in front of Tommy and put his arms around the man’s neck. “I love kissing and cuddling you too.” Tommy took hold of Andy’s head and gave him a long, passionate kiss. Andy smiled when they parted. “Yeah, like that. Can we go to bed now? I want bakırköy travesti to make love with you again.” “Okay, you sex-mad young monster!” Tommy stood up, lifted Andy in his arms and carried him through to the bedroom. Cocksucking and mutual rimming was followed by Andy being fucked until he spurted off hands-free. Tommy then pulled out and gave Andy a cum-facial, unloading a huge load over the horny teenager’s smile face. “I’ve never done that before,” Tommy told Andy. “I’ve seen it in porn and thought it looked hot.” “Take a photo of me like this,” Andy told Tommy. “I want you to remember that, when it comes to sex, you can do anything you want with me.” Tommy found his phone and snapped a few photos. Then he bent down, licked the cum from Andy’s face and shared some when he began to kiss him. They cuddled together afterwards in contented silence until Andy asked, “Are there any sexual fantasies you’d like to act out?” Tommy thought for a moment before replying. “I don’t think so. Sex has always been pretty vanilla for me up until now. I never imagined becoming involved with a kinky young teenager.” “I like trying new things,” said Andy. “I’m glad you’re willing to try new things with me.” “Is there anything you’d like to try that you haven’t done already?” Tommy asked. “Hmm, not anything special when it comes to sex but I’d like to go to a clothing-optional gay resort hotel,” replied Andy. “I’d love to wander around naked and erect in front of a whole bunch of gay men. Maybe we could do that together one day.” Tommy laughed. “Maybe we can visit a clothing-optional hotel but I think you’d be the only one walking around with an erection. Nice image!” “You could put me in hand-cuffs and take me around on a leash, letting everyone know I was your sex-slave. That would be so cool,” smiled Andy. Tommy shook his head. “You have a wild imagination! Now let’s get showered. We need to think about dinner soon.” “Aww. I was enjoying lying here with you,” said Andy. “Me too but you can’t be late home,” Tommy said. “You have school in the morning.” “Yes, Daddy,” responded Andy. “No, don’t call me that,” said Tommy. “I don’t need to be reminded of the age difference.” He sat up and swung his legs out of bed. “Anyway I have to get out of bed now. I need a pee.” Andy suddenly sat up. “Pee on me in the shower. Mark me as your slave!” Tommy groaned but then decided to humour the teenager. “Okay, come on.” *** After a lovely meal in Nice’s Old Town, Tommy led Andy to the bus stop. “I have less work next weekend. Would you like to visit me after school on Friday and stay until Sunday evening?” “Yeah? I’d love that!” Andy grinned, happy that Tommy wanted to spend a longer period with him. “Okay. I’ll be home by four so you can arrive any time after that,” smiled Tommy. They hugged and had a quick kiss before Andy got in the bus. Andy waved until Tommy was out of sight. A short time later Andy reached for his phone to let his uncle know that he was on his way home and found that the battery was flat. “That’s annoying but Uncle Will won’t mind,” he told himself. On arrival at the apartment, Andy decided to surprise his uncle. He let himself inside as quietly as he could and the crept up to the living room door. He listened carefully and heard the sounds of moaning. “He’s watching porn!” Andy smiled and then suddenly burst into the room. “Shit! You almost gave me a heart attack,” Will said, quickly closing his bathrobe to cover his erection. “Sorry. What are you watching?” Andy sat down on the arm of Will’s chair. On the screen was a small guy without pubes and two much older men. “Who’s the twink?” “His name is Austin Young and he’s actually 24. He has made a number of videos with older men,” replied Will. On the screen, Austin was now being fucked at both ends. “He’s got a great job,” smiled Andy. “Maybe I should take a gap year before starting at university and make some porn movies. Imagine getting paid for having sex!” “If you still plan on becoming a teacher, that’s not a good idea,” responded Will. “Supposing one of your students found one of your videos online? The news would spread like wildfire and you’d have parents demanding your resignation.” “Okay. It was just a thought,” said Andy. “It probably wouldn’t be as much fun as it looks.” “You’re right. I’ve read that it can sometimes take hours to shoot a scene that might last only twenty minutes onscreen,” responded Will. “You would get frustrated by all the stopping and starting.” “Yes, I’d hate that!” Andy said. “I can help you though while you watch the video.” He knelt between his uncle’s legs, opened the bathrobe and took the cock into his mouth. Will re-wound part of the video and enjoyed watching the hottest part while Andy sucked him off. Andy went to bed a very happy boy. To be continued