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Subject: Unexpected Health Club Benefits 17 Unexpected Health Club Benefits – Part 17 I waited a week to hear from Reggie, but nothing. Iconcluded that he was trying to help his roommate move so didn’t want to botherhim any more than I already had. I avoided the bar and the health club, notwanting to run across any of the men I had hooked up with recently. Being horny, it was time to visit the local videostore hoping to meet someone who needed a good mouth or ass. When I firstarrived there were only a few other white guys sitting in the theater, jackingtheir dicks to movies, so I headed to the arcade which was empty. I paid theentry fee, hoping someone sexy would arrive. After waiting aboutan hour, I gave up and started heading home when I saw a Black man looking atsex toys in the store. He was a tall, middle aged man, about 6’4, 240 and darkskinned. After a few minutes of browsing, he paid to go into the theater and Iimmediately followed him in, thinking that I better act quick before one of theother guys made their move. He sat in the back row of the section that showedstraight porn. Within 5 minutes he pulled out his cock and startedstroking. It was soft, but long, thick and uncut. Lucky for me, the other guyswere in the gay porn theater, so it was just the two of us. As is the usualcruising technique I used, I contacted his eyes, then looked down at his dick.He nodded in the affirmative. I sat down next to him and started playing withhis rubbery, thick cock. “You want some head?” I asked. “Go for it,” was his response as he leaned back andspread his arms across the adjacent chairs. I got between his legs and startedwith the French kissing of the tip of his cock, hooded by long foreskin. Therewas a musky odor that many would find unpleasant which I found exciting. Hiscock grew quickly to a full 8 inches of average thickness, but very hard. Forabout 10 minutes I switched back and forth from his cock to his low hangingballs. By this time, a small crowd had gathered around us, jacking their whitedicks as they watched. He said nothing, remaining fixated on the screen where ablonde woman was getting fucked by a Black man, making loud squeaky noises andbegging for more of his cock. Periodically looking up at him, I admired thebeauty of his face, full lips, neatly trimmed this moustache and large eyes. “Get up and turn around,” he said in a demandingvoice. As soon as I did as told I felt his hands around the waistband of mysweat pants and yank them down, along with my underwear, so that my bare asswas exposed to him. I put my hands on the chair in front of me to brace myselffor what I expected a good fucking, but it did not allow him enough room. He pushed the chair aside, telling me to bend over. Hissudden impatience did not bother me. Before I got the chance escort bayan to do so, hepulled off my t-shirt, tossed it to the side, then guided my head down so thatI was in position. There were now about 6-7 guys around us, all jacking. Somewere encouraging the man to fuck me good, others telling me to take his cock.He wasted little time sliding placing his cock at my hole and pushing in. I hadalready lubed so was ready for it. Thankfully, he inserted slowly. The hardnessof his cock made for an easy, though somewhat painful entry. He reached aroundand pinched my nipples while a white guy came in front of me, waving his cockat my lips, which I refused. After releasing his grip on my tits, he grabbed myhair and pulled my head back. “Suck his dick,” he ordered, still fully inside ofme. While I normally don’t give head to white men, I did so because a Black mantold me to. As soon as I took the white cock into my mouth, I felt the manbehind me pull out, then slam back in. The pain was intense, and I had to cryout. After a few second when I nearly blacked out, I felt him pull out again,this time I was ready for another hard thrust. The man whose cock I was suckingbacked away, then shot a load onto my face as I was getting mercilessly fucked.In a few minutes, I felt him grab my waist and deliver a barrage of well-timed,forceful thrusts until he unloaded inside of me. After he pulled out, a whiteman got on his knees and started sucking him. Pants and underwear around myankles, I stood and pulled them up. Someone handed me my shirt, telling me”Good show.” Without saying anything, the Black man, put his dick away, andwalked out. I finished dressing and did the same. On my way out I saw that I had received a text fromReggie, apologizing for not returning my earlier messages. He went on toexplain that he needed to spend more time with his roommate and hoped I would understand.In other words, he was no longer interested. Rather than trying to run throughthe possible reasons in my head, I quickly resolved to move on and chalk it upas another temporary situation that is prevalent in the gay community. Part ofthe game I thought. The best way to get over it was to find someoneelse, so I immediately went on an app to find out if anyone was nearby. I had amessage from a young man, age 21, who I had previously tried to makearrangements, but neither of us could host. He said he had the apartment thathe shared with 2 other roommates to himself. I immediately got back to himsaying I would be glad to come over. I had always wanted to serve this youngman, he seemed nice, was a total top and repeatedly stated how much he lovedwhite ass. Only living about 5 miles away, I got there quickly.He opened the apartment door, in his boxers, and invited me in. He was chubbierthat his description, kocaeli escort which I didn’t mind at all. He stood about 5’9″ andweighed about 250. But the extra weightwas not loose, and he was actually pretty solid. He had a deep brown skincolor, uncombed hair and was unshaven. The living room had a bed in the middleand was littered badly. My first impression was that he was very sexy, and veryfriendly, but a terrible housekeeper. “Can I get you something to drink, maybe water?” heasked. I was pleased that he was masculine sounded, and upbeat. I thanked himfor the water, still standing in the room because there was no place to sitdown. “You can put your clothes anywhere,” he said as helowered his underwear. One thing he did not lie about was the size of his cock.It hung about 7 inches and was very fat. A large vain ran from the base to hishead, which was covered by large foreskin. As I undressed, I admired his verylarge ass, sticking out nicely. Down to my underwear, I still stood, finishingmy water. We engaged in some small talk while he made room for us on the bed,then laid down. “Is there anything you want me to do?” I asked. “Yeah, definitely could use some head,” he said,putting his arms behind his head. Still in my tighty-whity underwear, at hisrequest, I knelt between his legs. I took his soft cock into my mouth, workingmy tongue inside the foreskin, stroking the inside of it, circling the headwhich was now growing. Sensing that his cock was going to grow much larger thatI would be able to handle orally, I sucked in the rest of him until his headpopped past my throat. “Oh fuck, that feels good!” he moaned as I massagedhis head with my throat. One of the things I had bragged about during ourmessaging is my ability to suck dick, which I was now doing to his admiration.For the next few minutes I stroked, massaged, and kissed his now fully-growncock, at least ten inches in length and, due to its girth, becoming moredifficult to give him quality head. I looked up at him and saw the he waslooking directly into my eyes. I sucked his head while we locked eyes. Hisexpression was that of extreme pleasure. When I could no longer fit him into mymouth comfortably, I pulled off and licked his balls, hairy, large and a bit ofa funk. “Hope that ass is as good as that mouth,” he said,placing his hand on my head as I rolled each testicle into my mouth. “It is,” I said, kissing and licking his gonads. “Fuck yeah,” he said, hoisting himself up. “How you want it?” I asked, already in doggie, butopen to any position he wanted. We had earlier chatted about him tearing off myunderwear in heated passion, so I prepared for that possibility. “Just like that,” he said, standing behind me. Ifelt him reach down, take the elastic of my underwear izmit escort bayan and , with one quickswipe, pull them off, ripping them in the process. “Damn man, you got abeautiful white ass,” he said as he caressed my butt cheeks. “You must workout,” he said. I heard him open a bottle of lube, then the feel of the liquidon my crack. “I’m definitely going to enjoy fucking this,” he said as he workeda finger in and out. He finished tearing off my underwear, and then, with afair amount of force, spread my legs andgot my ass into a position for him. He wasted no time pushing his cock in. Imanaged to muffle my screams in the bed but when he popped past my second ring,I let out a loud moan. I asked him to slow down, hoping I’d have time to adjustto his wide girth. “You doing okay?” he asked, pouring more lube ontomy ass, stroking my butt. “Yeah, just need a sec,” I said, relaxing my anus sothat more of him could slide in. And slide in he did. I could not help but moanand groan as his cock worked its entirety inside of me. “Fuck, your ass feels amazing,” he said as he bentover, resting his large chest on my back as his cock stayed buried deep inside. “Your dick feels so good,” I said to him, turningaround, our sweaty heads against each other. “I’m going to fuck you so good,” he said, thenputting his head on the back of my head and guiding it into the bed. I felt himpull out, then slowly slide it back in. “Damn man, this feels so good,” he saidas he stroked slowly a few times. I squeezed my ass around his cock every timehe pulled out, loosening it when he pushed back in. “Fuck!” he howled loudly,his cock pulsating and the familiar feel of a man ejaculating inside of me. Hisorgasm was intense, lasting at least ten seconds and throbbing inside of me. Iknew he had just deposited a large load inside of me based on the conversationwe had earlier. We both stayed in position for several minutes, enjoyingthe intensity of the brief encounter. When his dick slipped out, I felt somejizz ooze out, but, due to the length of his dick, most stayed in me. “Fuck, that’s some good ass,” he said, delivering ahard whack on my butt. I turned around and sucked his softening cock, cleaningthe residual sperm still inside his hooded dick. “Sorry I came so quick,” hesaid. “No worries,” I said, glad that he enjoyed himself.I turned over, asking him if I could cum. “Yeah man,” he said, fingering my ass. In under aminute I was shooting over my chest and belly. I admired his large body, and wet, thick cock whichnow dangled between his large thighs. The vein had grown even larger. “Can Ikiss it?” “Sure thing,” he said. I ran my tongue along thevein, kissing and gently sucking his soft member. Later we lay on the bed together. He told me abouthis new boyfriend, and that he thought he could love him, but the sex wasn’tthat great. He told me he needed to cum at last twice a day and hoped I would beavailable more often. He also said he wanted to record a video of him and a friendfucking me. I promised him I would.