Uniform of the day!!!

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Uniform of the day!!!Everyday I get home from work I find my instructions posted. It’s instructions on my uniform that my goddess wants me to wear. I walk in and strip down only wearing my cock cage. Today my uniform includes my collar with leash, nipple clamps, wrist and ankle cuffs, and a butt plug. After i’m in my uniform I report to the dungeon were I find my BBW goddess wearing a black corset, fishnet stocking, and a black thong. She motions for to come to her in the middle of the room. She lifts my arms and attaches the chains to my wrist cuffs. She then attaches a spreader bar to my ankles. Once I’m secured she walks around to inspect me. She let’s out an evil chuckle when she notices my cock trying to get hard in the cage ” is my cock trying to get out ” she asks. With warning I feel the riding crop strike my balls. The pain causes her cock to go limp but I moan as I love the pain. ” Oh you like that do you” and she strikes my balls again. The pain brings yet another moan. She whips them 3 more times real quick. The pain is almost unbareable, ” how does that feel my toy “. It feels good goddess I moan. Good she barks, I enjoy whipping my balls because I don’t feel the pain. Now she continues to walk circles around me taking the riding crop to my ass, to my nipples almanbahis yeni giriş that are not sore from the clamps. While behind me she brings the crop up between my legs striking her balls unexpectingly. This time I let out a yell, this promts another strike only harder as she growls ” I want to her only moans”. ” I want to know my toy is enjoying the attention I’m giving him”. The next smack on my balls is the hardest strike yet, I let out a moan but all I want to do is scream. “That’s a good toy I was worried we was done for the day”. I moan ” no goddess please continue”. Now she undo’s the chains on my wrist cuffs and has me bend over so she can attach them to the spreader bar. Now with my ass bent over she whips my ass make sure that her balls get a little smack here and there. She walks up close to my face, I can smell her sex as she grabs my face and rubs her thong covered pussy on my face. I stick my tongue out trying to get a lick which is met with another strike on her balls. She barks ” YOU DIDN’T ASK FIRST ” sorry goddess I wimper. I will not let you cum if you make me mad again, she states. It won’t happen again goddess I tell her. She walks around behind me pushing on the butt plug that’s filling my ass. I moan with each push almanbahis giriş then all of a sudden she pulls it out. I sigh as my ass can now relax, then without warning the plug goes back in. Now she starts to work it in and out, slow at first then she builds up speed tearing my ass apart. Then it stops with the plug in my ass. I can hear her back there still and have no idea what she is about to do. Then her hand grabs her cock and twist it a little so she can reach the lock. And with that I can feel the cage slide off her cock. It’s been 6 days since the cage has been off. Her hand grabs her cock and starts to stroke it very slowly, ” You better not cum ” she instructs. As she continues to stroke nice and slow, her cock is nice and hard now. As she strokes her cock nice and slow I feel the plug come out of my ass. Then back in she is matching stroke for stroke. her hand goes forward the plug goes in, her hand comes back the plug comes out in a nice slow rhythm. I can’t take this I know I’m going to cum if this keeps. Just as I feel it building she lets go of her cock and keeps the plug in my ass. She then disconects my wrist from the bar. ” Lay on the table my toy”. As I lay down she connects my wrist to the table takes off the spreader bar off and almanbahis güvenilirmi attaches my ankles. She slides a blindfold over my eye’s as she whispers I don’t want you to watch because this is for my enjoyment not yours. I don’t know what she is doing all I can do is listen to the fumbling around. Then i feel her climb on to the table and grab my cock as she sits on it. It slides in easy as her pussy is so wet when she gets to the bottem of her cock I feel her wetness run onto her balls. She lifts up and off then grabs her cock and angles it back a little and sits back down this time taking it in her ass. Now I hear a buzz as she turned on her vibrator. She doesn’t move on her cock she just sits there with buried in her ass and starts to vib her clit. She starts out with a low moan but within a few seconds her moan become loud as she shakes and twitches. I feel her juice running over my stomach as she comes. Now she removes her vibe and sits there for a few. She climbs off of me and the table and I hear more fumbling around. Then I feel a warm wash cloth on her cock cleaning him up. She places my cock cage on my stomach and tells me to get soft. I whimper ” I can’t I want to cum “. Well that will teach you to try and lick my pussy without permission. And WHAM the riding crop strike boths nuts at the same time. Good bye hard on, as I whimper. ” No moan so you must of had fun today so we need to take a few days off. No i beg as the cage goes over her cock and locks. She disconnects my wrist and ankles, take a shower and make dinner toy…….