Used By a Younger Woman Part 3

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Used By a Younger Woman Part 3It had been a torrid time, I thought, as we quietly sipped champagne and made small talk. We could have of been any two women with an age difference chatting about girly things. Of course that wasn’t true. I’d given up my older body to the body and mind of this younger woman and I had been thoroughly used. We were both naked. My tits were still red, my nipples still on fire, my cunt had been ferociously used and throbbed deeply, my asshole had been well stretched. Tegan stretched out naked on the bed, her nubile form and general demeanour belied what she could do to a willing woman, what she had done to me and she wasn’t finished yet. We finished our bottle of champagne and Tegan said matter of factly, “I am going to shove this bottle into your cunt, you know that don’t you.”“Yes,” I said nodding.“But first I need to pee, come with me to the bathroom,” demanded Tegan.The hotel room had a lovely large bathroom with a relatively large square bathtub in the corner.“Sit in the tub,” commanded Tegan, and naturally I obeyed. Tegan straddled my face, one foot in the bath tub, the other on the edge, her juicy cunt just above my mouth. No words were exchanged; I knew my current task instinctively. I opened my mouth and let Tegan pee on me. At first it was a dribble, but it didn’t take long before a river of warm acrid pee splashed into my mouth, across my face, and down over my tender tits. “Lick me clean,” said Tegan as her stream of pee ceased. She thrust her cunt into my face and I lapped at it, ensuring it was as clean as I could get it. “You may relieve yourself and have a shower, no longer than five minutes I want you back on the bed for more punishment,” said Tegan.With that Tegan went back to the bedroom and I peed and showered. When I re-entered the bedroom, Tegan stood near the bed. She was wearing a wicked strap-on dildo. As I looked at I could clearly see that it was made of leather and encrusted with large flat studs. I had never seen anything like kırşehir escort it before. “Kneel on the bed,” commanded Tegan. As I knelt on the bed, Tegan again deftly bound my tits. A little less tight than before, but nonetheless each tit was encircled by three loops of thick rope. Tegan squeezed them firmly to test their turgidity, and I got a good look at the fake cock the sprung from her crotch, it was large and with its studs, foreboding. But, I had already taken a pounding in my cunt, and there was no question in my mind that I would take the fucking that would be forthcoming. Tegan applied some more lube to my already over exerted cunt. I felt the tip of the strap-on probe the door to my cunt, before Tegan very slowly and deliberately pushed it in. Each stud rippled against my cunt lips. Its length was perfect for me, and as soon as it was all the way in, Tegan slowly withdrew it, the studs pulling my cunt lips in the other direction. Tegan started to fuck me now, still slowly but her speed building very slowly, as she did so she spanked my bare bum. “Thwack….. thwack…. thwack,” was the sound that filled the room.I lurched forward and all this did was torment my tied tits and I yelped. “QUIET,” snarled Tegan. I was virtually immobile. Any significant movement saw my thoroughly used tits suffering against the restraining ropes and I knew I had to suffer in silence. My pussy was being turned inside out by the studded dildo and my bum cheeks were being spanked hard. Tegan really started to fuck my cunt hard, I bit my lip as my eyes started to water from the intense stimulation, but I resisted the near overpowering urge to yell out. The spanking stopped, but Tegan was really fucking me hard now, with each stroke, the ropes dug into my tits. The studded strap-on was really starting to overheat my cunt. I felt the tell tale cool of lube on my bumhole as Tegan continued the now metronomic fucking of my cunt. One and then two fingers dipped into my sphincter, escort kırşehir only to be quickly withdrawn before they were plunged deeply in again. A third finger quickly joined the first two. My orgasm built quickly as Tegan unrelentingly fucked me with the dildo and buggered me with her fingers. I started to buck as the orgasmic waves swelled through me and this only served to shoot bolts of erotic pain through me as I pulled against the restraints on my tits. The more my orgasm took hold, the more my tits were tormented against their ropey constraints. “QUIET,” repeated Tegan aggressively, but this time it was too much, I yelled out as I reached the pinnacle of my climax, driven by the studded demon dancing in my convulsing cunt.Tegan continued her fucking, in fact faster now, and I was not afforded any post-orgasmic respite. “Because you weren’t quiet, I am not going to let you rest,” said Tegan.I quivered with each thrust and Tegan spent a couple more minutes fucking my anguished cunt, before finally withdrawing the fiendish strap-on and then untying my poor tits. “Get off the bed; you are going to lick my cunt and asshole now. You are going to do it well and you are you going to do it until I satisfied,” said Tegan. “You are my cunt licker,” she added. With that I got off the bed, my tits throbbed even more then before and they were startlingly red. My cunt was a strained mess. Tegan laid down on her back., spread her legs and put her knees up towards her ears, giving me unfettered access to her cunt and anal opening. I went to work and it didn’t take long for Tegan to climax, but after only a brief break, she wanted more. She made me eat her cunt and lick her asshole for the best part of an hour. She came another three times – raucously. After she climaxed the fourth time, she wanted a rest from being stimulated but still wanted to torment me. “Lay back on the bed like I was,” she commanded. I obeyed and Tegan slid the slender neck of the champagne bottle into kırşehir escort bayan my cunt. Not surprisingly it slid in effortlessly. As Tegan burrowed into me with that wine bottle she slapped my clit periodically with the flat of her hand, short, firm and fast staccato strikes. Tegan continued this for ages, nearly bringing me to the edge of orgasm before whipping out the bottle and leaving my clit alone as she sensed any inkling of my orgasm building. Then she did something different, she left the wine bottle planted in my upturned cunt and then when and got the other full bottle from the bar fridge and a couple of glasses. She popped the cork and sat it on the floor next to the bed before she went back to work fucking me with the wine bottle again and slapping my poor little clit. This time as my orgasm started to build, Tegan continued her efforts with the wine bottle before whipping it out and then jamming the neck of the cold full bottle into my cunt and then slapping my clit with no respite. Champagne surged into my cunt and then erupted out. My cunt was filled with fizz that went all over the bed and floor and down across my tits. I was overcome again by lust and I climaxed uncontrollably, champagne ending up everywhere. As my orgasm subsided, Tegan extracted the cold bottle from my cunt and with much spillage poured some of the champagne from my cunt into a glass. She then tipped more champagne into my cunt and then caught it in the other champagne glass as it flowed out. “Get up and have a last drink with me,” she said offering me a glass. The room was now a mess with spilt champagne everywhere. We finished our glasses of pussy infused champagne. My legs were like jelly from all the exertion, my tits were sore and my cunt ached. We both showered together, soaping each other as we did and then dried each other with soft towels. We dressed and departed the room together, caught the lift down to the foyer and turned in our room key to reception. We bade goodbye with a chaste kiss in front of a group of businessmen who had arrived for a conference. I am sure they had no idea what we had been up to, how could they? I did not see Tegan again, but I can tell you that this was not my last encounter as a submissive older woman.