Valhalla Chronicles: Tara Morgane

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From the author: A New Way To Read Erotica.

Thank-you dear reader for choosing to read my work. I wanted to present readers with a slightly different way to read erotica. To this end I present ‘The Valhalla Chronicles’.

Rather than have a single story that has consecutive chapters what I have done is written what I call ‘a parent story’ and a series of ‘chronicles’ to accompany it.

I wrote the parent story ‘A Night In Valhalla’ first. It was written in ‘the first person’ perspective from the eyes of ‘Alan Shaw’.

Rather than write subsequent chapters I had another idea. A series of companion stories written in ‘the third person’ perspective picking up what happened next from the view point of the other characters introduced in ‘A Night In Valhalla’.

Using that method, as long as you read the ‘parent story’ first, you can then go on to read any of the chronicle stories in any order depending who you want to follow first.

So I present to you the first of the ‘Valhalla Chronicles’ from the perspective of Tara Morgane.

Each experience will be as different as the person they follow. Tara’s journey will be more a romantic one where as the next chronicle (Grace English) will pull no punches at all. Different people, different journeys.

So if you have not done so already please go to my profile and read ‘A Night In Valhalla’ first. You will enjoy ‘Valhalla Chronicles: Tara Morgane’ much more if you do so.

The stories will span many genres. The parent story was exhibitionism, Tara’s journey is erotic coupling (with mild bondage elements). The upcoming Grace English chronicle will be about submission.

Thank-you once again dear reader. I hope you will appreciate that I have tried to do something new and fresh with this and at least humour me and my madness.

A Sincerest Thank-You



It was almost 6am before Tara finally got back to her home and to the comfort of her own soft bed. That in itself wasn’t unusual.

Saturday nights were always the busiest at the Valhalla club, and in her role as ‘head of member services’ it was vital to make sure that all those members were safe and accounted for before she handed things over to Stephanie for the ‘Sunday shift’.

But……Although Tara had arrived home at a normal time, the things that had happened on her watch that night had been far from normal.

Aside from her regular duties, Tara had two additional, and very important, events to co-ordinate that evening.

The first was the orientation and induction of Alan Shaw as a new member.

The second was a ‘public presentation’ to be given by Grace English.

While not totally inaccurate, the term ‘public presentation’ didn’t even come close to communicating the true meaning of what actually took place. It was just a catchy piece of ‘Valhalla speak’ that described any sex act to be performed in front of others for their viewing pleasure.

Voyeurism seemed to be an interest that virtually all of the members had shared, but Grace English was different, a ‘horse of a different colour’ if you will.

She wasn’t content to merely observe any more.

A successful lawyer who had lived most of her adult life in the public eye, she was used to being watched by strangers. After a time she had even come to crave that attention.

All through high-school she had been that bookish ‘nerd-girl’ that nobody gave a damn about. At least, that’s the way she had always felt back then she had told Tara once in a candid moment.

The attention that her career had gotten her as an adult had been so intoxicating that it had virtually flipped her personality on it’s head.

She had now become a secret exhibitionist with cravings she could not possibly live out without destroying her career.

Valhalla was the perfect solution for her, and tonight after years of dreaming and summoning up the courage, she was going to live out that dream.

Grace had picked out three men from a potential list of twenty to ‘assist’ her, and virtually every member of Valhalla had applied to attend her presentation.

Tara had invested a lot of time and effort already in making tonight a success for both Alan Shaw and Grace English, and in order to maximise her efficiency, she had arranged to merge those two objectives into one event.

What better introduction to Valhalla could she possibly give Alan Shaw?

Witnessing a much admired lawyer like Grace English engage in hard-core sex acts right before his eyes would have been the perfect initiation into that secret world.

Alan Shaw was in fact, the perfect type of new member that Valhalla was looking for. He was newly rich, highly motivated, and his recent unfortunate exposure in the media indicated that he was a man that could benefit greatly from what Valhalla had to offer.

That night’s induction of Alan Shaw however, did not go as planned.

The ‘public presentation’ given by Grace English also took a turn that nobody could güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri have foreseen.

By Tara’s own standards the events of that night should have been considered a complete failure, but in an ironic twist, she found herself feeling happier than she had in a very long time.

Tara had always prided herself on her ability to plan events and also, to a certain extent, in her ability to manipulate people.

The preparation for Grace English’s presentation ran so deep that it had even extended to the psychological profiling of the ‘associates’ she would use for the experience.

The profiling of the three males that Grace had selected to ‘assist’ her had yielded the exact results that Tara was looking for.

The psychological profiling of Jasmine Parks however, had failed miserably to predict any of her actions, but that failure had in turn, yielded something so much more extraordinary.

An extreme sequence of events was set in motion by Miss Parks that could only be described as a kind of fortunate ‘serendipity’.

Tara had decided on her own to throw Jasmine Parks into the mix as a wild-card.

A harmless girl-on-girl introduction that would put Grace off guard.

A couple of weeks earlier Tara had noted with interest the reaction of Grace to an all female ‘presentation’ given at Valhalla.

That reaction was enough to prompt Tara to look for a suitable female addition to the up-coming presentation Grace was to give. The introduction of something new and forbidden would make that experience all the more special.

Jasmine Parks had an interesting history with Grace English that really added value to the situation. Finding her had seemed almost too good to be true.

A personal interview concluded that she would be available for the right price (after much negotiating) and that she would be stable and predictable.

Psychological profiling had further confirmed her suitability for the task.

Jasmine Parks however, had turned out to be an evil, manipulative, force of nature.

Her harsh treatment of Grace English had elevated those events into something that was now totally unprecedented.

Tara had just witnessed what was undoubtedly the most profoundly altering experience of Grace English’s life. It was an event so intense that even Tara herself felt altered by it.

As if that wasn’t enough something else had happened during and after that experience that was equally shocking to her.

Alan Shaw was definitely not the kind of man that Tara Morgane had expected him to be.

She saw it……actually no, that’s not quite accurate.

She felt it…….Right from the very first moment she watched him step out of that limousine.

Over last three years Tara had become a vital cog in the running of the Valhalla machine. She knew all the members by name and she liked and respected them all.

It was that respect that had helped her to truly understand them.

She also realized very quickly that they all seemed to share the same peculiar personality trait.

It was that trait that was partly responsible for the extreme wealth and success they had all attained.

They were all good people in their own way, but they also all seemed to display a total lack of empathy for the feelings of others.

They were not malicious however, just indifferent to it all.

It was that indifference that had no doubt made it possible for them to make the kind of ruthless decisions that most people would be tortured by.

Tara didn’t think any less of them for that. Maybe losing part of your humanity was simply the price of success. When she thought about it that way, then everything else about them seemed to make sense.

Alan Shaw however, was not like the other members of Valhalla. His humanity was still very much intact on virtually every level, and to Tara, he stuck out like a sore thumb because of it.

She recalled again the moment when he had stepped out of that limousine.

He wore a smart pinstripe suit that was expensive without being pretentious. In great shape and handsome, he had a youthful exuberance that he had tried so very hard to hide but he didn’t fool her for a second.

He had stared at her like a smitten teenager then.

Tara didn’t acknowledge that look then, but somewhere deep inside her she felt an innocent giggle and blush as if a 14 year-old girl had attempted to hijack her 28 year old soul.

Tara was used to being stared at of course, but not in the way Alan Shaw did then. The other members of Valhalla sometimes looked on her with the lecherous intensity of a tiger stalking it’s prey.

It was the apparent innocence of Alan Shaw that had disarmed Tara the most. It was as if she had just met the last ‘good man’ left on planet earth.

As the night wore on and the amazing ordeal of Grace English unfolded before their eyes, Alan had responded in the most tender of ways. Just witnessing what was happening in front of her had further güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri disarmed Tara and compromised her own ability to control herself.

Far from being angry, she was now more grateful than ever for that lapse in control.

She had let Alan’s hands explore her in the most intimate of ways then, but he had done it in a manner that was so very unlike anyone else she had ever been intimate with.

Soft and yet forceful too.

She also knew however, that there would be a reckoning for what she had done that night. Tara was not just any simple ‘associate’ at Valhalla. She had in fact, fired others for doing the very thing she had done with Alan last night.

Although there were no video cameras or surveillance of any kind within the club, upper management was always notified of any activity that happened inside a public room. Word usually travelled so fast in fact, that management were usually aware of it even before the activity itself was over.

It was true that she had arranged and hired many women and men over the years to perform intimate acts at the request of more than a few members.

But……It was also true that she was part of the core team of associates at Valhalla, and as such, she was not permitted to engage members in any kind of intimate way.

That core team was the front line and the face of the organisation.

To make matters worse, Tara was the head of that team. It was her example that set the standard for all to follow.

Tara eased herself gently between the crisp new sheets of her bed as she attempted to let sleep take her.

Instead of wearing a negligee as she usually did, Tara had simply tied her hair in a pony-tail before discarding her clothes and getting into bed.

She felt the gentle friction of those cool sheets slide up against her skin. She tried to clear her mind and let herself drift into oblivion, but she could already tell that sleep was not going to come that easily for her then.

She just felt too alive, too excited about something she couldn’t quite define.

In an almost reflex action her fingers began to seek out her crotch, but she hesitated. Something inside her stayed her hand as a voice quietly whispered, ‘No…not now…….save it……for him.’

That whisper was the voice of that giggling fourteen year-old girl inside her. Her most pure self.

She became aware of a lingering thought then and it began to slowly evolve inside her and take on a new form entirely. Thought gave way to emotion and then suddenly to a profound realisation.

‘Impossible…..too soon’ the subconscious mind of the mature twenty eight year-old Tara protested.

‘Oh it’s very possible…It’s already happened.’ The girl inside her replied with building excitement.

Sleep did come after a while as the ‘two Taras’ continued their dialogue. It continued on into her dreams and the two of them fought with each other over and over until the mature Tara finally capitulated to that insistent little girl.

When Tara Morgane finally woke five hours later she discovered to her total amazement that she was not the same.

In the space of one evening she had somehow managed to fall deeply in love with Alan Shaw.

‘It can’t be……This isn’t how it’s supposed to work.’ Tara thought to herself, but no matter how hard she fought it, it didn’t change that fact.

It was already far too late to fight it now.

Her mobile phone rang suddenly then. As soon as Tara picked it up and examined the caller I.D. she knew that the time of reckoning for what she had done was going to come sooner rather than later.

It was Tyler Krantz, the co-founder and part owner of Valhalla Limited.

Tara was accountable to almost nobody within Valhalla, but Tyler Krantz wasn’t ‘within’ the organisation as such. It would be more accurate to say that he ‘was’ the organisation.

Tara nervously hit the touch-screen on her i-phone and then listened closely.

“You know why I’m calling you Miss Morgane.” The voice of Tyler Krantz said coldly.

“I know Mr Krantz. I have been expecting your call.”

“Report to my office at Valhalla at 10.25am please Miss Morgane, we have much to discuss.”

The phone went dead then.

“FUCK!” Tara practically yelled into the dead space her empty home.

‘God this is it…this is how it’s gonna end.’ she thought to herself as she felt the tears begin to flow.

It just wasn’t fair. She loved her job. She was good at it.

Why should the price of falling in love be so high? Surely it was possible to pursue these new feelings with Alan and still keep her job!

They were all valid points but as Tara continued to think on them there was just no way she could get around the fact that she had just broken one of the biggest rules that Valhalla had.

Her spectacular salary had even reflected the harshness of that rule. Everyone who broke that trust knew that a hasty exit would soon follow.

At 10.25am precisely, güvenilir bahis şirketleri Tara Morgane sat in the office of Tyler Krantz. He studied her from behind his desk as she shifted uneasily in her chair.

Even though it was a Sunday morning it was not unusual for Mr Krantz to be working. His office within the Valhalla complex never really closed anyway.

“Real business people don’t keep normal hours,” he had always been fond of telling her.

“Was it worth it?” Tyler Krantz said suddenly.

“Please Mr Krantz. I love it here. I love my job and I’m good at it. I want to stay.”

“On that point we agree Miss Morgane. Yes you are good at what you do. In fact your work for us is exceptional, but I must ask you again………Was it worth it?”

Tara thought for a moment. There was no point in lying. Tyler Krantz had always been able to read her like a book.

“Yes…….Yes Mr Krantz……It was worth it.” Tara confessed.

The forehead of Tyler Krantz seemed to furrow with confusion then. He was a fifty year-old man who carried the kind of importance and gravitas that you would usually associate with great men. To see such a man actually surprised my anything at all was a rare sight indeed.

Instinctively he undid the top button of his shirt and then loosened his tie as he took a deep breath.

He looked on her with a mixture of concern and disappointment as he began to speak.

“Do you realise what you’re saying Miss Morgane?”

“Yes …I think so.” Tara said as a lone tear strayed down her cheek.

“Look Miss Morgane it’s not my intention to cause you any more distress than is necessary, but you must understand my confusion. Your work for us is beyond exemplary. So much so that I consider you vital. So I’m left with a very real dilemma now. Why would a woman such as yourself throw it all away on such a trivial act of passion?”

“It didn’t feel trivial to me Sir.” Tara said as the tears began to flow more freely now.

“Do you expect me to believe that you just decided to throw your whole life and career away after your first meeting with this man….this Alan Shaw? Is that really what your asking me to believe?”

“I didn’t want to throw anything away Mr Krantz.” Tara sobbed before continuing “I can’t explain why….I…I don’t know how it happened so soon but I really think that I…………” She stopped then.

“You love him……after only one night……you love him…….do I have that about right?” The scepticism in his voice was clearly evident.

“Yes.” Was the simple reply.

“You give me no choice Tara.” Tyler Krantz had never used her first name before. Somehow that just made it all even worse.

“The rules are the same for everyone Tara. That’s the only way Valhalla has managed to survive so long, what with the financial crisis and all.”

“I understand.” She replied weakly. Her heart was utterly broken.

“Report to Valhalla at 7pm tomorrow night. You will be permitted into the reception room but nowhere else. We will discuss your departure and a suitable termination package for your employment. Do we understand each other?”

“Yes Mr Krantz……I…I’m sorry. I’ve let you down.”

Tyler Krantz watched closely as the broken figure of Tara Morgane exited the office.

As soon as she was gone he wasted no time and picked up his phone.

“Stephanie?….This is Krantz. Come to my office immediately and bring the file on Alan Shaw with you. What?…..okay then bring your i-pad….whatever…look just bring me all you have on Shaw okay? We need to go over an exit strategy for Tara Morgane……..Yes you heard me right.”

At 6.55pm the next evening Tara found herself sitting quietly at the bar in the Valhalla reception room. The look on her face told a story of utter sorrow. She had spent much of that day sitting alone on her living room sofa as she cried uncontrollably.

She wasn’t going to let them see those tears now but her face belied the pain that she felt.

The smart skirt suit that she wore just felt out of place, almost like she had arrived at a ‘fancy-dress’ party out of costume.

Jackie, the stunning blonde who worked behind the bar began to talk to her then. Ironically it was Tara who had hired her.

“I’ve never seen you out of uniform before.”

“I know.”

“None of us want to see you go.” Jackie thought briefly before adding. “You are the best thing about this place, everyone knows it.”

“Not everyone.” Tara said softly.

“Oh Krantz knows it alright. If you had seen him earlier today you’d know that things weren’t right with him.” Jackie said as she poured out three shot glasses and laid them on the bar in front of Tara.

“I appreciate the thought Jackie but I’m not in the mood for tequila.” Tara said.

“What the hell difference is it gonna make now?” Jackie replied, forcing a smile as she said it.

“Fair point.” Tara relented.

“One of those is mine but I figured you might need a couple tonight.” Jackie said trying to sound cheerful.

“Okay…..sure…….why the fuck not”. Tara Morgane replied.

She watched Jackie down her shot in one gulp before following suit and downing the other two shots herself in less than five seconds.

“You’re a good friend Jackie.” Tara said trying to smile but failing.