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I feel her near me, her skin close to mine, her heels touching the floor boards and I worship the sound. Sweat drips down my face, across my cheek and down my slender neck, I feel it moving down my nude body, closer to my bound and tender breasts. My wrists begin to ache, the cuffs biting into my skin is heaven because she did it to me because it pleases her. I am here to please her, to serve her and to love her. I love her.She places her hand on me and my breath stops. I feel a surge of power in her touch. The pain I feel in my neck as she presses me down is nirvana to me. I bend over, the ropes compressing my small but firm breasts. My nipples tingle. I tingle. She asks a question to which I answer, “Yes Mistress.” almanbahis Then she leans me forward. I can’t see. My eyes are covered and my lips kiss the floor as I bend all the way over. I turn my face and my cheek touches the cold, cold wood. My small ass is in the air, I can feel my moist and eager pussy burning for her touch. But she isn’t going to touch me, not yet.Leather runs across my back, a long intertwined and slender whip. She moves it so the leather rests in between my ass cheeks and trails across my puckered little anus. I want to beg for her to fuck me with it. I want to feel something in my rectum, my little brown hole. I want her to do it to me rough and take my ass like I’m her bitch. I am almanbahis yeni giriş her bitch.My breath is hot and heavy across the boards. I feel condensation building there in front of my lips. I push my ass higher into the air and my Mistress promises something special tonight.My nipples touch the cold floor and they explode with electric sensations. She walks around me and then away. She stops.Silence.I tremble with expectation.Silence.My heart beat sounds thunderous. I’m surprised she can’t hear it. I’m surprised she doesn’t punish me for it.I hear the crack before I feel anything. A single crack of leather that hangs and reverberates around the room before the stinging ecstasy slices across my trembling almanbahis giriş naked ass and I moan between clinched teeth.Another crack and I bite down harder before the burning orgasmic slice of her whip even has time to pass up my nerve endings and explode with sensual wonder in my mind. She asks me if I want more and I answer but the breath escapes me and she doesn’t hear me. Her anger is my honey, it drips down on me and oozes over my skin with sticky sweet desire.She kicks open my legs. I feel cold air on my slick wet little pussy. I feel it exposed to her, inviting her, begging her to abuse it and use it. I’m her fuck toy. Why won’t she use me like a fucking plaything? I love her. I want her anger to flow into me like a thick hard cock.She slaps my pussy. She is angry. She slaps it and I bite my bottom lip like a little girl. Like I used to do when I was young. She slaps it again and I know my fleshy labia are red and swollen.