Vicky Makes A Discovery

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Vicky and I had had known each other for almost a month before I asked her out. She said yes and I was in seventh heaven. She was that “beautiful” woman you see strolling around any campus or corporate office. The one guys have wet dreams about but are afraid to with and the one all the women hate because they’re jealous. It was the weekend of my university graduation. Vicky was in the middle of her sophomore year. We were both older than the majority of students. I had spent a number of years in the military and after high school she had left home to try professional dancing and acting. I was almost 30 and she was 26. I think our ages made it easier for us to communicate and eventually get together. Vicky’s incredibly beautiful. Not cheerleader cute or homecoming queen special. I mean drop dead, ready to leave your wife and kids for, fashion model beautiful. Exotic doesn’t do her justice. At 5′ 5” tall, her slim, toned, very hard body had all the right curves and you had no doubt that her 34D breasts were all hers. At least half her height was long, shapely, well toned legs. Her skin was smooth as silk with a light chocolate tone like she had a perpetual tan covered in a light layer of fragrant body oil. Her delicate looking hands had long fingers and very long, sharp fingernails. I would soon find out that those hands were stronger than they appeared. The most incredible thing about her was her hair. Thick, dark blond, silky and shiny in waves and swirls so long she had to make sure she had it out of the way to sit down. Anywhere she went, no matter how she was dressed, everything came to a standstill so people could watch her. Our first date was at a party for a mutual friend. We meet at the party where we had lots of fun and the promise of romance made me anxious. On our second date we had gone to see a play and then out to dinner. She had worn this tight, sheer silk dress that seemed to mold itself to her body. The matching shoes were a pair of 4 inch stiletto heels. They made her tall enough that she reached so that she could rest her head on my shoulder. With a 6′ 3” frame, I’m a big man. As well as being a head taller than everyone my shoulders are as wide as most door frames. All night I watched the sex just ooze from her every pore. The way she moved and stretched the fabric of the dress and the heat I could feel from her body made me believe there was very little under that silk. We played around with each other all night and by the time we left the restaurant I was ready to fuck her right then and there. I was probably in love and definitely in lust which seemed to be mutual on her part. Unfortunately, she was staying with her parents while moving from an old apartment to sub-let part of a house. Of course this had to be the week between moves and she had been forced to stay with her extremely Catholic parents for the first time in almost ten years. They were nice people but it took me only a few minutes to understand why she had left home after she had graduated high school. It was still early by my standards (about Midnight) when her parents decided to go to bed to leave us alone in the living room. “You know, almanbahis şikayet it’s been over ten years since I’ve had to bring a girl home to her parents house and keep the noise down after they’d gone to bed.” Getting up to go to the kitchen she laughed at me over her shoulder, “Well, the good thing is their room is at the other end of the house and I know for a fact sound doesn’t travel well back there.” “And exactly how do you know that.” Returning with a bottle of cold wine and two glasses she said, “I found out a long time ago, when I would bring my dates back here.” As she handed me the wine and glasses to poor , “If they’d have heard anything, I’d have been sent off to a Catholic girls school when I fifteen. I’d probably be wearing a nun’s habit by now.” “I don’t know, it still feels a little strange. May be I should be heading home and you can come over to my place tomorrow night for dinner.” As I was pouring the wine I had my back turned to her. When I turned back around I almost dropped the glasses in shock. Vicky was standing there in nothing but the high heels. The dress was in a pile around her feet. I was right. Not a thing on under the dress. Her body literally glowed in the light of the room. Her breasts were round, firm and high on her chest. Her nipples were stiff and pointed slightly upward. Her thin waist moved down to slightly rounded hips and a rock hard ass with no wrinkle lines under her ass cheeks. All that sat on top of the most incredible, shapely legs. What is it women do to get that slight space between their thighs just below their pussies. Stepping over the dress she moved to me and took one of the glasses of wine, “Well, do you want to test my theory on how sound travels?” I set my wine glass on the end table and sat down on the couch. Motioning for her to stand in front of me, I slid my hands around to cup her ass and pulled her even closer to my face. As I started moving my face and tongue around her pussy I suddenly realized there wasn’t a hair on her body below her neck line. “Wow. Now this is nice. Smooth. Like licking a peach.” Pulling me head closer to her body she said, “I’ve been waxing my body since I was sixteen. I went to a cosmetics fair downtown once with one of my girl friends. This beautiful woman as giving a demonstration of bikini waxes with hot wax and oil treatments. “When she asked for a volunteer to demonstrate the procedure my girl friend pushed me up and made me volunteer. She’d had kept her pussy waxed for more than a year and it had always looked so good. So…I decided to go for it. I had to strip to my skin and climb into a special chair to let this woman put wax all over my pussy and ass. And, we were right there in front of twenty other women. She kept “accidentally” sliding her fingers into my pussy. Every time she did she’d smile and wink at me. When she was finished, everything down there looked just beautiful and I couldn’t wait to get home and masturbate. It’s was so nice and smooth I decided I’d have it done ever since. ””Your right. It is beautiful.” I said. Her story was definitely having an effect on me and from the juices on her pussy lips, almanbahis canlı casino I could tell the memory had an effect on her. I lifted one of her legs and placed it over my shoulder. My mouth was all over her pussy and I tried to push my tongue as far as I could up her cunt. She held on to my head and could barely keep her balance standing on the one high heel. After a minute her pussy lips were slick with her juices and my saliva. I got her lips separated and flicked her clit with my tongue ’till it was standing out all by itself. I pulled her down to the couch, stood up and stripping out of my clothes asked her, “Now you’re sure we won’t have your parents coming in here with a gun or something.” “No, they’re in for the night. Now sit back so I can check out that big, beautiful dick of yours.” I’m not sure what she expected in the way of my equipment. I’m a little above average in length but the head and shaft of my dick match the rest of my body, wide and thick. Taking a big sip of her glass of wine she knelt between my legs. I couldn’t tell if the look in her eyes was surprise or lust. With one hand she grabbed my balls and reached around behind her head with the other to pull that main of beautiful hair over her shoulder and around to the side of her body. The cold wine made her mouth frosty and when she wrapped it around my dick I almost came. Pulling of me prick she asked, “That feels good doesn’t it? I’m going to let you do the same to me later but first I want to see how long you can last.” Between each sip of wine she would take my dick into and to the back of her throat. She slide her cold tongue and teeth back up over the head then kept up the process until her mouth warmed and she took another sip of wine. After a few minutes of this I couldn’t wait any longer. I pulled her off the floor and over on top of me. She put a knee on each side of my thighs and leaned her whole body into my chest and face. Reaching down she grabbed my prick and started sliding the head back and forth through her slick pussy lips. After several seconds of this, with no warning, she sat back just slightly and in one motion I was in her all the way to the base. I thought her eyes would pop out of her head. She dropped he head back and let out a surprised squeal. “Shush…Keep quiet!” I said pulling her back to me. “That’s all we need is you Mom or Dad walking in on us. I’ll end up in jail and you’ll spend the rest of your life in a confessional.” “Don’t you dare stop fucking me!” was her only response. She started sliding around with my dick buried inside her. The friction on my shaft was incredible. Every time she pushed her breasts into my face I would take one of those incredible, pink nipples into my mouth and try to suck in as much of her tit as my mouth could hold. “Bite my nipples with your teeth.” I obliged hoping I wasn’t hurting her. “HARDER. Bite them harder.” I did, thinking I was going to draw blood. “Oh fuck. That hurts so good. Please, make them hurt. I want to feel them tingle for days.” Grabbing her waist, I lifted he body just inches above my hips and with all my energy I started to thrust my hips up and almanbahis casino down, pushing my dick into her as hard as I could. At the top of the stroke the head of my prick was just inside with her pussy lips wrapped around it. At the bottom of the stroke I could feel those same lips pushing down on around my balls. “Are you going to cum? Tell me when you’re going to cum. I can feel your dick getting bigger inside me. I know you’re going to come.”She leaned back, supporting herself with her hands on my knees, and let me continue fuck her with hard strokes. With every push of my hips and her tits bounce up with the hard stroke. I could feel it starting deep in my center, “Ohhh… shit. Here it cums.” Suddenly she reached down and grabbed my balls with her fingers. As my first pulsing shot hit deep inside her cunt she squeezed my balls, sinking her fingernails into the skin around my sack. I had never felt anything as erotically painful in my life. The harder she squeezed the longer it lasted and I kept pulsing shot after shot of cum into her cunt. Trying to coax it all out of me she said, “That’s it baby. You’re cumming so hard and there’s so much. Keep it going. Cum on, fill me.” After what seemed like minutes of absolute bliss, my balls quit contracting. She slowly released her fingers and moved them to her pussy lips to catch our combined juices as they leaked out around the shaft of my dick. When her fingers covered with juices she brought them to her mouth and licked them clean. “You taste better than I imagined. And it feels like you turned on a hose inside me. There’s so much.” She moved her fingers from her pussy lips to her mouth, over and over, squeezing the muscles in her canal until there was none left. “And just who taught you that trick?” I asked. “You’re not the first guy I’ve had in this living room.” She started to move and realized I was still buried inside her. “God baby, you’re still hard as a rock.” She lifted herself up on her knees and grabbed my dick with her hand just to make sure. I replied a with a slight grin, “Yea, that’s one of the good about the Army. They work you to death to build your stamina. You learn how to go on forever. I guess it rubbed off in other areas.” I pulled my hands up to cup her breasts and rub her red nipples with my thumbs. “You haven’t cum yet, got any ideas on how we could remedy that?” Then she dropped eyes and told me her biggest secret. “I’ve never cum with a guy. I’ve gotten real close, just like now, but I’ve just never hit the peak.” As she talked she slid her hips and pussy back down on my shaft and started a slow grind. “I’ve used my fingers and vibrators and cum really hard. I’ve even been with a few girls from the dance companies. Several of them have made me cum so hard I almost passed out. I’ve just never been able to reach a climax with a guy. And, I really like guys.” I felt bad about her problem and wasn’t sure what to do. “OK. Tell me. What can I do that you think might help, without waking your parents?” That beautiful face was pressed against my cheek and her hair was falling around us both when she leaned back, entwined her fingers behind my neck and said, “Well, onetime this girl in my ballet class took me to her house and just dominated me.” Her eyebrows went up and the glow on her face told me she was excited. “She tied my hands, pulled on my hair and did things to me and I couldn’t stop her.