Viktor’s Fantasies Pt. 07

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I would like to thank those of you who have enjoyed my Viktor series for voting positively. Also for any comments made either publicly or privately – please keep them coming! This is the final part of my Viktor series, but he will appear again in future works.

My following story is purely a work of sexual fantasy and is complete fiction. The names of my characters are all fictitious and do not represent anyone living or deceased.


Viktor is a highly sexed older man who loves sexy blondes with enormous tits. He loves to indulge his fetishes of pussy shaving and dressing his women in sexy black pvc before quite literally tearing it off them!

Viktor’s life was influenced as an older teenager by his mother, as can be read in earlier chapters. Please be aware that it contains details of their short incestuous relationship.


Viktor had felt incredibly miserable during his first few weeks in England. Trapped with his joyless wife, day and night. He loathed being with her and constantly missed Stasia. And as the months passed he grew ever more jealous of the companions he saw accompanying her in Russian celebrity mags and gossip columns. He envied the men, but knew his time with her was done, and sought solace with other beautiful women and whores, indulging his kinks and fantasies.

Then one day, “We’ve traced the culprit.” Vladimir told him as he answered his phone.

“It’s Talia. She wanted revenge for her sister.” He told him.

Ah yes, sweet Sofia. He had really liked her, and she had been a good fuck, but could never be long term. She didn’t enjoy his needs and kinks. She really was just too ‘vanilla’. But he had been nice about the way he had finished with her, so why did her sister want revenge? Well now she would pay for it.

“Hmmm. Where is she now? And her sister?” He asked.

“We are holding Talia. Sofia doesn’t know.”

She really deserved to be disposed of for what she had done, but remembering the intimacy between gentle Sofia and himself, he knew she would be broken if anything happened to her sister.

“Do you want us to eliminate her?” Vladimir asked.

“No. Rough her up. Make it clear how she will be dealt with if she ever thinks of interfering with me again. And make sure you get all that money back.”


Viktor had been in the UK for a few years now. He had enjoyed his time spent in London, but was beginning to tire of the endless supply of whores. He wanted something more. He needed something more permanent, and he still missed Anastasia. He missed their closeness. Sex between them had been incredible, but he knew it had been more than that. He had loved her. He enjoyed her company and simply spending time with her, and now that he was heading towards seventy he wanted it again. He needed someone to love him and be loved.

He continued to follow Stasia in the Russian tabloids. She was still the darling of Moscow and was currently dating yet another oligarch. Andrai Nikolay was a 62 year old close ally of the President. A very powerful man, and very, very rich. He couldn’t bear to see his beautiful sexy Stasia on his arm.

He imagined the two of them together, Andrai stripping her naked out of one of those tight shiny latex dresses she often wore, that clung temptingly to her luscious body. Feasting on her spectacular breasts, before his ugly red face nestled between her legs, licking and sucking that delicious naked cunt that he himself had eaten so many times before. Then, sinking his cock deep inside her, the two of them rutting hard together as he once had with her. He felt truly sick at the thought.

He slammed his fist hard on his desk. A tear trickled from his watery eyes. He still loved her and he still wanted her. He picked up the invitation in front of him.

“Anastasia and Andrai invite VIKTOR to a party on …….”

It would be good to see her, but could he handle seeing her with him? He had mulled it over for the last couple of days, but now he decided he would go. It was to be held at their mansion in Moscow, so he would stay at his own home in the city. He hadn’t been back in a long time and suddenly felt desperate to see her again.

Who should he take? Leonora could be perfect. Tall, elegant, classy and sexy. And he certainly loved to play with her wonderful tits! He could have quite a weekend with her. But no, he needed something more. An absolutely stunning Russian escort would be perfect. He knew exactly who to contact to get the right type of girl. He needed Stasia to feel jealous.


Viktor looked at the image staring back at him in the mirror. He was smart and well groomed, but now definitely looked as if he was heading towards seventy. Nevertheless he could still be considered sexy, he thought to himself. He wondered if Stasia would still be attracted to him.

He headed down yalova escort the stairs, where the butler told him the girl was waiting in the drawing room. He opened the door to see a truly stunning blonde beauty stood by the window. She had to be over 6ft tall. An incredible figure, her tight silver satin sheath of a dress displaying her magnificent cleavage. Her perky nipples poking through the silky fabric draped tightly over her breasts. He was almost salivating as he headed towards her.

She stretched out her hand to introduce herself, but he ignored it, instead pulled her close to him before pushing his tongue into her mouth. She kissed him back and groaned as he kissed down her neck towards her delicious cleavage. He slipped down the delicate straps of her dress, pulling down the silky fabric to reveal her gorgeous tits and baby pink nipples, sucking them hard into his mouth.

Quite a greeting she thought as she allowed him to suckle on her. He must have lavished her tits for a good ten minutes before he finally lifted his head and smiled at her.

“Mmmm, it’s a pleasure to meet you Katia. I think we are going to have a very enjoyable evening together.” He told her. “How old are you my dear?” He asked as he pulled up the front of her dress, covering her full creamy natural breasts.

“I’m 21 Viktor, but very experienced for my age so hopefully perfect for your needs. I love all types of sex, so I think you will find me an excellent escort for you this evening. I’m sure we will have a good time together after the party is over.”

He wondered if she had a lush hairy pussy he could shave. He would love to tear off that sexy tight satin dress she was wearing, open her legs up and shave her. “Tell me dear, do you have a pretty hairy pussy?”

“I do have some hair, though I am told you like your women shaved and clean?”

“Yes, that’s true, but we can deal with that later.” He told her. His cock now rock hard at the thought of her gorgeous pussy waiting to be shaved. He looked forward to returning home with her.

“Ok, let’s go now. My chauffer is waiting outside.” He said, as he ushered her outside.


There were many expensive cars queueing towards the front of the magnificent white house. Eventually they stopped and the valets opened both doors to let them exit. Viktor took hold of Katia by her waist and led her inside. People stared at him as he ushered in the statuesque, voluptuous blonde, young enough to be his grand daughter. He was insatiable, sex always on his mind even at his age, the women thought. Many of them thought him truly revolting. Many knew of his kinks. The poor girl would obviously have to earn her money later.

They both took a glass of champagne offered by a waiter who stood to attention, as they walked into the magnificent drawing room. The glass doors opened on to the huge, perfectly manicured gardens where many guests were mingling. Beautiful people in beautiful, expensive outfits. Each woman clearly trying to out do the other. They stepped into the throng of people and were immediately pounced on by old acquaintances or guests simply wanting to meet and be seen with the famous oligarch.

Katia stood attentively by his side as he introduced her to everyone. The women clearly jealous of the stunning statuesque model. The men envious of Viktor, knowing what a night he would probably enjoy later, and most eyes fixed on the young woman’s plunging neckline and her nipples poking through the silky dress. Lucky bastard they thought as they looked at their much older well preserved wives.

They all stood drinking and chatting when suddenly there was a huge fanfare. Six tanned muscular men entered the garden, dressed as Roman Centurions, each blowing long horns. Behind them followed male ‘slaves’ in short togas carrying two stretchers bearing Anastasia and Andrai. They slowly carried them to a podium set up in the middle of the decked area by the pool, then gently lowered them so they could dismount.

Anastasia looked incredible in her silver Grecian style dress. She was now even more beautiful than Viktor remembered. She had recently turned 25 and she had truly matured like a fine bottle of wine. He was still desperately attracted to her. Perhaps he even still loved her he thought to himself.

Everyone was clapping as the couple mounted the podium. Andrai looked pathetic in his toga thought Viktor. His jet black hair clearly dyed and sporting a ridiculous pony tail. The 65 year old billionaire clearly trying to appear young for his beautiful companion.

And now he took both her hands and kissed her deeply. The crowd cheered. A Roman centurion approached them, carrying a cushion. Everyone tried to get a better view to see what was on it. Andrai removed a small box.

“And now my darling Stasia I want to ask you to be my bride.” He said as he slowly opened the box, the contents of which glinted in the sun light as he revealed the sparkling 15 carat pear shaped pink diamond. yalova escort bayan Everyone gasped at its size and beauty. “Will you marry me?” He asked.

“Oh Andrai YES baby of course I will!” Stasia gushed as she held out her finger for him to slip on the huge ring. He took hold of her kissing her long and hard as everyone watched on, clapping and cheering.

With one exception, of course. Viktor was far from happy that Stasia would soon marry him, and he was not impressed by the sheer vulgarity of this tasteless display, especially as the ‘slaves’ were now shaking huge bottles of Cristal and spraying them towards the crowd. He watched furiously as Andrai led Stasia to what looked like a huge glass champagne saucer. The slaves started to pour the Cristal in to it. Andrai was now unfastening the shoulder clasp of Stasia’s sexy silver dress and allowed it to fall to the floor, revealing her gorgeous voluptuous body. Her only modesty being that of two jewelled pasties over her nipples and the tiniest silver g-string covering her pussy. The crowd were going wild as she climbed the steps to the top of the glass before unclasping her string and throwing it to Andrai who promptly caught it and put it to his lips. She then climbed into the glass.

Loud music played and everyone watched as she bathed and cavorted in the champagne, virtually naked. Andrai had removed his toga and wore the most ridiculous pouch as he too climbed the steps before getting into the glass beside her. He took hold of one of the bottles and poured it over her gorgeous breasts before pulling off her pasties, kissing her and licking the champagne from her tits, then sucking her nipples deep into his mouth.

Viktor was well used to licentious displays, but he was not happy to see this revolting man slobbering over ‘his’ Stasia. He started to walk away as the two of them climbed from the glass as towels were quickly wrapped around them. The crowd still clapping and cheering.

Katia could see he was visibly upset. “Do you know her well Viktor?” She asked.

“Yes, she is my favourite niece. She could have chosen anyone she wanted, but Andrai Nikolay is the last man I would have imagined her ending up with.” He told her, as he ushered her away. He couldn’t watch this vulgar display any longer.


They stood inside the mansion eating canapes, when Anastasia spotted him.

“Uncle Viktor, my favourite uncle.” she said as she kissed him, a little too fondly Katia observed. “And who is this? Are you going to introduce us?” She asked, surveying his stunning companion.

“Stasia, meet my beautiful lady, Katia.” He told her as the two women air kissed. Anastasia looked her up and down, jealously noticing the other woman’s large tits, equal in size to her own.

“You look very well my love. I trust Andrai is treating you well? And congratulations to both of you.” He said, diplomatically. “Katia could you fetch me another Cognac darling.” He asked, dismissing her so that he could be left alone with Stasia.

He ushered Stasia out of the room. “I want to talk to you alone.” He said.

“I’m not sure that’s a good idea.”

He ignored her and pushed her in front of him, then opened a door which led to a study. He locked the door behind them.

“I have missed you so very much my little one.” He said as he took hold of her and started to kiss her deeply.

They wrapped their arms tightly around each other, kissing for what seemed ages, until he eventually unfastened her silver dress, allowing it to puddle on the floor around her naked body. “I want you.” He said, kissing her huge breasts all over as he unfastened the zipper of his trousers.

“No Uncle. Not now, not here.” But he was now kneeling down, licking her naked pussy before pushing his tongue deep into her cunt. Stasia gasped. “Stop Viktor! we can’t do this here. I don’t want Andrai to find us like this.”

“Then when? And where?” He asked as he looked up at her.

“I don’t know, but I will find a way. I shall try to visit you, discretely.” She said as she pulled her dress up from the floor, clipping it back over her enormous tits.


Katia sat quietly in the car as Vladimir drove them back to Viktor’s mansion. She could tell he was clearly angry, but she didn’t know exactly why. He had taken the glass of 18 year old malt whisky she had handed to him and literally thrown it down his throat like a cheap shot.

“We’re leaving now.” He’d said grabbing her by the arm and giving no explanation, pushing her towards the door then into his limousine. Vladimir drove at speed, and they soon reached Viktor’s beautiful mansion.

He led her through his huge opulent house to a room down some steps, hidden away at the rear of the building. He quickly unlocked the door and pushed her through. As he switched on the dim lighting she looked around at all the surrounding equipment. Chains hanging from the ceiling, whips, masks, leather chairs and escort yalova beds. It was his sex room. Her breasts were heaving hard, her pussy moistening. She looked forward to being fucked here.

He pushed her towards a leather bench, bending her over it, her breasts hanging down. “Spread your legs.” He told her. He had of course wanted to fuck Stasia really, but she had rejected him. He would now drill this bitch instead.

He roughly pulled up the soft shiny dress, then took it in both hands and ripped hard until it tore open. She screeched at him as he ruined her expensive silk dress. “Viktor my dress!”

“Be quiet. I’ll pay for any damage.” He hissed, before ripping it open right up to her waist, revealing her tiny black thong, garter belt and stockings. He stuck his fingers either side of her thong, ripping hard to tear it from her. Beautiful. He bent down to lick her naked ass, before turning her around to access her cunt, then licking and sucking hard on her clit. Katia groaned as he ate her out. Kissing the small amount of soft dark fur that covered her pussy.

He now wrenched hard on the thin spaghetti straps until they ripped away from the silky fabric, then slid down the soft shiny satin to reveal her gorgeous, generous breasts. He kissed them all over, biting them and sucking hard on her nipples. And now once again, he started to tear at the soft fabric, ripping it open completely until the torn remnants fell to the floor. She now stood naked apart from her stockings and suspenders. She was fucking gorgeous and sexy. Christ his cock was big and hard.

He led her over to his gyni chair. “Get on here.” He instructed. She obediently climbed on to it and waited for him to fix the leather straps around her ankles and wrists. She was breathing hard now, feeling incredibly sexy and vulnerable. He came to her side and picked up one of her soft luscious tits, sucking it hard into his mouth.

“Oh Viktor that feels so good.” She said as he suckled and nibbled her. “Suck my other breast.” She told him.

He went around her other side and started to kiss it all over, sucking on her translucent creamy flesh, leaving behind little purple bruises. “Mmmm your tits taste so good. I want to eat them all up.” He said as he licked, sucked and bit into them. Katia was screaming with orgasmic delight as he feasted on her hard nipples and soft pink areolas.

“But now my darling Katia it’s time for that delicious little cunt of yours.” He said as he spread her legs wide with the controls of the chair. She was fully opened to him now. She had the most sumptuous vulva. Fleshy and so, so eatable. Her lips were large and ripe for sucking and chewing.

He immediately bent in and opened her up with his fingers to reveal her glistening pink cunt. Mmmm, delicious he thought as he pushed his tongue inside her, spooning out her creamy natural lube. He took each of her meaty labia in his mouth, sucking and chewing on them, before heading to her ‘piece de resistance’. Her hard swollen clitoris!

He pulled back her hood and wrapped his lips around her hard nub and sucked on her, then licking around her pink swollen clit with his tongue, teasing her. She gasped at the intensity. His cock was so hard, he needed to free it from his pants. He unfastened his zipper and took his prick in his hand rubbing hard on it while he sucked on her clit.

“Mmmm you really are gorgeous. But now I really want to shave off that little strip of hair before I fuck you. I really need to.” He said. “I love smooth hairless cunts.”

“Go ahead then Viktor. Do what you want with me. I need you to fuck me you hot sexy man, and I want you now!” She exclaimed. Katia had quite a penchant for rich older men. She found them powerful and sexy and she desperately wanted Viktor to screw her. She was quite literally dripping for him, her juices running out over the black leather chair.

He had gone to collect his razor and now returned with soap, and warm water ready to shave her pussy clean. He stripped off all his clothes first, then lathered some soap on to her cunt before scraping with the cut throat razor. He worked carefully and studiously. His hard erect cock twitching as he worked carefully between her legs. Katia groaned with sexual delight as the older man worked on her. She loved what he was doing to her, aching for him to eat her again once he had finished shaving her clean.

“Viktor am I clean of hair now. I want you to eat my naked hairless pussy. I need your tongue on me, inside me. Fuck me with it, and then I want to eat your hard cock. Your prick looks so delicious.”

“I’m done now. I just need to clean you up before I take you into my mouth.” He said as he started to wipe her with a damp flannel. She looked just perfect laying completely open to him. Her pussy was almost at eye level. He took hold of her stockinged legs and pushed his head between them, licking her open dripping cunt, inhaling her musky juices. He groaned as he sucked and licked her. Her cunt was divine.

He rose his head, his face glistening, wet from her juices. “Let’s go to the bed now.

I want to fuck you.” He said as he started to unfasten the restraints. He felt desperate to have her.