Virgin’s sister Again

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Virgin’s sister AgainVirgin’s sister Againby oggbashan © Copyright oggbashan April 2005The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.This is a sequel to Virgin’s sister.* * * * *My big sister Lynn had been my first. After my abject failure with my then girlfriend Eve and Lynn’s disastrous evening out, Lynn had straddled me and had taken my unwanted virginity.I loved my big sister, but until that night I had loved her as a sister. Our relationship was very different for a while. Lynn was everything I wanted. She needed reassurance after her divorce that she was still attractive. My instinctive response to her had been enough to precipitate a love we should be ashamed of.Lynn is my big sister in more than age. She stands a head taller than me even in bare feet. I still had pictures of Lynn on my bedroom wall. The one I liked most was the newest showing her in the ball gown she had been wearing that fateful night.Lynn asked me to stay with her for the weekend the next time my parents went away. I accepted and my parents had no objection. Why should they? I was nineteen, nearly twenty, and my sister just thirty and recently divorced. My parents didn’t know about that night. I hadn’t forgotten it. How could I? It had been my first time. I thought it had been a once-off, never to be repeated and had happened because we had both been hurt.On Friday evening I drove over to Lynn’s house in my own car. I had saved hard and bought a wreck that needed work. Four months of work had turned the wreck into a reliable vehicle that looked respectable if boring. Even with my parents’ help I couldn’t afford the insurance on a powerful car. It might have been small but it was good. Just like me.When I arrived Lynn admired the car and seemed to appreciate how much work I had put into it. Eve thought the car was too small. For some things it was. Once inside Lynn’s house, with the front door firmly shut behind me, Lynn took my head in her hands and kissed me full on the mouth. At first I was startled. I couldn’t avoid responding to her passionate kiss. My arms wrapped round her waist. One of her arms cradled my head. The other pulled me close. I could feel her erect nipples against my chest. Lynn let me ardahan escort go. She patted me lightly on the head.”Coffee, Giles?” She asked as if her mouth hadn’t been r****g mine seconds before.”Er… Yes please, Lynn.””Come into the kitchen then.”I left my suitcase in the hall and followed Lynn. One thing had changed since I was last in her kitchen. Just below the kitchen clock was that picture of Lynn and me at the wedding years ago. Lynn noticed me looking at it.”I put that up to remind me that at least someone loves me. You do, don’t you Giles?”I nodded. Lynn brushed her lips on my cheek.”Thank you, Giles. I do need reassurance this weekend.””Why now?” I asked.”Greg is getting married again tomorrow.”Greg was her ex-husband. He chases young women, women barely old enough to be legal prey. That is why they had divorced.”How old is the bride?” I asked.”It will be her eighteenth birthday tomorrow,” Lynn spat out.Ouch. That must have hurt Lynn. I opened my arms to her. She dropped to her knees and snuggled against my shoulder. I stroked her hair gently as she sobbed.I looked back up at the picture that reminded me of happier times when Lynn could help me with any problem I had.”What happened to that bridesmaid’s dress?” I asked. I wanted to know and I thought it might take Lynn’s mind off Greg.Lynn turned to follow my gaze.”That one? I’ve still got it. It takes up a quarter of my wardrobe. Greg and I argued about it once. He said that it was unhealthy to keep an old dress that I’d never wear again. At the time he was chasing a very young girl so I retorted that he was being even more unhealthy. After that I kept it because I wasn’t going to let Greg push me into getting rid of it.””I think you would still fit into it,” I suggested.”Of course I can!” Lynn retorted. “I haven’t lost my figure. Unlike Greg. He’s got the start of a paunch.””He hasn’t!””He has! What that girl sees in him I don’t know.”Lynn stood up. We made coffee and drank it.After a while discussing our parents and other relations Lynn said suddenly:”I haven’t tried that dress on for years. I think I still fit it. I’d like to try. If I can, it will show that I’m not the saggy old bag Greg thinks I am. Take your suitcase up to your room and unpack. If I need help zipping it up I’ll give you a call.”Ten minutes later she called.”Giles! Help me with the zip, please?”I went into the master bedroom. Lynn artvin escort had put the dress on but the zip was halfway down her back. It was slightly stiff from disuse as I pulled it up to the high collar and fastened the poppers at the top.Lynn twirled to splay the skirt wide. It had been trailing on the floor.”Can you get the big petticoat for me, Giles? It’s hanging up on the extreme left inside the wardrobe.”It was. I had a struggle getting it out past Lynn’s dresses. Once out I shook the layers to try to restore its shape after years of being squashed in the wardrobe. I wasn’t wholly successful. I held its waistband open as Lynn climbed into it. It still didn’t spread her skirt properly. Lynn looked down at her skirt in dismay.”It should stand out much more than that. Can you check that the net layers are properly spread?”I knelt down. Lynn lifted her skirt and the cotton outer layer of the petticoat. I pulled at the first inner layer of net. I had to crawl round easing the net out and down to its full length. Then I repeated my actions with the second, third and fourth layers of net. Underneath those was a three-tiered silky underslip corded at each tier. The cords had creased.Lynn looked down at me. There was a smile on her face.”Thank you, Giles. I think we need you to straighten out the cording. Hang on while I lift the other layers out of the way.”She grasped the net layers and lifted. I tried to sort out the cording but the upper nets got in my way.”Try inside…”I ducked under the tiered petticoat and sat down. Now I could see the cording clearly. I straightened the lowest cord, shuffling round on my backside. The next one was less easy. I tilted my head back and raised my hands to the top tier. I was looking straight at Lynn’s bare pussy. I gasped.”You’ve found it,” Lynn said. “Now kiss it.”I might have thought about objecting. Lynn lowered her pussy on to my upturned face and dropped all the layers of petticoat and skirt over me. The blue skirt cut out all the light as my mouth met her warm damp place. Lynn’s hands pressed through her clothing to direct me as my tongue extended and made contact.I had never been this close to any woman’s pussy. The scent and smell were amazing. I kissed and licked and sucked and tongued as Lynn’s clothing shook around me. Slowly her weight pressed me down until I was lying on my back shrouded in her dress. My head escort bayan was held in place by her thighs as her hands directed my every move. I was beginning to learn where she wanted my tongue to go, how hard to press, how to move and how to react to her prompting.I was breathing hard yet I could hear her expressions of pleasure even under the layers of rustling fabrics. Eventually she rammed her pussy hard against my face and shuddered. I knew she had reached her climax. As she lifted up again I followed. A few minutes later she shuddered again. I felt her hands unzip my trousers and slide them down. As I continued to kiss and caress her pussy her hands grasped my erection firmly and squeezed. As I became more responsive to her hands her pussy withdrew and she leaned forward over me. Swamped by her dress I couldn’t move as her tongue touched the swollen head her fingers had excited. Her mouth opened and sucked me inside. Now it was my turn to shudder as I came into her mouth.Lynn accepted all I produced as if it was her due. As I sagged under her she sat up and slowly dragged her skirt and petticoats off me. I lay with my head against her bundled clothes, looking up at the demure bodice clasping her heaving breasts.”That is how to eat a woman, Giles,” Lynn said. “Did you enjoy today’s lesson?”I nodded. “That was just the beginning. Would you like to learn some more this weekend?”I nodded again.I shouldn’t have enjoyed my sister’s pussy so much. Most of the weekend she wore a wide flaring skirt and I buried myself under it while she sat on a chair, the bed, the kitchen worktop and the stairs.I also learned how to eat pussy while she was wearing slacks. She would yank them back up once my head was in position and hold me hard against her. Saturday afternoon, at the time Greg was getting married, Lynn wore her old wedding dress and taught me how to do sixty-nine surrounded by yards of rustling taffeta, silk and satin. I tried as hard as I could to distract her from what was happening at the Registry Office. I enjoyed myself and I think Lynn did too. That evening we found out that we hadn’t needed to distract her. Greg’s bride had not turned up and had decided not to marry him not then, not ever. That really made Lynn happy. That night she rode me mercilessly until I went into a peaceful exhausted sleep in my sister’s arms.I learned more that weekend than I might have done with a succession of girlfriends. Now that is a long time ago. Lynn has remarried. I am engaged. Lynn and I have resumed normal relations as a brother and sister who are fond of each other but not lovers. Sometimes, just sometimes, I dream of Lynn’s pussy and that weekend. Is that so wrong?