visiting a friend

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visiting a friendI call by one day on the off chance you are in, just to see how you have been keeping, and find you busy doing the ironing and laundry, you great me with a massive cuddle and make me feel that you are very pleased to see me, you offer to make me a cup of tea, but as i can see you are busy i tell you that i will make them and squeeze past behind you letting my hand trail over your bottom and give it a gentle squeeze as i do so, i come back in with the drinks and sit myself down so we can chat as you carry on with your work, we catch up with what we have both been up to and i notice that you are ironing a beautiful silk and lace chemise, and say that it looks rather sexy, you hold it up and just say do you think so as we look at it, and then you say jokingly maybe on you it would, with which i reply, that i bet it looked sexier on you than me, shall we see ? you tell me to draw the curtains if i am going to try it on, i get up and walk over and close the curtains, i feel myself starting to tremble as i turn to face you and start undoing my shirt, you cannt believe what i am doing, especially when i start to undoe my trousers and slip them off so i am stood there in just my tight trunk style pants, i ask if i should keep them on and you quickly reply with a yes, you hand me the chemise and help me slip it over my head and watch as it falls down over my body, the feel of the silk and lace feels wonderful against my skin and i start to stroke my body through it, i tell you how good it feels and that you should feel me in it, so you come over and run you hands over me and agree, i then ask if you think i looked sexy in it or not, and you had to say yes as you thought i did, but i felt sexier than i looked, i then said that canlı bahis a pair of silky knickers would make it feel much better, you turned round and went through your pile of clean washing and pulled out a pair of knickers for me and asked if these would do, in a flash i had hitched up the chemise and slipped off my pants, you got a brief glimpse of my semi erect manhood as i did so, then i stepped into the knickers you had given me and pulled them up letting you have a full view as i tucked myself into the front of them, i then felt myself again and said that was much better and that you should feel the difference they made, and you could not resist having another feel of me which developed into a cuddle and kiss, i then said it was your turn to let me see how sexy you looked in it, you hesitated for a minute and tried to say you wouldn’t but i reminded you that i had to have a chance to see you in it, so you slowly started to remove your top and jeans embarrassed as to what i might think, until you were stood with your back to me in just your bra and knickers, i slipped off the chemise and handed it to you, and then said try it without your bra on, you hesistated for a minute and then i saw your hands slip round your back and unfasten it without turning, you then slipped the chemise on over your head and over your breasts and straightened it out, then turned round to show me, i was stood there in just a pair of your knickers and i was speechless just how sexy you looked in it, i just said WOW you look fabulous, the lace trim showed off your breasts beautifully, and you looked fabulous in it, i asked if i could have a feel of you in it and you said why not, i slipped my hands round your waist and ran them over your back and bottom bahis siteleri feeling how good you felt in it, you could feel how aroused i was getting as i was starting to make your knickers look like a tent, i then said i bet if we both had silk on it would feel even better and you smiled and said you did have something else i could try on if i liked, you told me to follow you upstairs and wait in the back bedroom, you came back through with a long silk nighty and said here you go try this and helped me slip it on over my head, we gave each other a cuddle and i said i bet it would feel even better if we both had silk stockings on to, you smiled and said that you thought that would feel wonderful wait here whilst i get them, you handed me a suspender belt and a set of silk stockings and i hitched up the nighty and put the belt round my waisted and you helped me fasten it and then i slipped down the knickers i had on so i could put the stockings on and you helped me fasten the clips trying to ignore my hardening manhood, once both stockings had been fastened i put the knickers back on but before i did you gave my manhood a tender kiss and gentle suck before pulling up the knickers, then you hitched up your chemise and put your suspender road your waist as i helped you fasten it then you slipped off your knickers to and i helped you slide on your stockings and fasten them, you then let me reach my head over and kiss your vagina very gently as you had noticed i had hardly taken my eyes off it, and had also brushed over it once whilst fastening your straps, you tasted devine, then you gave me a pair of silk french knickers and said that these would probably feel even better, and i helped you into them, pulling them up as i stood güvenilir bahis behind you, then smoothing them over you with my hands, you could feel my arousal pushing against your bottom as i did so, and my hands wondering up your body to feel you beautiful breasts through the silk and lace, we slowly turned to face each other and started to kiss and caress each other through the silk and lace, our bodies pressing hard against one another and both of our arousal becoming more and more apparent, our legs were intertwined and we were rubbing each other as we kissed, then my kisses worked their way down your neck until i was kissing your breasts through the lace of your chemise, your hips were pushing forward and back as i suckled on them each in turn, your hands around my bottom pulling me against you, all that was between us was two layers of silk and satin on each of us but that was starting to soak through, it felt so good, we both wanted to have more, but we knew we couldn’t break that barrier, you rolled me over onto my back and then sat yourself astride me, rubbing yourself against me, the silk still between us, you knew we both wanted more but couldnt have it so you carried on rubbing yourself against me grinding your hips hard against my now very hard and erect manhood, your breast hung almost falling out and with a gentle flick of my mouth i managed to expose one of your nipples which i latched onto with my mouth, i felt you slide yourself along my length as you clearly loved what i was doing, and you could feel my silk clad manhood trying to push its way inside you, the feeling was just too good and you could feel me starting to climax through the silk, you rubbed yourself just in the right way to make yourself explode at the same time, and you clapsed into my arms kissing me, i told you that was the best sex ever with your clothes on and without actually having full sex, you did agree as we both laid there pulsating still in each others arms.