Visiting Daughter

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My daughter May had just arrived at our home. After almost ten years of marriage my daughter was now divorced. I found out that my former son-in-law got the wandering eye and had cheated on May. Our daughter needed someone to comfort her so she came to visit my wife and me.

“Thanks Daddy for letting me stay for awhile,” May told me as we sat on the couch.

My wife was from the school that said you stick it out no matter what. According to my wife Jennie, May should have forgiven her husband. I didn’t see it that way.

“You know you always have a place to stay here,” I said to May.

May moved over close to me and leaned in to kiss my cheek. As she pulled away we looked each other in the face. May had let her brown hair grow out. It was now down to the middle of her back. My daughter would never be mistaken for some beauty. She had a long nose like myself and her breasts were on the small side. It didn’t matter to me at that moment. I brought my face to hers and we kissed on the mouth.

What can I say? I just lost control bornova escort of my emotions and I used my hands to touch May. My daughter didn’t try to fight me in the least. I pulled her shirt off and May unfastened her bra. Her small tits came free and her nipples were already hard. We both stripped out of the rest of our clothes. May looked down at my dick and she took me with her one hand. she started to stroke my fat dick up and down. It didn’t take long before I was hard as could be.

Nothing needed to be spoken between us. I had May lie back on the couch and I climbed in between her spread thighs. I took hold of my cock and I brought it right up to her open pussy lips.

“Oh my God, Daddy!”

I pushed into my divorced daughter. I slowly fed May every hard inch of my rod. May took her legs and wrapped them around my back. We got into a fucking rhythm as I went in and out of my daughter’s wet pussy. I wish you could have heard May as I gave her my cock. My wife had long since given bornova escort bayan up on having sex with me. I could tell that May still enjoyed taking cock from her man. I guess I was her man that day on the couch.

I drove my prick into my daughter as deeply as I could go. I would then pull out just leaving my mushroom in place. I would go deep and bury my erection all the way inside May. She would let out these screams like she couldn’t get enough cock from me. She wanted me to punish her with my fat cock. I lowered my mouth and I worked on each of her nipples. I was chewing and sucking on each one.

I lost track of time. All I knew was that I was getting closer to releasing my load. May said nothing about pulling out and I couldn’t have made myself do it anyways. Our pubic bones hit together and then I had to let go. I blew a steamy load of my cum into May’s hot tunnel. I just kept unloading and May used her muscles to tighten around my dick. She was getting every hot drop of my escort bornova cum from me.

I somehow managed to stay hard for some long minutes. When I did finally pull out my cum began to leak out of May’s body. My daughter reached down and used her fingers to scoop some of my seed up. She brought it to her mouth and she tasted my loving. Fuck, was that hot.

“Thank you Daddy, I needed that,” May said to me.

The pleasure was all mine. May was going to be with us for a couple of weeks. I used every opportunity to have my daughter. Whenever my wife would leave the house, I would be in May’s bed. I lost track of the times that May rode my dick. She would mount me and I would drive my cock deep into her pussy. I gave her many loads of my love cream over those couple of weeks. Unfortunately those two weeks went fast.

The last time that May and I had together, she took me in her mouth and May worked me into a lather. She went right down to the root and she made me lose control. I shot all my cum down her throat. May swallowed everything I gave her. When we finally finished, May licked all of my offering from her coated lips.

“I’m going to miss you Daddy,” she said to me.

May and I want to hook up some way, but I need to get away from my wife to go and visit my daughter. When I come up with that plan, I hope to be in my daughter’s pussy again.