Visiting the cats of my 22 year old niece. (Part 2

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Visiting the cats of my 22 year old niece. (Part 2I walked into the kitchen, turned off the gas and opened some kitchen doors to see where the tea pot, the tea and the cups were. I was hot and realized that it was good that the kettle disturbed us. Behind me I heard the door to the bathroom open and close again.While I was preparing the tea, something rubbed against my leg, I looked down and saw the two cats hoping to score some food. I opened a bag of food which I brought and gave the cats something to eat. Then I went into the the living room with the tea. Jenny was still in the bathroom. I told myself for that she needed a cold shower. Of course, I was the one who could use one cold shower.I walked back into the kitchen to get some sugar. Opened a closet then I heard Jenny behind me.. “Paul?”I turned around and saw Jenny standing in the doorway . Oh boy. I almost dropped the sugar. “Jenny … wow.”She had put on the red dress, the pumps, and I saw that she was wearing suspenders and stockings. Unbelievable, what a beauty.”Do you think I am beautiful Paul”? she asked me.The dress was tight around her body, and with the heels she was even taller then I am. She turned around, the dress had an open back and I saw that canlı bahis she was not wearing a bra. She placed her hands on her hips. Then lifted her short dress and adjusted her suspenders. I was lost. I walked over to her, got down on my knees before her, stroking her long legs and pulled her dress up to her buttocks. No panties and I was facing a little black string and under it her sweet pink pussy. I placed my hands on her hips and pressed my lips against her string and kissed her. The smell…so sweet.Jenny placed her hands on my head then she turned so I could see her tight hot ass in front of. I let my hands glide gently over her long legs and tenderly started to kiss her lovely ass. I started to lick her ass, even give small bites and I could hear that she loved it. So many times i had fantasized something like this, and now it happend. Jenny moaned as I gently bite her and leaned slightly forward then spread her long legs further apart.My hand went between her legs and pulled her string a little down. Then i moved my fingers over her pussy lips and clit. I felt that she had a dash pubic hair, I stroked her stomach gently and let my arm go over her wet lips and clit. Jenny moaned.My tongue eagerly started bahis siteleri to lick between her ass cheeks and the tip of my tongue touched her ass hole. Her body stiffened for a moment, and a shiver came when my tongue went over her ass hole. She mover her hips further back and started to move rhythmically back and front as if she wanted me to fuck her in her ass hole with my tongue. She drove me almost crazy. Here I was licking a young girls ass hole and I loved it. I wanted more.Her hand went down and touched my hand. Then she placed her hand under mine and moved her fingers over her wet pussy, fingering herself. She got her fingers wet with her pussy juice and brought her fingers to her mouth. I also wanted a taste of her juices and moved my hand over and between her wet lips, rubbed her, finger fucked her, and then tasted her sweet pussy juice from my fingers.Jenny grabbed with both her hands the doorposts and kept moving her hips slowly, almost as a sensual dance.I started to finger her wet pussy and with my other hand I was stroking her lovely legs to it.Again I brought my wet fingers to my mouth. Oh what a sweet nectar.I started to use her juices to make her ass hole wet. I moved my thumb over her tight ass bahis şirketleri hole, and I pushed it inside. A long moan came out of her lips. Instead of pulling back, she moved her hips to me som y thumb went inside all the way, then she moved her hips a bit faster.”ohhhhhhh Paul” escaped her mouth. I used two fingers to push them inside her pink cunt and my thumb in her ass she was moving and I felt the shivers going over her body.My free hand went higher on her back. She felt what I was looking for and pulled the dress on one side of her arm so that her breast was free. I squeezed her firm breast and felt her hard nipple against the palm of my hand. She moaned louder and I kept fingering her ass and pussy till her body started to tremble. The young whore got her first orgasm and was cumming loud and hard. “Fuck … Fuck .. Fuck .. Paul … .pffff … .. That was awesome”Gently I pulled my thumb and fingers. Got up and Jenny turned to me. She looked in in my eyes, then she took my hand and started to lick my thumb and my fingers.”Hmmm, yummy, Paul, imagine you push my cock inside and then i will lick your cock clean, only for you to stick it in me again and again. Where ever you want. I’ll let you fuck me then I lick my juices from your hard cock”.She brought my hand back to her pussy, my hand rubbed her slit and then licked my hand clean again. Come said Jenny, come to the bedroom. She took my hand and pulled me into the room.