Voyeuristic Incest Ch. 04

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It was very odd. As we sat down at the dining room table for dinner, everyone seemed very subdued. Unlike the way it had been at breakfast earlier, the kids hardly spoke, even picking through the meal, which normally had been one of their favorites. Even Jackie raised her eyebrows towards me questioning. Though all I could do was shrug my shoulders in response to that. I had no idea what was going on. Something. I could only surmise that perhaps the kids had sat down and talked about it later on. Perhaps they were having second thoughts about everything that had happened. Frankly, I’d been half expecting it, those same guilty feelings suddenly rushing back, which is why I sat picking at my own food.

But Jackie, as usual, wasn’t about to let it continue on for very long. Especially when she had gone to a great deal of work in preparing such a delicious meal that normally would have been entirely consumed by now.

“Ok, who wants to go first?” she asked as she sat slicing up a portion of the tender roast beef she’d prepared. Chris was the first to respond.

“To do what?” She asked as she sat forming her mashed potatoes into a slightly larger pile without taking a bite.

“Oh…I don’t know…to maybe explain why the two of you are acting so moody all of a sudden?” My wife asked.

Chris looked towards her brother, though he kept his eyes down on his own plate, though he made some effort to slice off a portion of meat, forking it into his mouth without looking at anyone. It was clearly obvious by the way she had looked at him, that the two of them had spoken earlier. Whatever they’d discussed had caused some sort of troubling concern, which had impacted the dynamics of what we’d all so recently experienced with one another.

“Chicken,” she said simply still eyeing her brother, though he did raise his head, nearly responding to his sister’s declaration, thought better of it, and spooned a bit of green beans into his mouth instead. Rob didn’t much care for green beans, and yet, he ate them as though to ward off his sister’s challenge.

Jackie put her knife and fork down, sitting back in her chair, and then folded her arms over her breasts. “Ok, before dinner’s completely and totally ruined here, can we at least agree that perhaps we need to all have another chat again? Maybe after we’ve actually eaten and cleared things up?”

“I’m eating,” Rob responded, forking another mouthful of green beans.

“Uh huh,” Jackie said though I now felt it was time I actually put a word or two in myself.

“I agree, it appears we all need to clear the air here, after dinner,” I announced. “Obviously something’s happened, and it would appear we all need to sit down and talk about it.”

At least everyone finished eating, though again, we did so mostly in silence. After we had all helped in clearing up the table along with the dinner dishes, Jackie told me to go pick out a nice bottle of wine from our somewhat small, but nicely stocked cabinet. “Maybe if we all have a nice glass of wine and relax…” she’d said shooing me off moments later. “We’ll meet you in the formal family room,” she then added, purposely directing us away from the den where it would be less of a reminder as to the recent activities, which had taken place there.

I had just finished pouring everyone a glass of wine, sipping my own when they came walking in. After everyone had taken a seat on the couch or the chairs, I passed around the wine glasses, which we all now sat sipping once again in silence.

“Ok, Chris? Since you obviously have…or had something to say earlier? Why don’t you begin and tell us what’s actually going on here,” Jackie asked.

As she’d done before, she took a quick glance towards her brother, but then turned back around facing us.

“Well, earlier? I was heading up stairs to go to my room, and I saw Rob leaning his head against your bedroom door. Obviously he was listening.”

I saw my wife’s eyes light up at that, but as she’d done in the past, without commenting at this point, she merely nodded her head indicating that Chris should continue. I took my cue from her, sipping my wine instead, though curious.

“Anyway, at first he didn’t hear me, or see me, until I’d almost reached him, then he turned and shushed me, telling me to be quiet as I approached. So I listened too, and it was obvious you guys were going at it again.” Chris actually laughed as she said that, as did Jackie and I, the tension in the air lessening a little.

“Go on,” I spoke.

“Well, it was then I noticed, Rob had his cock out and was playing with it, which of course made me horny too.” Jackie stifled a smile, sipping her wine. “We both listened for a moment or two longer, but then I motioned to him to follow me down the hall to my room, which he did. Except…once we got there after closing the door so we could speak, I told him I wanted him to come fuck me, you know…because now I was horny too. Except…he said that we probably pinbahis güvenilirmi shouldn’t. He said he thought that maybe you two really didn’t want us messing around anymore, and that maybe it wasn’t such a good idea for us to do anything unless you were there with us.”

“I don’t think we ever discussed that, or made any mention of the fact we disapproved of your relationship,” I said looking over towards my wife who sat nodding her head in agreement. “You’re both adults now, and as far as we’re concerned, perfectly capable of deciding for yourselves as to what you both want, or are willing to do, or not do. I don’t think that’s for us to decide at this point. The only thing I think we’d be in a position to suggest, is if you decide to do so…to continue on with an intimate relationship, is that you not flaunt it in front of people we know. They might not have the same understanding, or open-mindedness that we do.”

And though my comment seemed to put that in perspective again, and clear up any misconceptions or communications about it, it was obvious there was a bit more to it than that.

“Told you they didn’t mind,” Chris said staring at her brother, actually smiling a bit. “But…one thing we both did agree on, and where curious about,” she went on finally now speaking for them both as even Rob sat up a bit straighter in his chair. “What we’re mostly worried about, is that what happened…was a onetime thing, a sort of a…”It just happened” kind of a thing, and that it probably wouldn’t ever happen again. You know?” Chris looked back and forth between us worriedly, letting it sink in for a moment. “But here’s the deal…” she continued. “The fact is, both Rob and I enjoyed this morning, a lot. And even afterwards, during breakfast, things seemed to be a lot more fun around here than it’s actually been for a while. Now, I don’t know if that had something to do with what we’d done outside, but I think it did. At least for me it did. And I was horny and aroused after that almost all day long. Until Rob told me what he did anyway,” she said once again glaring at her brother. “But…was it? A onetime thing? Because we certainly hope that it wasn’t,” she now stated firmly. “I know…we know, a lot of people would probably frown at what we did out there, and certainly a few other things too,” she added, looking directly at me. Which told me in a sense that Rob must have said something to her about our brief afternoon together. “But the way we see it…its no one else’s business what we do. The only fear and concern we have…is that maybe you and mom might not see it that way.”

“I see,” Jackie finally said finishing off her glass of wine. “So, what you’re telling your father and I, is that you enjoyed it…enjoyed what we all shared together, and want to continue doing so, is that it?”

“Yes,” Rob actually answered even before Chris could, which she still did a second after her brother had. “I enjoyed what dad and I did today,” he openly admitted. “It was fun…maybe a bit unusual in a way…but it was still fun. And I’d like to think that wasn’t just a fluke of some sort either,” he finished.

“So…just be honest with us both,” Chris said jumping in again. “If we don’t have a problem with continuing to have fun like that again…do you guys?”

“Let me say this…and I believe I am speaking for your father as well on some level. We’ll be the first to admit and say we’ve enjoyed everything that’s happened so far. I’m not sure…being your mother, and he…your father, that we’re quite in a place to actually go much beyond that. More than we already have. I would never want anything to happen or come between us, that would cause problems for anyone inside this family. So…there are still issues there, at least for me, and perhaps for the three of you as well, that have to be taken into consideration. But…let me at least add this much. I’m willing to at least continue as far as we have gone, and just take things as they come. As long as we’re all willing to be perfectly and totally candid with one another…and honest. Then I don’t foresee any real problems here. If at any point however, anyone…you, your brother, even your father or I, have any concerns. Then I think we all agree to come in here…sit down, just as we are right now, and discuss them. Agreed?”

Everyone agreed of course, and it was nice seeing the smiles return back to everyone’s face again.

“Now, what’s say we all grab another glass of wine, and head on down to the den shall we?” Jackie suggested.

“Cool, and can we watch the other movie? The one Rob said he got to watch? He told me how daddy came walking around balancing a rose on his dick, and I’d kind of like to see that for myself now,” Chris said grinning.

“Yeah…we can watch that one,” Jackie said looking at me, asking the second question she had for me without so many words. I merely smiled at her winking. I’d been wise enough to have moved the third movie pinbahis yeni giriş to another location. At least for now…


“Let me make a quick pit-stop,” Jackie said heading up to our bedroom. “I’ve got something I think might be interesting and fun…under the circumstances,” she added giving no hint as to what it was she was up to. The rest of us headed on down to the den, where almost immediately Chris shed her clothing without even batting an eyelash. As she did that, Rob walked over and removed “The Sound of Music” case. Upon opening it, he gave it…and then me a questioning look.

“Top one,” I said without further explanation, and thankfully, he didn’t pursue it. It was obvious he was curious as to where the other one had disappeared to, though he didn’t let on to his sister at least, that one of the three was missing. He then walked over and slid the disk into the DVD player, sitting down on the couch. Moments later Jackie came down joining us, having removed all her clothing upstairs.

“Isn’t that typical?” She asked walking into the room. “Here are Chris and I already naked, and the two of you are still dressed.”

“They’re waiting to get erections,” Chris guessed. “Don’t want us seeing them with their pricks doing the floppy dance, or only half as big as they really are. It’s a guy thing,” she mused teasing us both. Though in a strange way…she was partially correct. I had been sort of waiting for that, as Rob had been, though he was also the first between us to actually stand up at that moment, removing his pants.

“See? I told you!” Chris snickered as Rob finished removing them, proving to everyone that he at least did have a reasonable looking hard-on.

I undressed then as well, though I was far from erect yet, only a little self-conscious about doing so, as I could in fact appear quite small in a less than aroused state. Chris however found it interesting.

“Wow daddy! You mean…it can go from that, to as big as it was earlier?” She asked obviously surprised at that. “Cool!” she said teasingly. I reached down to give it a bit of help, but she stopped me. “No…I want to watch it grow…all by itself! Don’t help it any either!” She now asked.

Though the movie had started, Rob paused it, freezing his sexily dressed mother there at the bottom of the steps for a moment, looking on. I had actually taken my seat on the couch, only then realizing after I had, that I was now sitting where it was that Jackie and I had first watched the kids fucking the night before. Just that bit of brief nostalgia was enough to send a tickling throb up my shaft as my prick grew a little. Chris came over, sitting beside me there on the couch, though kneeling…facing me, looking down at my slowly growing organ. Jackie walked over then sitting on the other side, though I noticed she had placed some sort of bag on the floor next to the couch without any explanation as to what was in it. Rob having taken one of the chairs, just sat in it sideways as he’d done earlier, his legs over the arm, though facing towards us…watching. He had his dick in his hand, absentmindedly fondling it.

I grew a little more. For some reason, having my daughter kneeling there only inches away, her sweet beautiful tits hanging there so decadently seemed to add a little fuel to the fire. Not to mention Jackie now sitting, or rather likewise kneeling on the other side, looking on as well.

“Fascinating isn’t it?” She stated. “Like a blooming flower.”

“Or beanstalk perhaps,” Chris quipped chuckling. “It’s getting a lot harder. Though I bet it grows quicker when you water it,” she laughed, alluding to the obvious.

“You’re right about that!” Jackie quipped. “Daddy does like it when I squirt all over him, though apparently so does Rob when you do too,” she added looking over at him as he sat grinning from ear to ear like a Cheshire cat.

“Wow…it’s really starting to get big and hard now,” Chris said her eyes glued to my cock as it continued to grow, her hand twitching as though she wanted to reach out and grab it, and feel it for herself.

“Yes…isn’t it,” Jackie agreed leaning forward a bit, and now Chris did, the two of them close enough I could feel their respective breaths, causing my cock to twitch, throb a bit as they did that. But to make matters worse…in a way at least, as Chris leaned in, I felt the tips of her breasts suddenly brushing against my thigh. I glanced up worriedly towards my wife, wondering if she’d seen that, or what. “I don’t think feeling a little titty is too out of line,” she then said. “As long as Chris doesn’t mind anyway, because I know you don’t!” she finished smiling at me.

“Fuck no…I don’t mind. Go ahead daddy…feel my tits a little if you want to.”

I heard the sound of the chair being vacated. In seconds Rob had walked over taking a place on the arm of the couch next to his mother.

“Does that mean…”

“You wanna feel my tits too don’t pinbahis giriş you?” Jackie laughed. I’d already placed my hand around one of Chris’s, marveling at the feel of it…the differences and similarities, my cock now growing by leaps and by bounds.

“Go ahead honey…have a feel, I guess we can at least allow you boys to enjoy that much.”

In seconds, he had filled his hands with his mother’s breast, molding and kneading it within his hands. I glanced over, watching as he gently captured her rock-hard nipple, pinching it slightly, pulling on it much to Jackie’s delight as she closed her eyes briefly, savoring the sensation. I was doing the same to Chris, enjoying the feel of her equally stiff fat nipple until Jackie woke us all from our rather erotic revelry.

“Well…maybe it’s time for the movie,” she suggested sitting up. “Go un-pause it,” she told Rob, effectively causing him to release her breast, though he did so reluctantly, walking over towards the TV, his hard stiff cock leading the way.

I too sat back, Chris now spinning around on the couch sitting beside me, her bare thigh still close enough to be touching my own as the movie started up again. Seconds later, we were all laughing as I approached my wife, rose balanced delicately across my dick.

“How’d you manage to do that anyway?” Chris wondered aloud. “Without it falling?”

“I had a little help,” I confessed. “I missed one of the thorns, and it sort of buried itself on my dick.”

“Ouch!” She giggled, looking over at my hard cock once again. “Hope it didn’t leave any scars!”

“Nah…your mom kissed it all better for me,” I laughed back, causing everyone else to do the same too.

And then…we sat back as the movie began to get a bit more interesting.

“Here, before I forget and things get too heated here,” Jackie said finally reaching over into her sack. “I brought something for you that I thought you might enjoy trying.”

She reached in, removing one of her favorite toys, a purple colored vibrator called “The Rabbit”, which I myself had enjoyed watching her use on numerous occasions. She leaned over across my chest handing it to Chris, who giggled appreciatively accepting it.

“Always did want to try one of these,” she said turning it over and around in her hand. It was feature rich, and she quickly thumbed through the settings like a pro, testing each one. “Hell of a lot better than the one I have!” She announced. “I’ve been using a simple plain white slim vibrator that only has one speed.”

Jackie laughed. “I was wondering where that one went too,” she chided her daughter.

Chris blushed slightly, apologetically. “Didn’t think you’d miss it, not after you got those other two new ones,” she said…surprising Jackie in a way, that she knew about them. “So I sort of permanently borrowed it,” she added sheepishly.

“Well, now you can ask if you want to borrow one of the other ones,” her mom informed her. “Though I have a feeling…we’ll both be fighting over this one, unless of course…you get your own rabbit, which after using this…I think one of us will have to!”

Jackie then reached into her sack and pulled out another device, completely different than the rabbit. Rob and I both sitting there in abject fascination…watching and listening to them even though on screen…Jackie and I were going at it like rabbits ourselves.

“What’s that?” Chris asked curiously looking at the contraption as Jackie removed it from the box.

“Your dad got it for me a few weeks ago,” she shared. “Only used it once until now…kind of interesting really. Called a “clit-sucker.”

“A what?” Rob asked once again standing up, walking over. “What’s it do? He was still milking his prick, and the sound of his slickness was evident. Yet he stood there looking on, working his cock almost oblivious to what we all could so easily hear.

Jackie sighed briefly, watching her son, her cheeks were flushed with obvious arousal. “It’s called a clit-sucker, it sucks your clit,” Jackie said smiling pleasurably as she uncoiled the small tube attached to what looked like a small facemask. Except this she actually placed over her pussy lips. At the end of the tube was a small pump, which she then squeezed. “Watch,” she told us all. Which we now did…the movie for the moment totally forgotten, even though you could hear Jackie and I in the background fucking away like mad. She squeezed the pump again, and then again. Chris’s eyes widening as she did. Slowly but surely, we all watched as my wife’s hard little clit seemed to grow, quite a bit in fact, filling the small little tube which had now suctioned itself around her pussy, drawing it in…in particular her clit.

“Holy shit! How’s that feel mom?” Chris asked. “Doesn’t it hurt? I mean…god, your clit’s gotten so fucking big…stretched like that.”

“Actually if you go slow…and adjust it to your own comfort level, it actually feels damn good. It supersensatizes your clit even more than it is already. At least mine it does. Then…when I’ve just let it sit here like that for a minute or two, and then use this…or even let daddy suck it, I have the most intense orgasms ever!”

“Wet ones?” Rob asked excitedly, causing everyone to laugh.