Waiting for a Friend

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Waiting for a FriendThursday, November 29,2012, a few weeks after Thanksgiving. I picked up my friend who needed a ride to an appointment. She was without a car that day. Since I had the day free I offered to drive her and then wait as she met her appointment. Found the place with my GPS and parked in the spot right next to the entrance to the building where her business was held.She got out of the car and went inside the building. After she disappeared inside the building I moved my driver side seat back all the way down. I sat in the seat inclined with both my feet on the car’s driver side floor. As I leaned back I felt my tight jeans squashing my penis shaft and balls. I shifted my bottom a little so the pressure on my cock and balls lifted. It was such a relief to ease the pressure.I laid back and attempted to nap for a few minutes. As I laid there in that position I felt my penis twitching. Apparently the tight crotch of my jeans placed just enough pressure at the right spots that my penis started to wake up. At first I felt my penis throbbing slightly, then it grew a bit and pushed around my crotch. I rubbed my crotch to relieve the pressure. My penis responded by throbbing more, and then it started to happen. My cock just swelled up. I touched my crotch and felt the hardness of my cock.Just then I noticed a young twenty something blonde open the bakırköy escort door to the building and walked out. She was in high heels, a tight black skirt that wrapped tightly around her smooth ass. Her waist was thin. Tucked into her skirt was a light grey satin blouse. She had a cellphone in her left hand and was talking to someone through it’s speakers. In her right hand was a lit cigarette nearly half finished. She took a drag out of the cigarette, then tapped her right foot. She didn’t notice I was watching her. My car’s windshield is tinted so from outside she couldn’t see me watching her talking on her cellphone and smoking. She pivoted her hip. She showed more of her inner thigh. My cock throbbed harder. It awakened and wanted attention. I unzipped my pants. It felt good to relieve the pressure building inside my jeans. I unbuttoned my jeans. My cock popped through the opening of my jockey briefs. It stood up, throbbing. The skin peeled back slightly exposing an angry red cockhead. The blonde girl now stood directly in front of my car. She didn’t see inside the car. Had she done so, she would have seen me stroking my cock. She took another puff of her nearly finished cigarette. Then I noticed how red her lips were. Her lipstick was a bright red and the white cigarette against her glistening red lips made me beşiktaş escort throb harder. I stroked my cock quicker. I moved my hands over the cock head and then down to the ridge right under the cockhead. I pulled my foreskin back to expose my cockhead to the cool air. It felt good. I pulled the skin farther back so I could expose the glistening red cockhead more. I could see the fully exposed ridge. Then I stroked my cock upwards, pulling the loose skin around my cockhead and shaft upward. This upward stroke felt so good. The girl talked on the phone animatedly. She jestured with her right hand, waving it to her right. At first pointing to the sky, then she moved it to her chest as if she was saying into the phone, “They wanted ME.” As she talked more I rubbed my cock harder. It was throbbing. It was hard. It wanted to explode with cum, but I didn’t want to cum so soon. I stopped stroking my cock for a brief few seconds. My cock was so aroused even that few minutes of no contact with my hand I found it unbearable. I needed to masturbate my cock. It wanted my full attention. I could feel the inside of my cock well up with more pressure.As soon as I felt I was ready to cum and exlode all my love juice all over my car, I stopped. Before my cock could come all the way down from high arousal I started to masturbate again. beylikdüzü escort This kept me between not wanting to cum to needing to cum. I started to moan slightly. As my cock felt more stimulated my slight groans became louder. I was now groaning between strokes. I could feel my cock approach the point of no return. This is the point when no matter what you do to not ejaculate, it never does and I explode with hot cum everywhere. My moaning and groaning became loud enough for the blonde to hear. She stopped talking on the phone, squinted her eyes and tried to peer into my car through the windshield. I stopped stroking and became silent. My hand was firmly wrapped around my cock. I worried about my moans and groans. They were loud enough to cause her to stop talking. Then her eyes opened wider. She saw me behind the windshield with my cock around my hand.As soon as she saw me, her eyse wide, her mouth opened in astonishment, I felt all the white hot sperm held captive in my two balls, every ounce of the hot, slippery sperms, I felt them coursing upward and outward of my cock. I could feel the hot sperms shooting through my cock’s shaft and then to freedom unencumbered by my cock and balls. The hot white stream of cum shot through my penis head. Her discovery that I was wanking to her was the trigger I needed to shoot my hot load of pleasurable cum out. It was so powerful I felt a temporary weakness. Surprised at seeing an adult man watching her and cumming, she hustled away from my car and literally ran back into the building.My cock throbbed a last time, oozed out a few more drops of white cum, and made my whole fucking day worthwhile.