Waiting for You

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Gina Valentina

Waiting for YouThis takes place in a hotel a little off the beaten track. It’s almost deserted.As I lay here on the hotel bed, wearing only a pair of solid white thigh highs with lace trim, the lights turned down low, but not completely off, my mind begins to turn imagining the things to come.First to tiptoe across my naughty brain is, “Exactly how will this all begin?”.Wondering if you’ll come through the door with your cock already hard and just slam into my quivering pussy and fuck me forceful and fast. Or will you come in, take your time to explore the pleasures of my body.Mmmm….my hand slides up my stomach and squeezes my breast, pinching my nipples hard. It doesn’t matter how you use my body as long as it pleases you.I love to listen to my man while he’s inside me. The heavy breathing, the growls of delight, the grunts and groans of pleasure, the filthy things you call me, the naughty things you tell me you’re going to do or that you want me to do. These are all like orgasms to my ears and my mind. The thought of me being able to draw this out of you while milking your cock with my pussy, sucking and licking mariobet güvenilirmi your dick and balls or by squeezing your meat between my ass while you’re buried deep inside my backdoor….it’s almost too much for my mind and I feel as if I will cum if you said one more word. My hand has ended up between my thighs. My fingers dipping into my juicy, oh so hot cunt, and sliding back up to play with my swollen clit. Oh, I hope it won’t be much longer before you arrive!I won’t let myself cum. No, that’s also for your pleasure. I want you to know just how good you make ME feel. I want you to know that you are an excellent lover when my pussy clinches your dick or fingers when I cum, or as my sweetest nectar rewards your talented tongue while it’s buried between my thighs. I’ll sing my highest praises only to you. God has nothing to do with what’s going on between us two. Although, I’m sure the Devil is hiding somewhere in a darkened corner cheering us on as we fulfill our darkest desires.*moans* I want to do it all!! I want to feel your soft touch or your rough hands all over my body, inside mariobet yeni giriş my body. I NEED to give you my all. To bend over as you slowly slide inside my soft, tight cunt – or while you slap my ass hard and just fuck me, fuck me FUCK ME!! I long to lick you on every part of your body that you please. To taste your meat as I suck you slooooooowly, HARD,quickly, and most of all, deeply. Will you make love to my face? Or will you grab my head and force your cock into the back of my throat while I slobber all over you and take every inch? Oh, my! I do hope you are full of surprises and do both! My pussy is on FIRE just thinking of all these things! I haven’t even realized that I’ve got 3 fingers fucking my cunt hole! Oh! It’s so hard, but I force myself to withdraw my fingers. But they don’t stay out of me for long. Now they have found a new home inside my mouth. I just LOVE the way my pussy juices taste. I can’t explain it well enough to convey the taste. I hope you’ll take yourself a sample while you’re here. *giggles* As much as I do love the taste of my own cunt, it will pale in comparison mariobet giriş to your hot spunk. Oh, I’ll get a taste of you one way or the other. No matter where you decide to reward my body with your cum (mouth, please!), I will still get a taste of it by using my fingers as my spoon or scoop up a sample. Hopefully, you’ll stick around long enough for me to get seconds.Ahh! I hear footsteps outside the door! Please, please PLEASE let that be you! My body is humming & my pussy is aching for you! I’m sure I’ll come at your first touch!!I make sure that my hair is fanned out just right, arch my back so that my breast are at attention for you. My breath is quickening. The foot steps are growing louder. That must be you! I hope you had no trouble finding me. I made sure to leave all the details of where I’d be and what room to come to when I posted my fantasy on my profile at the adult website I frequent. I’ve been talking about this for the last 2 weeks with everyone that showed interest after reading the details on my profile.I taped the door catch so it doesn’t lock. All you have to do is push on the door for it to open. After that, my body is open to you. Hope someone was brave enough to take me up on my offer. *gasp* The footsteps have stopped just outside my door! That must be you! Wait! I just thought of something! I wonder if you brought a friend???Hmmm……let the fun begin!