Wake up and throw up, dear sister.

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Wake up and throw up, dear sister.She is dreaming, far away, in her happy place. She is safe, warm, in a normal world, where big brother doesn’t exist, somewhere I’m not chasing her, where she thinks I can’t catch her. She is out of reach of my dirty meat hooks, cloaked by the veil of deep sleep. She is as she once maraş escort was, long ago. She is innocent, she is clean, completely content in a cocoon of warm covers, She continues to drift as far away from our world as possible, away from me.Shooting out of the inky blackness the icy fingers of my skeletal escort maraş hand reach across eternity and poke her. Probe her. Gropping and grabbing. Gripping and pulling, ripping away the sanctuary she desperately created from simple clean sheets. It is my smell she is conscious of first, then my oppressive maraş escort bayan weight. This is no dream, this is really happening. She doesn’t even open her eyes. I’m inside her pounding, thrusting and grunting obscenities. Then the same old disgusting rituals are repeated. I force her to choke on my giant hard cock. I beat her if she slows, I demand that she furiously masturbate my cock in her mouth. I shove her head all the way down ejaculating in her mouth. Wake up and throw up, dear sister. [user]jcm900jrb /user] Cinnamon’s brother