Wanting Daddy

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She stood in the hallway listening to her dad and step mom fucking. The moans, and groans were loud deep and harsh at times. She heard her dad begging his wife to suck his cock, and her refusal. When her dad asked his wife to let him fuck her ass, she also told him no, that she did not think that was good. Then she heard her dad rise his voice, telling his wife that he was getting tried of her telling him no when he wanted to do things, but when she asked he gave her what she wanted. Then the door flew open and it hit her as she was walking by.

“Oh Honey I am so sorry, are you okay?” she gasped, bending to help her to her feet.

“Yes, I guess so. What happen?” she asked.

He help her into her room, at the same time they both heard the front door slam shut. He told her that he and her step mom were having problems in the bedroom. He wanted some things she did not want to do.

“I am so sorry daddy, Is there anything I can do to help you?” she said.

He laugh knowing that she did not mean that really, but he would loved to have believe her that she did.

“No dear unless you have any ideas on how to change her mind.” he said, as he closed her door behind him.

Two days later she pulled into the drive way late after working at the Mall. She saw that her dad’s car was park in the garage. She did not see her step mom’s car any where. She let herself in though the garage into the kitchen. She heard moans, and groans coming from the living room. Walking over tot he door way she saw that her dad on the couch, and he was watching a porn video. She did not hear sounds coming from the TV, but from her dad. His back was to her so he did izmit escort not see her walking closer. Looking over the couch she saw that her dad wasn’t wearing anything, and his hand was stroking his hard cock.

She could not take her eyes off it. His cock was really huge looking, bigger than any cock she seen before. On the TV screen she saw an older man on a bed with a younger girl climbing on top of the bed. As the girl put the mans cock in her mouth she heard her daddy groan.

“Oh yes!, suck my cock. Ohhhhh baby!, Daddy loves how you suck him!!. Oh god baby take it deeper!!!!.” he groaned.

She walked around the couch and kneeled between his legs. With her hands, she slowly moved up and down his thighs.

“All you had to do was ask me daddy I would have gladly do this for you.” she said softly.

She lowered her head and licked the head of his cock, moaning as she did it. He could not believe his baby girl was down there between his legs and licking his cock, but he could not stop the roar of feelings running though out his body as her mouth made contact.


She took his cock down deep, and her fingers played with his balls. Suddenly someone knock on the door. She reached over and tossed him his robe and told him not to move she would get rid of whoever it was, and be right back to take care of him. She opened the door and saw Mr. Lex from next door asking to see her daddy. Knowing that he could not see into the living room she told him that her dad was not feeling good, izmit escort bayan and was laying down. She promised to give him the message when he wwoke up. Closing the door, and locking it.

She stood in front of her daddy, and slowly took off her clothes. Then she walked over and straddle his lap, easing her pussy down onto his throbbing cock. It took a while to get all of him inside her. Now he was fully buried in her pussy she lean in and kissed him on the lips.

“Oh God daddy your so fucking BIG, and soooooo thick. I love it, I want it a lot more than just tonight.” she groaned in his ear.

“Oh fuck baby, daddy’s cock feels so fucking good right now. Your fucking tight baby. I cannot believe you can take all 10 inches of my cock inside you.” he said harshly.

Holding her hips he thrusts upwards, meeting each of her downwards strokes. She grinded, and twisted her pussy hard on his cock. He moved his hands up to cup her titties, squeezing them together, and running his tongue over both nipples. Making them hard, and sending hot tingling jolts of heat stright to her pussy.

“OH BABY, DADDY’S GOING TO CUM, AAAAAGGGHH!!!!, OH FUCKING GOD BABY HERE IT COMES. OOOOOOO!!!!!, EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!” he grunted, pulling her close, and thrusting even deeper.

Suddenly they both heard a car door closing. She grabbed her clothes and stuff and ran to her room. He pulled on his robe and went back to watching his porn. He did not care what his wife would say about watching porn. And she did when she came in and saw him.

“For Christ sake Charles, take it upstairs to the bedroom.” she said.

“Fuck escort izmit no, I am not going in that room again until you get your head on striahgt. We did all kind of stuff before we got married, but now its not to your liking.” he said.

She walked off in a big huff, and door slamming a few minutes later she was in thier bedroom. Then he heard the door open again, and she was coming downstairs with a suit case. She told him she was going to spend the night in town at a Hotel. He heard her car drive away. He got up and started for the stairs when someone knock on the door. He open the door, and told the man to come in.

Mr. Lex walked in and handed him some pictures he had asked him to take. Smiling as he watched the mans face.

“Guess I should also tell you that I was looking though the window earlier, and saw that your daughter was riding your cock very well. So good in fact, I got so turned on I had to take some pictures of the two of you.” he said handing them to him.

“Go and lock the front door Mark, then come upstairs with me. We are going to have a talk with my daughter, good you have your camera.” he said.

He knock on her bedroom door, and she open it wearing just her robe.

“Hi baby, I would like for you to come to my bedroom please.” he said softly, kissing her quickly.

He was laying on the bed when she came in. He smiled and told her to close and lock the door. As she turned she saw Mr. Lex standing by the bed with his camera. Her dad told her to come over and lay down and open her legs wide so Mark could take pictures of her sexy pussy. She did, and he took more pictures of her and her daddy doing all kind of stuff. She looked over at Mark and saw that he had an enormous bugle in his pants. She crawled up her daddy’s body and lean in and whisper in his ear.

“Oh Daddy, Have him take his clothes off and join us, I want both of you.” she whispered.

He smiled and told Mark to get undressed and join them.