We just had to..

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We just had to..I was at work one night and my boyfriend was visiting. I’m a custodian in a high school so it’s not like he was in the way or anything. I made it down to the girl’s locker rooms and had an amazing idea.. I say to him “Baby, sit on those steps right there and I’ll slide down on your cock” That was all he needed batman escort to hear. He dropped his pants and boxers right there in the dark stairway.. I quickly followed pulling down my pants and panties.. He sat on the fifth step so I could easily get up if anyone came. I backed up and slipped his hard dick into my sopping escort batman pussy.. Oh my god! It was so exhilirating!! He pumped into me furiously, not knowing if a teacher was going to walk by or need to take those stairs at any moment. I could feel my orgasm coming.. I begged him “keep going baby.. just a little more.. batman escort bayan I’m gonna cum all over your cock” Mmmmmm he pistoned into me. He grabbed my sides and let me know he was going to bust soon. I bent over and put my hands on the railing.. The contact of my clit rubbing against his dick was all I needed. “I’m cumming!!”.. He moaned and said “Mmm me too!” as he filled my pussy up. We sat for a moment letting ourselves catch our breath.. I had to finish work now. It went by a lot faster and I felt sooo dirty knowing my panties were full of his cum.