Weekend With Jarvis

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Weekend With JarvisJarvis had s;ow fucked me twice after we got to our motel room, we were laying in each others arms Jarvis spoke ‘we should get up and get something to eat’. I slid my hand down his body and gripped his semi erect cock and said ‘this is enough for me now’.Jarvis smiled, removed my hand, and rolled off the bed ‘get dressed, when we get back we will have all night’, Jarvis commanded. I went into the toilet and started the shower expecting Jarvis to come in I stepped into the shower.After I dried off I went back into the room Jarvis brushed past and went into the shower. After he came out I was dressed and ready. Jarvis dressed and as we reached the door he gripped both my butt cheeks ‘may be we will get lucky and find us a willing friend’.We walked to the near by restaurant and took a both in the rear, Jarvis was facing the door my back was to the rest of the room. Jarvis said ‘we may be to early to find a nice piece’. I was confused, did Jarvis mean to find some one to service us both or to find some one to double team me with.We had diner and getting ready to leave, Jarvis excused him self and went to the toilet. After a few minutes I got nervous and glanced over my shoulder, Jarvis was slipping something to the bus boy.As we returned to our motel room Jarvis confided ‘David, you may not have noticed the bus boy, but I did’. I looked quizzically at him, Jarvis continued ‘twice I saw him looking at you hard tipobet365 güvenilirmi when you went to the toilet and when you went over to the desert table. I invited him back here after his shift I told him I’ll have you ready for him when he arrived, you should have seen the smile on his face’.I undressed and got back in bed, Jarvis wasted no time getting the lube and smearing it on his cock and my bung hole. Jarvis eased up behind me and slid his stiff member into my butt hole. With a few strokes Jarvis had seated his cock well into my anal canal.Jarvis gently rolled me to my stomach, of all the positions I don’t like to be prostrate and defenseless. But Jarvis was gentle and kiss/sucked my ears and necks placing me at ease. Soon I was moaning and groaning in passion as Jarvis slowly manipulated me sexually.After twenty minutes of intercourse Jarvis slammed deep into my butt and unloaded a huge load of sperm into my rectum. Without pulling out of my butt, Jarvis begin to snore sweetly in my ear.It was a little after twelve that the door to our room opened and a shadow entered and closed the door quickly behind. I tried to rouse Jarvis, but he was in a deep state of u*********sness.The figure moved around in the darkness, it fell over the bed and traced the out line of both our bodies. Finally Jarvis stirred and asked ‘Carlos, is that you’, the figure answered ‘yes, who else you expecting’.Jarvis tipobet365 yeni giriş pulled his semi erect cock from my anus and said ‘just like I told you, I’ll have this ass ready for you when you come, I like to reward the least of those that work, so have fun. You don’t mind if I watch do you’.Carlos said hurriedly ‘no, no, my friend turn on the lights if you wish’. The lights came on and I got my first look at Carlos. He was Hispanic, young, naked and hung like a horse.I was on my side looking at the size of his man hood when he lifted it with his hand and asked ‘you want to pay some respect to my polla, come mamar’. I looked confused as Carlos came nearer, then I realized what he wanted of me.I raised up and accepted his penis into my mouth and sucked gently on his enormous cock head. Soon Carlos penis was standing rigidly and resembling a meaty appendage jutting from his trunk.Carlos pulled from my lips and threw the covers from my naked body. Carlos took hold of my left feet and pulled me to the edge of the bed till my thighs fell off the bed and I was kneeling on the bed.Carlos lifted my hips till I was bent over and pushed my feet apart with his feet. He pushed a couple of fingers into my well lubed butt hole and wiggled them around. ‘Oh my friend, this boi coño is ready for a good jodienda’, the both of them laughed.Carlos placed his huge cock head against my anal opening and pressed against tipobet365 güvenilirmi my bung hole solidly. His cock head popped into my rectum and Carlos and I both cried out. Me in lustful agony he in lustful delight saying ‘este hombre es una vagina apretada boi’.Taking hold of my hips Carlos rammed into my anus with pleasure all the while mumbling things in Spanish. ‘Voy a llevar a cabo este culo…tener esta perra dick.’ My insides were being wrecked by this crazy Latino’s dick and Jarvis was sitting there stroking his cock smiling and laughing with him.I didn’t know what Carlos was saying but from the look on Jarvis face it had to be comical and sexist. ‘Soy hombre de raza Gonn buena esta perra’, Jarvis aid to him in English go head bust that ass.Carlos slammed deep into me as I howled and emptied his substance, pushing me down to the mattress Carlos rode my butt hard all the time crying ‘coño maldita buena, coño maldita buena’.Once he was finish, Carlos pulled from my sore butt hole and looked over at Jarvis and said ‘I do good for you, yes, I do good’, Jarvis said ‘yes you do real good. Take a rest I’ll keep that ass open for you.Carlos laid beside me and stroked my head as Jarvis entered my juicy, sperm filled butt hole. As Jarvis slipped into my savaged butt you could hear the wet sloshing sound that was being made by the entrance of his stiff cock into my ravaged butt hole.Jarvis sexed me while Carlos rested, I heard him as he snored softly and Jarvis said in my ear ‘luckily my friend is exhausted from working. When he wakes we gonna have some real fun. That was just a sample of what he can do, you lucky bitch’. Jarvis continued to grind slowly into my butt kiss/sucking my ear as he sexed my butt hole.