Weekend with the Twins

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My parents divorced when I was fourteen. My mom married the guy she had been running around with, and they moved north. Because they needed time to get to know each other and didn’t need a rebellious teenager, my parents decided it would be best for me to stay with my dad.My dad and I had always gotten along great, so I had no problem staying with him. Besides, I was in the same house with my same room and could still hangout with the same friends from the same school. It honestly didn’t feel much different, except my mom wasn’t there to bitch about things.My dad worked swing shift at the plant in our town. He would work four, ten hour days then would be off for three days and then work four, ten hour nights. We had our own routines, and as long as I was passing my classes and making football practice, we had no problems.We lived our like that for three years. Then my dad married Julie. Julie was a very nice woman and we got along pretty good. Julie had two identical twin daughters, Angel and Amy. They were almost fifteen when my dad married their mom.It was different going from an all male household to becoming a minority, pretty much over night. Julie and her daughters did nothing to alter my routine, but just having them their made it different.We lived together as a happy family until I graduated high school and went to college. I moved into the dorms my freshman year, and went home almost every weekend. Eventually I made some friends, got a part-time job and we moved into an apartment together.My second year of college, I went home for holidays and that was it. It had nothing to do with Julie, the twins, or even my dad. I had responsibilities. It was a small Division three school, but I had made the football team. So between practice, the games and work, it was hard for me to fit everything in.When I did go home, I rarely saw anyone but my dad and Julie. The twins were always busy and I saw them in passing. Even if I had of wanted to spend time with them, my visits seemed like a whirlwind. By the time I made it around to see all my friends and grandparents, it was time to head back to school.The Christmas of my third year landed on a weekend and I was actually looking forward to going home. Unfortunately, my schedule didn’t work out the way I had planned. almanbahis The football team made it to the quarter-finals of the playoffs, so I had a game on the day before Christmas Eve. By the time we flew back to school, and I packed, it was Christmas Day before I left for home.I arrived home just past midnight on the day after Christmas. I quietly went into the house, and to my room. I was exhausted. I think I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.I was awakened the next morning with the sounds of hustling around the house. I slipped on my shorts and slowly opened the door to my room. When I stepped into the hallway, I was almost ran over by my dad and a huge suitcase.He was surprised to see me. He stopped and hugged me, then explained than he and Julie were going to the mountains for a vacation for a couple of days. He offered to cancel the trip, but I insisted on them going as planned. I assured him I would be around when they returned.I followed him towards the kitchen. When he took a right turn to head out the door, I turned left. I needed some coffee. When I stepped into the kitchen, I almost fainted.One of the twins had the same idea that I had. She was reaching up into the cabinet to get a mug for her coffee. When I stepped in, she was reaching and the short t-shirt she had on, rode high up her bottom and revealed the prettiest heart shaped ass I had ever seen. She undoubtedly had a thong on, because all I could see was a pale-pink flesh peeking out from under the hem of the t-shirt.When she turned and jumped back when she saw me. She excitedly sat the mug on the counter and rushed to me with opened arms.“Jacob, you are home!” She cried as her body crushed into mine. She wrapped her arms around me tight. I could feel her soft breasts pressing into my chest as she hugged me.“So you are going to be here with Amy and I this weekend?” Angel asked as she turned back around and returned to the coffee pot.My body had reacted quickly to her appearance and the hug, I could feel a slight swell between my legs, so I sat down at the table before my predicament was discovered. I could not believe how gorgeous she was, and how much she had grown.“Ah, yeah it seems that way. Do you mind fixing me one of those?” I asked, not wanting to risk standing up.Again almanbahis yeni giriş she reached up into the cabinet. Again her shirt rose, and I was gifted another view of her perfect ass. While I was admiring her assets, I felt two arms wrap around me from behind. I turned my head slightly to try to see who it was.Before I could see, I felt what seemed to be two overly ripe melons pressing into my shoulders. “Jacob, you are home!”Angel, I assumed, had come into the kitchen. She released me and walked around to join her sister at the coffee pot. Angel was dressed in a tank top and cotton shorts. When she reached up to get her mug, her shorts rose up into her plump ass.The girls were almost identical. Before I went off to college, I could not tell them apart. Both had strawberry blonde hair and their faces had freckles sprinkled on them. Now, although they were very similar, there were noticeable differences.Amy, was a head taller than Angel, and thinner. She had a flat stomach and long toned legs. Angel on the other hand, was not fat, but thicker than her sister and her breasts looked to be at least a couple of cups bigger. Both still had their freckles, and for the first time I noticed that the freckles were all over their bodies, not just their faces.My visual examination of my seventeen year old step sisters was interrupted my Julie and Dad coming into the kitchen to say their goodbyes. Both reassured me they would cancel their trip if I wanted them to, but I refused and told them to have a good time. Julie kissed my cheek, then repeated the gesture to the twins.The twins and I followed them to the door and waved as they drove off. Angel shut the door, and she and Amy headed towards their rooms. I followed them to mine.Once in my room, I quickly removed my shorts. My cock was throbbing after looking at my two step sisters in their skimpy sleeping attire. I wrapped my fingers around my shaft and stroked it a couple times. Then I heard movement in the hallway, so I quickly pulled my shorts back up and put on a shirt to cover the bulge.I walked out of my room just in time to hear the door slam. I stopped and smiled. I turned back around and headed towards my room. I got to the door, and stopped. A very naughty thought had made its way almanbahis giriş into my head.I walked back to the living room and looked out the door to make sure that the girls’ car was gone, and it was. I shut the door and went back down the hallway, past the door to my room. I stopped at the bathroom and made sure it was empty, and it was.I took a deep breath as I slowly turned the doorknob to the twins’ room. I crept slowly inside. It was nothing like I had imagined. There was no boy band posters, or pictures of half naked guys. It was actually neat and clean with both beds made to a T.I moved toward the corner where the dirty clothes hamper was. I bent over to get a good view. Luckily for me, what I was looking for was laying right on top of the other dirty clothes. I reached down and picked up the dainty article of clothing. I put my fingers in the waistband and stretched it out.If I would have had to guess, I would have guessed that the panties I had in front of my face were Amy’s. They didn’t look big enough to be Angels, although I really didn’t have a preference. I waded the panties up and stuffed them into my pocket and slowly exited their room.I almost sprinted back to my room. In less than a minute, I was naked on my bed with the panties over my face. I inhaled the musky scent of my step sister as I stroked my hard cock. The aroma of the panties drove me to a quick climax.I used the panties to wipe the mess I had made off of my stomach and chest. Then I quickly returned them to where I had found them and went to take a shower. As I started the water, I heard the girls return. I smiled. I was glad my masturbation session had not lasted longer. If it had, I would have definitely been caught.The girls and I hung out in our rooms for the rest of the day. I played video games, and text friends from school. The only thing that reminded me I was not alone was the occasional giggle from down the hall.Late in the afternoon, I emerged from my room and went and knocked on their door. Angel opened it. She was wearing a pair of panties identical to the ones I had soaked with my cum, and a bra. I felt embarrassed and a little tongue tied, but eventually I remembered why I had knocked on their door.I asked if they wanted me to go get something to eat. They both said yes, and wrote down what they wanted from the deli down the street. Angel handed me the paper and I left. When the door closed behind me, I heard them giggle again. They may be older, but they were still the giggly girls I remembered.