Wendy Scores!

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Wendy Scores!I wanted so much to score with Adrian: the problem was how. My name’s Wendy, I’m 20, and Adrian is one of the boys in our church youth group. I say “one of the boys” but to me he was THE boy. Adrian’s 21, a good six feet tall, slim, muscular and athletic and so good looking. I could tell he had an eye for the girls, the problem was he had an eye for all the other girls, not just me, and all the other girls had their eyes on him. It isn’t that I’m not pretty. I’ve got neat dark hair down to my shoulders, I’ve got biggish breasts and I’ve got a decent figure. As soon as I’m in a bikini or even a swimsuit all the boys’ eyes are on me. OK I wear glasses, but so do some of the other girls in our youth group, and my glasses are just for reading. It’s just that I’m not as spectacular or bubbly as some of the other girls. I’m a bit shy, and I wouldn’t dare to wear skirts as short or tops as skimpy and tight as some of the girls do and I certainly would never “accidentally on purpose” let the boys see my knickers up my skirt when we’re sitting in the after church bible class like they do, though I know that’s the way they catch the boys.But back at school I had managed to get as good a score of giving hand jobs to boys as my prettier friends, and I did succeed in losing my virginity in my first term at university at a rather rowdy student party, so I knew I must have something in my favour. I hadn’t had sex since, and I certainly didn’t want anything as rough as sex had been at that party, but my hormones were building up and boy did I want Adrian! It all happened for me on our church youth group annual summer church house party. About 30 of us, boys and girls aged 18 to 21 including Adrian, and some leaders from our church went away for a weekend of talks, activities and fun to a big old house in the country which had been converted into a conference centre. For weeks before I thought how to get Adrian all to myself and get him to have sex with me. An idea began to come into my head.A couple of years before I’d come home unexpectedly early from school. I’d found my elder brother had left his bedroom door ajar and I spied on him masturbating. I’d never seen a fully naked boy and never seen a boy masturbate before. Seeing my brother kneeling naked on his bed with his penis sticking out erect at least as big as any of the boys I’d hand jobbed, his fist wrapped round his shaft stroking and tugging methodically, seeing his hips thrust when he came like he was screwing a girl, seeing his semen squirt and hearing his a****l-like grunts was the most erotic thing I’d ever witnessed. But what got me hottest was seeing that he was playing with a pair of my panties. They were the white cotton “school regulation” knickers I wore to school, quite brief though nothing really sexy, but I could see they were turning him on. I watched him smelling them, brushing them over his shaft and penis head, over his balls, running them between his legs and hanging them on his erect penis. When he came he held them in front of his penis head and splashed a huge splash of semen all over them. For some time I’d suspected he’d been “borrowing” my knickers, both clean ones and used ones and had been playing with them the way my girl friends at school said their brothers and fathers did. Now I knew. I later found the semen stained panties he’d masturbated over at the bottom of my laundry basket from where he’d taken them. That experience had left a deep impression on me. When the house party came I’d worked out my plan. All of us boys and girls were in dormitories of about 4 or 5 beds. Boys and girls were well separated! I’d noticed that Adrian had a very distinctive rucksack. So, making sure no one was around, and with an excuse prepared if I was spotted I sneaked up to the dormitory where I knew Adrian was and I looked out for his rucksack next to his bed. Then with my heart pounding with excitement I took my panties off!I was in a short skirt, making it easy to slip them off. They were light blue with a pattern of little white flowers, the cloth retained the shape of my mound, and there was a faint yellow stain where my vagina slit would have been. They smelled of a mixture of my perfume and my juice, and best of all, one of my dark brown pubic hairs was caught in the stitching next to where my cunt bush would be. I put my panties into Adrian’s canlı bahis bed, where he was sure to find them when he went to bed but no one else would see them. If girls’ panties turned boys on so much, so I thought, what better way to make sure Adrian was in the mood!My heart was pounding with excitement! I was about to go when I had an afterthought. I found a scrap of paper, wrote “soak my knickers with your cum. I wish it was my pussy you were filling!” on it and stuffed it inside my panties! I had to force myself to go, or else I might have taken a pair of Adrian’s briefs to cuddle in my own dormitory bed! Being a good girl, I put on the replacement pair of panties I’d brought with me.Soon afterwards in our evening meeting I sat near Adrian letting my skirt ride up my bare thighs and hoping he’d notice I’d left a blouse button undone so he could get a peep of my bra. But no: all he was interested in was blonde Debbie sitting in front of him with her black lacy thong peeping out of the top of her skin tight jeans and her brief sleeveless top showing everyone who was interested that she was wearing a matching black bra. All through that meeting my mind was far away in day dreams. I was back at that rowdy student party, this time dancing nude with Adrian with my hands resting on his shoulders, my nipples against his chest and his hard up penis brushing my belly. I had Adrian standing next to me, my schoolgirl knickers were down round my spread thighs, his hand was under my skirt on my bottom, my fingers and thumb were wrapped round his so stiff penis hand jobbing him till he squirted. I was kneeling nude on my bed with Adrian standing naked in front of me masturbating with the big soft head of his penis nestling between my breasts and his hand patting my breasts with every stroke, and lots more!That night in my girls’ dormitory, as I took my panties off I knew Adrian would have found the panties I’d left in his bed. I imagined him playing with them, fingering them, smelling my sex juice on them, running them over his hard up penis and splashing his semen over them like my brother. I wondered if he’d show the other boys, or put them on like some of my girl friends had said their boy friends did for fun, and I wondered what his orgasm grunt would sound like. As soon as the lights were out and the girly giggling and chatter had died away I pulled my nightie up above my breasts, spread and folded my legs up, slid my hand down between my legs and finger pleasured myself. But it was Adrian’s fingers and tongue ruffling my bush and slipping between my juice soaked labia, his fingers and lips exciting my nipples, and his huge stiff penis taking me to a delicious orgasm. I bit my lip to suppress my orgasm cry and tried not to rattle my bed in my orgasm thrust so the other girls wouldn’t know what so innocent Wendy was up to in her bed, but even if they did I didn’t care. I’d determined to catch Adrian the next day but It was difficult. We had lots of people around us in meals, meetings and activities, and of course the other girls flocked round him. Then my opportunity came! It was just before the evening meeting. I saw Adrian at the bookstall, which was in an alcove in a quiet back corridor. I took my chance! I was in a loose fitting flower patterned halter strapped backless sun dress designed to be worn without a bra. I’ve got quite large breasts and without a bra on I was so conscious of their size, and the way the material of my dress rubbed my nipples was getting me even more aroused! The moment Adrian saw me I knew, like a girl always knows, that he was mentally undressing me and seeing me nude: just what I wanted! I strolled nonchalantly into the alcove and snuggled up to Adrian so close to him my leg brushed against his.“Did you like playing with my knickers last night?” I said softly, then, “do you want to play with the knickers I’m wearing now?”I was wearing very brief purple satin panties, not much more than a thong at the back. Without waiting for Adrian’s answer I lifted my dress, making sure I showed him lots of bare thigh, then slipped my panties off and handed them to Adrian, still warm! He took them from me and stared at them with amazement for a moment, then as he ran them through his fingers a grin grew on his face. I heard some girls approaching along the corridor chattering and laughing, but I wasn’t going bahis siteleri to be thwarted. I just had time to reach down and touch the bulge of Adrian’s penis and balls through his jeans, and to whisper“Come with me if you want some more!”Just before the girls appeared round the corner I’d strolled away from Adrian, but I beckoned him to follow me. I knew that not even a good church going boy could resist a pretty girl with big boobs and good legs who’d given him her knickers to play with, who had no knickers on under her dress, and who was blazing with the hots for him! We were in a building full of boys and girls milling around, but I’d already planned everything. Back in my school girl days my favourite place for a tryst with a boy was a clump of bushes in the park on the walk home from school which gave us all the privacy we could want for a kiss, him to pull my knickers down and get his hand under my skirt and for me to add to my score of hand jobs. That had given me the idea. Around us were miles of parkland with trees and thick clumps of bushes. Dusk was falling but it had been a hot day and it was a warm evening – perfect! I led Adrian out of the building through the nearby side door. A few minutes later we were in the woods, in a thick clump of bushes. I stood under the tree with my legs wide. I reached up behind my neck and undid the halter clasp. My dress fell and hung on my hips, exposing my breasts. I leaned back against the tree, arching my back so my breasts swung up and thrust forward.“Play with me!” I gasped, but I needn’t have bothered!Adrian’s hands were instantly all over my breasts brushing against my already aroused nipples and getting them up taut like little corks. While he fondled my breasts I slipped my dress down off my hips so it fell round my feet and I was nude except for my sandals. Almost before I’d spread my legs wide for him Adrian’s hand moved straight away down between my legs, cupped over my furry mound, his fingers exploring my vagina slit and reaching behind me to fondle my bottom and reach right under me. Then he crouched down in front of me and licked and kissed my naked thighs and my sex mound. With all the attention I was getting down there I was getting so hot and horny! I tried to undo his jeans but I was so excited I just fumbled with the zip. He took the matter in hand himself, and moments later his jeans were open and off, followed by his massively bulging light grey briefs, then his sports shirt top. Adrian was there naked just for me! His penis was sticking up hard, at least as big as my brothers, from very hairy balls. It was bending up so erect its rounded purplish head was almost up to his belly button and pointing straight up. I could hear singing from the building. As the boys and girls inside were enjoying their uplifting evening meeting, Adrian was certainly enjoying another kind of uplifting experience!Then our hands and lips were all over each other’s naked body! I ended up crouching in front of Adrian, kissing and fingering his balls and kissing and licking my way up the length of his erect penis as he stood there. His moans and the way he trembled told me he really liked it when I licked its big soft head. I slipped my wet lips over his penis head and slowly slid them down the length of his penis till his pubic hair tickled my nose. He groaned and ran his fingers through my hair. I slid my lips up and down his shaft a few times as if I was going to suck him off. I’d never sucked a boy off but lots of my girl friends had and they’d shown me how with a bottle. I’d only intended to hand job Adrian or get him to masturbate over me nude, but it was all building up inside me, and suddenly I knew I wanted lots more! I stopped sucking Adrian. I stood, leaned back against the tree, spread my legs as wide as I could and thrust my hips forward, and reached my arms out toward him.“Adrian! Want you! Want you so much!” I think I gasped. His penis was almost vertical and felt rock hard in my hand, and he was wild from me sucking him: he wasn’t going to resist this temptation! He stepped in front of me, took hold of my waist, and moved in so close the soft head of his penis was touching me just above my bush and my nipples were brushing his smooth chest. I slipped my hands over his strong shoulders. I was standing on the tree roots, and the slope of the ground around the bahis şirketleri tree got me to just the right height for him. By the way, I’d made sure it was a safe time of the month for me, and since I’d been at university I’d been on “the pill” just in case I got lucky. Adrian savoured the moment, then he grunted as he slid the full length of that magnificent penis into me till his pubic hair met mine. He grunted “Wendy!” and squeezed my waist. I felt such a thrill! Then he started to thrust.Some of the boys I’d hand jobbed in the bushes back in my school girl days squirted their semen almost the second I touched their so excited young cocks. Others held back, fondling me under my skirt as I stroked and tugged for ages till they jerked their load. Adrian was certainly of the latter category! He pumped me for ages, getting my breasts jiggling as his chest rubbed against them. My climax was starting to rise when he came first. He gripped my waist really tightly, rammed his belly against mine so hard it pushed me back against the tree, his face twisted as if he was in agony, he grunted “Wendy!”, followed by a long deep throated grunt as I felt his penis jerk within me. He held me against him for a while, then stepped back breathing hard. His penis was still half erect and a string of semen was dangling from its head.I’d had real live sex with Adrian! I was so excited! I’d beaten other girls to him! I was tingling with arousal down there but I hadn’t climaxed. There was only one thing I could do. I squatted down with my back against the tree and swung my legs as wide as I could. Then I masturbated, stroking my juice and semen lubed labia and circling my clitty with my finger tips, gazing at the boy of my dreams standing naked in front of me! That’s when I discovered that masturbating with a boy watching me is incredibly better than masturbating alone, adding a whole new dimension of erotic excitement! I took my time, then like the night before the unbelievable pleasure swelled up like a sun rising between my legs and filled my whole body. I felt my breasts bounce as I juddered with the involuntary thrusts of my hips as my orgasm exploded, and this time I didn’t stifle my orgasm cry. With the sound of singing wafting from the building I was sure no one would hear me!As I pleasured myself with Adrian watching, he fingered his penis and I saw it lengthen, swell and swing up again as upright as when he’d fucked me. When my orgasm came he wrapped his fist round its shaft and started to masturbate, smoothly and rhythmically tugging his foreskin and with his hand riding right up over his penis head, which was pointed straight at my face.I stuck my tongue out, licking my lips, and leaned toward Adrian. He got the message straight away. He stopped stroking his penis and pushed its head against my lips. Then like I’d done before, I slid my lips over his big soft penis head and down his hard shaft. I didn’t care that it had been up my vagina, all I wanted was for my body to pleasure him! I held his spread thighs and rocked back and forth on my feet as I slid my lips tightly up and down his shaft, riding over the ridge round the base of its head and massaging his penis head with my tongue, and sucking on the upstroke the way my girl friends had told me boys liked. I was still throbbing deliciously down below where my hand was clutched over my juice soaked mound. I massaged and fingered my pussy to extract every last residual pulse of sex pleasure from my orgasm. As I suck pleasured Adrian he fondled my bare shoulders and ran his fingers through my hair. Then after ages I heard him grunt, his hips thrust as if he was trying to push his penis as far down my throat as he could, he pulled my face against his hips, then his penis jerked in my mouth and I felt his semen hit the back of my mouth and tasted its saltiness on my tongue. He held my face firmly against his belly for some time, then he staggered back with his penis limp. We dressed quickly because the sun had just set and it was starting to get a bit cold, though I didn’t care. I would have happily spent all night romping naked with Adrian! I felt a mile high as we walked back to the house: I’d scored with Adrian! Just before we crept back into the house via different entrances and joined the other boys and girls as they came out of the meeting chattering excitedly I gave him a little kiss on his cheek and he had a last fondle of my bottom.“Do you want your knickers back?” he asked.“No” I said. “Think of me every time you play with them,” and his grin told me my knickers would soon be well stained!